Top 8 Unblocked Game Sites You Can Play While at School

It is not uncommon for school to get tedious, especially during your vacant hours or if your teacher does not appear in class. We all have those boring days when nothing exciting seems to be happening in our lives, regardless of whether we are still in high school or in college.

Aren’t you just itching to play silly but entertaining games on your laptop or at school during such days?

It is unfortunate that most websites are blocked by schools or universities, which might make it difficult for you to access fun websites. In spite of this, there are actually a few unrestricted gaming sites that can provide you with hours of entertainment when you are bored.

It is recommended that you do not browse these sites during class or work, since you may end up getting in trouble. I have compiled a list of some of the best unblocked gaming sites you can visit to kill boredom for hours on end and to improve your gaming IQ.

1. Atari Breakout

There is no doubt that Atari Breakout is a very popular retro game. It is highly recommended that you play it if you have not done so previously. Have you ever heard of the possibility of playing Atari Breakout on Google? You may be surprised to learn that Google has a number of hidden games available for you to enjoy, including Atari Breakout.

It is all a matter of going to Google Image Search and typing in ‘Atari Breakout’ in the search bar. The game will appear and you will have the opportunity to play this awesome classic title.

2. Minesweeper

You are probably already familiar with Minesweeper if you have ever used an App or Program on a Windows computer. This is a game that is built into Windows and has been popular since its launch in the 1960s.

As you progress through the levels of Minesweeper, you are required to pass them without detonating any of the mines or bombs subtly hidden within the board.

3. Google Games

The Google Chrome browser has an extension called Google Games, which allows you to play various games while at school using your computer.

You can be assured that your school or university will not block this extension, as it is managed by none other than Google. The wide variety of Google Games will surely have something for everyone, whether you are a fan of RPGs, multiplayer, action, racing, or just about anything else.

4. for Chrome

IO games have become extremely popular over the past few years, so you are probably familiar with some of its other variations. There is another Google Chrome extension that is related to games called, which allows you to play this fun battle royale game on your Chrome browser.

5. Scratch

In addition to Scratch, which is available at, most educational institutions do not block access to this popular gaming website. A more precise description of Scratch would be that it is an educational website that allows students to learn how to create games. The site does offer the option to play games, however, so you can have fun while learning in the process.

It is even more interesting to note that Scratch allows you to listen to music. This is still a great site to visit if you prefer to listen to music instead of playing games on your free time.

6. Armor Games

Armor Games may be of interest if you are searching for game options at school. In most cases, educational institutions do not block access to this excellent gaming website.

You will certainly have a great time at Armor Games, as the site offers a broad range of titles from different genres. Additionally, the developer of the site updates the list of games frequently, so it is worthwhile to visit the site regularly to learn about new games.

7. Unblocked Games Pod

The Unblocked Games Pod is an excellent choice for those who enjoy playing Flash or HTML5 games. You can play a wide range of games on this site, and even though Adobe Flash Player has been discontinued, you should have no problem trying them out.

You will find it to be an extremely easy site to navigate, so much so that even your little ones won’t have any difficulty navigating it.

8. HoodaMath

Additionally, we have a great website for math enthusiasts who enjoy mind-boggling games that help them develop their mathematical abilities. is not usually blocked by schools since it is primarily an educational website rather than a gaming website. While in school, you may find this site useful for playing various math-related games and puzzles.


These websites will ensure that you never have to worry about being bored at school again. If you have some free time and do not have any pending homework, feel free to take out your laptop and check out one of these sites. It is even possible to play educational games at school because some of them are educational.

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