How to Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone Without iCloud

If you purchase a new phone, the first problem you face is transferring the contents of your old phone to the new phone. It is easiest for iPhone users to perform this task by using iCloud backup. 

This can sometimes be annoying, especially if the Wi-Fi or internet connection is malfunctioning. This article will explain how to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone without the use of iCloud.

Transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone using iTunes

The Apple iTunes program can also be used to backup and restore data between iPhones. Apple devices are compatible with iTunes, which is primarily used to manage media files in Apple devices. 

You can create backups and restore them on other Apple devices as well. The primary disadvantage of using iTunes is that you cannot simply create a backup of your text messages. You will be able to restore your data including all the information on your phone onto the other device.

Before you begin transferring messages

The transfer can only be performed from a PC or a Mac equipped with iTunes. Connect the iPhone to the computer with a USB cable.

You should also perform some cleanup prior to creating a backup. Remove all unnecessary files and threads within your SMS application. By creating a backup in this manner, you will be able to make it faster and save more space on your new iPhone when you restore the backup.

Now, we need to create the backup on the old iPhone

  1. Connect your old iPhone to your computer using the USB cable.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac and launch iTunes.
  3. iTunes displays a small phone icon in the top bar. Select it
  4. Now click the summery link on the left sidebar.
  5. Find the backup section on your summary page to view details about your iPhone.
  6. Choose “This computer” from the “automatically backup” section.
  7. Click “Backup now” under “Manually backup and restore”

Your phone’s storage and computer’s speed determine how long it takes to make the backup. You’ll get a notification when it’s done.

If you wish to restore your backup to your new iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the new iPhone to the computer after disconnecting the old iPhone.
  2. Go back to Summery and follow the directions to go to the Backup section
  3. Click on the restore backup under “Manually backup and restore”.
  4. It will take some time to restore the data from the backup.

This backup will include all the information from your old phone, including any media files. This is not the most efficient method if all you need is to backup text messages.

2. Transferring messages from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud

There are many apps that allow users to transfer files between old and new iOS devices. It is possible to transfer your text messages from your old iPhone to your new iPhone using these apps. Then you will be able to transfer whatever you need by connecting your iPhone to your computer and downloading these apps.


Mobile trans is third-party software that lets you transfer data between your phones if you don’t have a data plan. There are lots of file types you can use, including android phones.

  1. The app can be downloaded from the official website, then connected to your computer simultaneously via both your devices.
  2. You can now select the “Phone Transfer” option in the app.
  3. There is a list of things you can transfer between the source and target phones in the middle, along with the source phone and destination phone. Select “text messages” and click “start”.
  4. Transfers will begin and wait until they are complete. It will not take much time to transfer just text messages. The “transfer completed” message appears after the transfer is completed. When that happens, the devices can be removed from the connection.

You can find out more about this app on their official website. You can transfer data even if you have an old iPhone to a newer one with this app because it supports almost all iOS versions.

iMyfone iTransor

iTransor is an application available exclusively on iOS devices. This version does not support as many file types as the previous version. But still, it is a good app for using on the iPhone. The app may be downloaded and installed from the official website. The best feature of this application is that you can create and save a backup of your iPhone on your computer for later use.

  1. Launch the app after installing it on your computer. Then select “Back up to iCloud and device”
  2. You can now connect the phone once it has been detected by the app. 
  3. Click on the items for which the backup is required. You can backup your text message only if you do this.
  4. Click on the bottom right panel to select a destination for your backup. The backup should be created in a new, empty folder.
  5. You can now click on “backup” to create a backup if everything has been set up.
  6. When the backup is complete, you’ll get the prompt “Backup done.”.
  7. To restore the backup into your new phone, first disconnect the old phone from the PC and then connect the new phone.
  8. Select the backup you wish to restore from the “Restore backup to device” menu. (If you have more than one backup file, the files will all be listed here.)
  9. It will now detect your phone and you will have the option to restore directly or preview and restore. Directly restore: the restoration process will begin immediately Preview and restore: you can preview all messages you have backed up. You can also make changes here.
  10. You will be given two options to choose from: Merge: this option will merge the new data with the existing data in your iPhone, meaning existing data will be kept. Replace: This option will delete the existing data and write the new data.
  11. You will be notified when the restore process is complete after selecting your preferred option.

3. Transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone using airdrop

Transferring text messages from your old iPhone to your new iPhone is possible using airdrop. It might be a pain if you have a lot of messages, but there is one advantage over other methods. That is, you don’t need a PC to transfer the messages. It is possible to transfer the text messages directly between the two phones.

 This method can take a long time if you have a lot of text messages on your iPhone.

  1. Make sure both phones are connected to the internet and Bluetooth. (make airdrop visible to everyone to avoid issues)
  2. You can now select the message from the messages app. Simply select the contact or the whole thread.
  3. Select AirDrop from the share menu
  4. Click on the new iPhone and then hit send.
  5. The new iPhone needs to accept the incoming data to receive text messages.

So hopefully one of these methods will help you to transfer text messages from iPhone to iPhone without using iCloud. We recommend using the third-party app method for faster and better results. Of course, you can do it any way you want.

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