Top 20 Simple Last Names Starting With K in the U.S

Surely you have heard some of the most unusual last names so far. In today’s article, we will discuss the most popular and simple last names beginning with K. For simplicity, we have found the names that are most popular in the United States.

It is best to use this list to locate the antecedents of these last names conveniently. This will also assist you in selecting the last name that contains a preference for Letter K.

The meaning, origin, and ancestry of these names are also included in addition to the last names. By tracking the history of these names, you can determine whether they are suitable for your child.

The top 20 last names beginning with K

The following list of the top 20 simple last names is derived from the most popular 1000 names beginning with K as collected by Cocoa Finder. For more information about these names and their origin, you can refer to the page.

Kim is one of the most common and easy last names that begin with the letter K. This name originates in Korea, where it is estimated that more than 20% of the population shares the same surname. It is a symbol for the Kim family and stands for the same.

Khan is one of the most often used names in the United States. The name is derived from the Mongolian leader Genghis Khan and his nation. The meaning of this name in Turkish is “Great Ruler.”

It is an English-originated name that means Boy, Youth, or Serving Lad. Knight is one of the most common last names starting with K.

The surname King was traditionally associated with the Norman Conquest. The name originates in both England and Scotland. In the United States, it is a very common and straightforward last name. On CocoFinder’s website, it is ranked as the most common simple last name beginning with K.

Descendants of Ceallach are represented by Kelly. The surname is derived from an Irish personal name that means “bright-headed.” As a result, in the United States, this last name is highly common.

Kennedy is an Irish and Scottish surname that means “Cenneidigh Descendants.” In the United States, this surname is associated with several well-known people.

Kenny is easy to pronounce and one of the most simple names that start with K. The meaning of this name is Saint as it was named after a famous saint. The name has a Scottish and Irish origin.

McKanna’s surname is shortened to Kenna. The name comes from the Irish and Scottish languages and means “good-looking person.” As a result, you can give your newborn infant this last name.

Keller is another well-known surname in California and Texas. “The Keeper of Precious Things” is what it means. The name is of German descent.

Kane is from an Irish family with roots in the Jewish community. “Descendants of Cathan” is the meaning of this name. Almost every state in the United States recognizes the name.

Kirby is an English surname meaning “settlement.” That is why people with the same surname might come from all over the world. It was more of a title, however, many people still use it as a surname.

The surname is Kirk a name of English and Scottish origins that were originally given to someone who lived near a church. It’s a geographical term with a literal meaning for settlers living near a church.

It’s an eastern German-surname with ancestors in the United States numbering in the thousands. The meaning of this name comes from the Czech word Kos ( a blackbird). The true origins of the surname are unknown.

Its exact meaning is “shopkeeper,” and it comes from the Jewish community. As a result, it was utilized for people who used to manage various types of small businesses. Thousands of individuals in the United States still have surnames.

There are thousands of people with the surname Kean. The name’s origins may be traced back to the Irish people. It’s a different spelling for Keane that has the same meaning.

It is a Polish name with roots in Poland. It is a term given to blacksmiths and is used as a surname in their families. As a result, the origins of this surname may be traced back to the Germans.

Cantors are known by the surname Kantor, which is a Jewish surname. A cantor is a person who is responsible for singing liturgical music and leading prayers in a school. They are also known as schoolmasters because of this.

Kyle is a regional name for a district with Scottish and Northern Irish roots. As a geographical last name, people from many communities might share this surname.

It has mixed origins in Britain and Ireland. It is believed that the name is occupational and was given to the people who used to be the traders of that time.

It is a north German name that stands for Konrad. It is a pet form and is used for similar reasons. The history and ancestry of this name trace back to different areas of Germany.


After going through this list, you will find a simple and meaningful last name starting with K. You can also check out their meaning, origin, and ancestry to learn everything about them. If you want to check the popularity of these names, we recommend you to visit CocoFinder’s website and check the updated numbers.

You will also find the state-wise popularity and trends of each of these names. The information related to ancestry and the origin of these names is helpful in different ways.

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