Can You Use Bose Cube Speakers With Other Receivers?

Speakers and headphones produced by Bose are known for their high level of quality.

However, certain Bose speakers require a connection to a receiver to function properly.

But are the Bose Cube speakers compatible with receivers that were not manufactured by Bose?

Is it possible to connect Bose Cube speakers to other brands of receivers?

The Bose Cube speakers are compatible with all major brands of home audio receivers. Although it is simple to connect Bose Cube speakers to a receiver, there are instances in which an adapter is required because Bose speakers require a specialized plugin to be connected to receivers. On the other hand, certain Bose speakers do not come equipped with a specialized connector.

There are other manufacturers of high-quality receivers besides Bose that are compatible with the Bose Cube speakers, and they work very well.

Please see the following for further details regarding those receivers.

It would be great if I could connect my Bose Cube Speakers to my Receiver.

The Bose Cube speakers are compatible with a wide variety of receivers, including those not manufactured by Bose.

However, to connect Bose Cube speakers to the receiver that you buy, the receiver needs to have ports labeled Preamp-Out and Main Amp-In.

The majority of receivers that are compatible with Bose Cube speakers, thankfully, come equipped with these ports as a standard feature.

Be sure to look for a receiver that has an ohms output when you are shopping for one to go with your Bose Cube speakers.

The impedance of the best receivers for Bose Cube speakers falls somewhere between 6 and 8 ohms.

On the other hand, they can generate a higher impedance if you are unable to locate a receiver that generates between 6 and 8 ohms and that suits your preferences.

Is a Bose Receiver the Right Choice for Me?

Some individuals have discovered that the sound quality is not very good when they use their Bose Cube speakers with a receiver that was not manufactured by Bose. As a result, these individuals are unable to enjoy music or sound that has a quality sound when using their speakers and the receiver that corresponds to their speakers.

People have discovered that Bose receivers work exceptionally well with Bose Cube speakers, even better than receivers manufactured by other brands.

If you have discovered that you enjoy using Bose products and want to increase the number of Bose products in your home, then you should consider purchasing a Bose receiver.

However, this is not required because the majority of receivers are compatible with the Bose Cube speakers.

The difference between an off-brand receiver and a Bose receiver is probably not noticeable to you.

If, on the other hand, you purchase a Bose receiver at the same time as the Bose Cube speakers, you won’t need to worry about the possibility of also needing to purchase an adapter.

Some of the Bose Cube speakers have specialized plugs that are only compatible with Bose receivers; as a result, they cannot be used with receivers manufactured by other companies.

To our good fortune, most places that sell sound equipment and technological goods also stock the necessary adapters.

Although they are expensive, Bose receivers are high-quality products that will help you get the most enjoyment out of your Bose Cube speakers.

You should buy a Bose receiver if you can find one that is within your price range and has received a lot of positive feedback from previous buyers.

Instructions for Attaching the Bose Cube to the Receiver

Even if the receiver was not produced by Bose, it is not difficult to connect Bose Cube speakers to a different brand of receiver.

If you buy brand new Bose Cube speakers, the packaging for each of them will include detailed instructions on how to set up the connection between your receiver and the speakers.

On the other hand, you can also connect your receiver and your Bose Cube speakers by following these instructions:

  • Determine the location in which you want to install the receiver and the Bose Cube speakers.
  • Remove both items from their respective packaging.
  • Insert the cable that is meant to be connected to the receiver into the port that is labeled Preamp-out Main Amp-In on your Bose Cube speakers. This will allow the speakers to be connected to the receiver. You may need to use an adapter.
  • To power the Bose Cube speakers and receiver, connect their respective power cables. The back of each device is going to be where you’ll find the ports.
  • Connect each end of the power cord to a separate outlet.
  • Install the Bose Cube speakers and receiver, then make any necessary adjustments to tailor the experience to your tastes.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to set up your Bose Cube speakers and whichever receiver you decide to use, but you should make sure to read and follow the instructions that come with the product. In addition to that, we will provide you with set-up instructions.

If I don’t have a receiver, can I still use my Bose speakers?

There is no way to listen to music without a receiver when using Bose Cube speakers.

They won’t produce a lot of sound on their own, so you’ll need to connect them to a receiver for them to function properly.

It is not necessary to connect your Bose Cube speakers to a receiver if you are going to be using them with a compact device like a computer to play music from them.

If, on the other hand, you want to use the Bose Cube speakers that you have as part of the sound system for your television, you will need to connect those speakers to a receiver.

Receivers that work best with Bose Cube Speakers

Although Bose makes receivers of high quality, the receivers listed below are the best ones currently available on the market.


The YAMAHA RX-V385 has received 4.6 out of 5 stars overall and ranges in price from $450 to $700.


Both Bluetooth and an HDMI cable can be used to connect it to external devices.

The YAMAHA RX-V385 is a powerful receiver that offers high-quality sound through its 5.1 channel configuration.

When you use this receiver, you will have the sensation of being in a movie theatre that features surround sound.

The included Yamaha Cinema DSP technology provides support for a variety of sound systems, all of which enable you to listen to the sound of the highest possible quality.

If you pair your Bose Cube speakers with this receiver, you won’t get the impression that the sound is fake when you listen to music.

Instead, it will seem as though the sound has always been there.

Sony STR-DH790 ASIN:


The Sony STR-DH790 has a price tag of $450 and receives an average rating of 4.6 stars from customers; consequently, it is significantly more affordable than the Yamaha RX-V385.

It is possible to connect to a wide variety of devices by using either Bluetooth, USB, or an HDMI cable.

Because it has five ports for HDMI cables, this receiver allows you to connect an unlimited number of electronic gadgets and home appliances to it.

Both the remote control that is included with this receiver as well as the dials that are located on the front of this receiver can be used to control this receiver.

It has 7.2 channels, which is 2.1 more channels than the Yamaha RX-V385, making it the superior product in this comparison.

If you do not want other people to hear what is playing through the speakers that are connected to this receiver, you can plug headphones into the headphone jack and listen to it on your own.

The sound that is being played through the receiver is analyzed by the sophisticated D.C.A.C. system that is included in the Sony STR-DH790. Based on this analysis, the receiver makes adjustments that improve the sound quality.

These receivers are going to work very well for you if you are looking for something to pair with your Bose Cube speakers in your home theatre system.

It is not necessary to use a receiver that was manufactured by Bose to connect Bose Cube speakers to a receiver.


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