Test 400 Cycle Guide

Even though the test 400 cycle is not new to you, it is still worth noting its benefits, side effects, and general use. At first glance, it appears to be the well-known old testosterone combined with other esters, but let’s investigate this further.

What is T400

It has already been noticed that T400 contains a mixture of testosterone propionate 50 mg, testosterone enanthate 175 mgs, and testosterone cypionate 175 mgs. The substance could be considered an improved version of Sustanon, the popular anabolic steroid.

As a composite testosterone drug, Sustanon is also similar to testosterone. This means that it is made up of several testosterone esters, each of which has a different half-life, that has been dissolved in a single oil base. There is no longer a chat room for benzyl alcohol.

In the world of bodybuilding and powerlifting, Test 400 is actively used. Many professional athletes are forced to drink many oil solutions every day, so it is an essential component of their pharmaceutical kits.

Even though cypionate and enanthate are almost identical ethers, it is unclear why it is necessary to combine them in one preparation.

It was the difference in the length of the ether chain per molecule, however, that the creators of Test 400 viewed as a fundamental difference and a substantial contributing factor to their creation of this marvelous composite.

Test 400 Benefits

As you might imagine, a test 400 cycle can provide you with all of the benefits that testosterone itself can provide. You will indeed be right. Beware of being fooled, however. Because it is a mix, it does not necessarily mean that it will result in twice or three times the gains.

However, the effects of test 400 will last much longer because the next ester will replace the worn-out one when one runs out.

The main benefits of the test 400 cycle are muscle growth and, consequently, strength development, enhanced performance as well as increased endurance, which produces a fat loss, and faster recovery, since testosterone is the main hormone in men.

If its concentration in the organism is greater than the norm, all processes will occur more rapidly and effectively.

Test 400 Cycle

Because it is quite a strong mixture, the 400 cycles may be dangerous for your body. Don’t rely solely on steroids; you must make sure your health is in good shape before and after the cycle, follow a healthy diet, and exercise regularly.

It is important to note that the length of the cycle and the amount of Test 400 you receive will vary according to your experience, personal reaction to the components, and other variables, so here we are providing only an example of what is possible.

There are other things you will have to figure out yourself, as it is ultimately your decision to take steroids. For the first eight weeks, you should take 200 mg of Test 400 every other day or 400 mg every week. In weeks 9-11, you should take a break.

Once the Nolvadex PCT has begun, you should consume 20-40 mg of this life-giving fluid every day during weeks 12 and 13.

Precautions and Side Effects

In terms of possible side effects, estrogenic and androgenic effects can be distinguished. During the process of aromatization, the first type of reaction occurs.

It occurs when the male hormone testosterone binds to special receptors in the body and converts into the female hormone estrogen.

In normal circumstances, we may not even notice such small things as bloating or gynecomastia, but with a large increase in T400 levels, we may observe such symptoms. To avoid such side effects, you must include SERMs or aromatase inhibitors in your cycle.

An androgenic effect, on the other hand, is largely dependent on your genetics and sensitivity. A variety of skin problems can be caused by acne, uncontrolled hair growth, or oily skin. Keep an eye on your overall health, and if anything occurs, consult a physician immediately.

There are, however, ways to prevent acne, such as taking more showers throughout the day and using anti-acne creams. There is a pain in the area where the injection has been administered which is one of the most unpleasant side effects.

As benzyl alcohol is used to connect esters in the mix, it is responsible for this phenomenon.

The majority of the time, it is an individual experience that passes with time; you are unable to make any lasting changes to it. A post-cycle therapy is necessary to counteract side effects such as testosterone suppression.

The supplement will assist your body in recovering after a testosterone punch and prevent your balls from becoming smaller than peas.

The precautions for all steroids are almost the same. You should also keep in mind that your heart is also a muscle that will be affected by steroids.

If you do not take proper care of it, it will work more and even increase its size, causing blood pressure spikes and other unpleasant conditions. If you suffer from heart or blood pressure problems, you should refrain from taking steroids.

If you do not wish to take it, make sure that you purchase a gravesite in a cemetery.


It is important to note that testosterone 400 is not something new and innovative. It is one of the variants of improving formulas that are already in existence.

Even though the gains are truly significantly greater, it still has a significant number of side effects. Despite this, it is still potentially harmful to your health.

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