Top 5 most useful gadgets for “pumping” iPad

iPad Scanner or iPad Tonometer? Play a console game with the tablet or control TV from the comfort of your couch? Take it with you in the car or install it as an additional monitor to your computer? Will we charge it from the wall outlet or solar panel? Stylus, keyboard, or manual input?

Do you know your iPad well? I bet the answer would be no. Then it’s time to “pump up” your favorite toy and explore the top 5 gadgets that will show your tablet from a completely different side.

1. Functional cases and stands

The HoverBar Flex Stand from TwelveSouth

First of all, stop wasting money on cute, inexpensive, but little-functional covers. Besides dubious protection from scratches, they will not give you anything. Just like primitive stands, which, allegedly, make the process of working with iPad “solid pleasure. While you throw money to the wind, important issues remain unresolved. We suggest you think about them right now.

Lounge Stand by Tagrus

You might not have tried it yet, but you can easily use your iPad as a second monitor or GPS navigator and onboard computer for your car. But if there is an urgent need to protect it from serious damage, we recommend giving preference to the multilayer OtterBox case. Need comfort and functionality? A great solution is a cushion pad from Tagrus, equipped with a pocket for accessories and a sound amplification system.

2. Charging the iPad: why not four at once?

Kanex Sydnee Charging Station for 4 IOS Devices

Bought an iPad for yourself, your significant other, or even your child? What’s the result? Your favorite and most convenient outlet in the house is constantly busy. Get rid of this problem elementary. No carrying, domestic quarrels, batteries that don’t run out of juice in time. Buy Kanex Sydnee and charge up to 4 iPads (or other IOS devices) at the same time! The main thing in this case choose a reliable charger because 2 years ago there was a huge scandal when some people decided to rent a hacker and create an exact copy of Lightning charger and the people using it, and the attackers could get full access to all Apple devices

3. Styluses for artists

Don Lee’s Nomad Brush Art Stylus

You are an artist/architect/designer. You know that a brilliant idea can pop into your head anywhere. And if you don’t fix it in time, you’re screwed. Fortunately, the 21st century brings its bonuses. Instead of art supplies, easels and canvases you take your iPad everywhere. But there is one problem: it is not easy to do it with your finger. You need a stylus! And not just any stylus, but one designed by someone who shares your goals and interests. Someone like Don Lee.

The Rhode Island School of Design graduate has been supplying the global art community with his Nomad Brush for years. Working with these styluses is as close as possible to working with ordinary art brushes.

4. Wireless keyboard: conventional, solar-powered, with a lock

Must-Have for office workers, journalists, and simply business people who correspond daily with lots of clients and partners – a keyboard. Again, the usual Bluetooth device you can buy at any computer hardware store. But advanced models are harder to find.

Bluetooth keyboards Ultrathin Keyboard Cover and Solar Keyboard Folio from Logitech

Meanwhile, Logitech has a smart keyboard cover that’s compatible with all three generations of the iPad.

The same brand also produces the Solar Keyboard Folio: a case, stand, and wireless keyboard all in one, which is powered by natural and artificial light sources. Sun or lamp – no difference.

5. Remote control for iPad or iPad as a remote control

Did you know that you can control your iPad without leaving your couch? The following two products will especially please those who often use the tablet to watch videos or listen to music, as well as advanced users who like to connect the iPad to other electronics.

Harmony Link from Logitech – control your home electronics via iPad

Want more? Logitech Harmony Link is the best intermediary between your iPad and your consumer electronics. Your tablet sends a signal, Harmony Link receives it over Wi-Fi and sends it on. Compatible with 225,000 different devices, easy-to-use channel and channel search menus (icons rather than clicking every channel in a row), and most importantly, filters to find shows based on your interests.

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