Things to consider when buying a Gaming Laptop

When it comes to buying an Intel gaming laptop, one of the first options that gamers look at is how much RAM and what type of HDD they want. Some other considerations may be the processor and graphics card, but those two vary depending on personal needs.

When it comes down to choosing the right gaming laptop for you, there are many factors involved:


How much does an Intel gaming laptop cost? The specifications of the computer, such as RAM and processors also come into factor when looking at prices.

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Laptop reviews help us determine what kind of processor power we need. Different intel gaming laptops will vary in their performance depending on the type of processor they use (Intel/AMD) and how many cores that processor has (2,4,6).


The design of the laptop does not necessarily affect how well it performs, but some gamers prefer a thinner and lighter gaming device. Others go with bulkier laptops as they expect them to last longer and give more power.

Gaming System

The main factor in determining which laptop to purchase is whether the computer will be used for work or entertainment. Keep in mind that a gaming system requires more power and RAM than a device that only performs basic tasks.

Intel vs AMD

Laptops use Intel processors most of the time, but some gamers prefer AMD processors because they are more affordable and provide great power.

Hard Drive

The type of hard drive the laptop uses will determine how much space you have for applications/games, but not necessarily how fast it performs.


6GB of RAM is common among many laptops, but 8GB is recommended for gamers who are looking to run multiple programs at once.

Screen Size

This does not affect the performance of the Intel gaming laptop, but bigger screens are preferred by gamers who want to be able to see more at once.

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Operating System

No matter what type of laptop you own, there is a good chance it uses Windows as its operating system. Gamers who want to use MacOS can always purchase a Macbook.

Graphics Card 

When deciding on whether or not to buy an Nvidia or AMD graphics card, gamers consider how much RAM the Intel gaming laptop already has. If there is enough, then the graphics card may not need to be upgraded.

USB Ports

A USB 3.0 port is recommended for gamers who want to save time when transferring files or charging their phone/tablet while playing games on their laptop. These ports are slightly more expensive, so not all laptops have them.

Processor Type

There are three types of processors: Intel, AMD, and higher end processors. For gamers, Intel is recommended because it tends to be more stable. Gamers also look at the number of cores the CPU has (2, 4 or 6). CPUs with 2 cores tend to be more affordable, but are not as fast. CPUs with 6 cores are faster, but also more expensive.


The wattage of the Intel gaming laptop determines how fast it performs when running games. It is important to check the type of graphics card that the laptop uses before deciding on this factor.

Battery Life

Gamers who want to use their Intel gaming laptop away from a power source should look for one that has long battery life. For those who do not mind having to be near an outlet, this is not as important.

Bottom line

Buy the laptop that you can afford and meets your needs. No matter how much money you put into an intel gaming laptop, it will not last as long as a regular computer.

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