Can You Change the Apple Watch Ringtone?

Every smartphone and smartwatch owner’s life appears to be ruined by generic ringtones. When I get a phone call, I’m sure my Golden Girls theme music is playing in the background.

As a result of this, individuals are more likely to talk about how much they like the programme.

It makes my iPhone seem a bit more personal, a little more like myself.

Changing your ringtone on your phone should be simple enough, so why not the Apple Watch?

Or do you have to use the drab default ringtone? What are your options for personalising the Apple Watch’s sound and feel? 

So, when a notice or a phone call comes in, you’ll simply have to put up with your watch sounding like everyone else’s?

How Do You Change the Apple Watch Ringtone?

The Apple Watch does not allow you to change the ringtone to whatever you want. The watch comes with several pre-installed ringtones that you can choose from to customise the sound of your watch.

Not even ringtones from your iPhone can be mirrored to the Apple Watch.

Much more could be done to personalise the Apple Watch.

Because it lacks haptic feedback and ringtone options found on the iPhone, Apple Watch users will be disappointed.

It would seem that Apple would have already addressed this issue on the Apple Watch by the time we’re in the seventh generation.

With smartphone ownership, you can tailor your experience to your preferences.

Is it any wonder that Apple is reluctant to allow the Apple Watch to have customizable ringtones?

Surely, I can’t use the Golden Girls theme song as my Apple Watch ringtone. Here are a few things you should know about Apple Watch ringtones.

Is it possible to change the annoying ringtone on my Apple Watch?

Sorry, but the Apple Watch’s ringtone can only be changed to one of the presets.

As with the iPhone, you can’t make your ringtone.

Preset options are limited to what you can modify from the factory-set default.

Given that the Apple Watch is supposed to cater to its wearer and owner, it is odd that Apple hasn’t included a ringtone customization option.

Can I just put the watch on silent?

Many Apple Watch users find that switching the watch to quiet mode is far less distracting.

When it comes to alerting you to fresh alerts, haptic feedback usually performs a fantastic job.

If you miss a call or get a text message when your watch is on mute, you will be notified by haptics.

The silent mode may be quite useful when you need to be more discreet and quiet (for example, at work).

It may also be used to monitor your sleep and prevent you from waking up.

Why does my Apple Watch not go silent?

It’s fairly simple to silence the Apple Watch.

It’s as simple as dragging up the control centre and disabling the bell symbol.

If the vibration in quiet mode isn’t powerful enough for you, you may always raise it under Settings.

You may switch the Apple Watch off quiet at any time by dragging the control centre up and enabling the bell symbol.

You’ll be able to hear the alerts at the volume you choose.

Do we ever have the option to change the ringtone on our Apple Watches?

Sigh. Let’s hope for the best.

We don’t know whether the new Apple Watch 8 Series will let us personalise our ringtones just yet.

The Apple Watch 8th generation is expected to be comparable to the 7 Series while also introducing some new functions.

However, there will very certainly be a significant physical design difference.

Apple filed a patent in 2021 for a redesigned watch with a rounder face, digitally adjustable watch bands, and a flexible wraparound display.

Unfortunately, Apple has been silent on the subject of ringtones.

How useful is haptic feedback for alerting you to new notifications?

The Apple Watch’s haptic feedback is superb at alerting you to fresh alerts.

On the Apple Watch, you can quickly alter your haptics as well.

To alter your audible haptics, open the Settings app and go to Sounds & Haptics.

Once you’re in there, press the volume controls under Alert Volume, or hit the slider, then crank the Digital Crown to modify the settings.

Your haptics may also be adjusted using your paired iPhone.

To do so, launch the Apple Watch app, go to Sounds & Haptics, and move the Alert Volume slider to the desired setting.

The Apple Watch’s haptics may be rather noticeable.

You may modify this by:

  • On your Apple Watch, open the Settings app.
  • Select Sounds & Haptics from the drop-down menu.
  • Activate Haptic Alerts.
  • Choose between Default and Prominent.
  • Go into the Apple Watch app on your iPhone to achieve this.
  • Then choose My Watch from the drop-down menu.

After that, go to Sounds & Haptics and choose between Default and Prominent.

How about other smartwatches that let you customize your ringtone?

You can customise your ringtones and notification sounds on other smartwatches.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch does support ringtone modification.

Apple should consider allowing customers to personalize their ringtones if they want to stay up with the Joneses.

Closing Thoughts

On the Apple Watch, you can’t change your ringtone to a personalized version, and Apple hasn’t said if this would change on the future Apple Watch 8 Series.

The Apple Watch should feel more like an accessorised version of the iPhone, so it sounds like a straightforward and intuitive addition.

Sure, the Apple Watch has a slew of other fantastic capabilities, but this one makes sense to have.

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