Used Concept2 Rower 2022

Are you looking for second-hand machines for your limited budget home gym? Great!

The best addition that you can make to your gym is a Concept2 rower machine whether its new, refurbished or used one. But landing yourself a good deal isn’t easy and requires some patience. Many people, like you, opt for used models, but a machine like Concept2 is hardly up for sale, though you might get lucky. That’s because Concept2 rowers are known for their durability as they work best for years, making it difficult to get someone’s hands on this beauty, especially at a cheap rate. However, keep searching, and you will indeed succeed. 

There are many questions and insecurities that come to one’s mind while buying a used machine, even if it is a Concept 2 rower, like “Will it work fine?” “What if it keeps asking for repairs?” “Where should you buy it from?” etc. If you too have these questions, well, then, I’m here to address them.

Where to Buy Used Concept 2 Rower Machine?

There are several websites that offer used Concept2 rowers at reasonable prices. I have listed two of the main websites that you can check. 


Craigslist is one of the most reliable platforms for buying and selling machines and equipment. Hence, the number of used rowing machines found at Craigslist is far more than any other site. Having read this, another thing that comes to mind is that it might be vulnerable to spamming from local sellers. But don’t worry! The site takes care of that by filtering out almost all of the spammers. So you can make a secure deal any time you want. 


eBay, too, offers good rowing machines at affordable prices. Some sellers have also sold the Concept2 rowing machine for around $500, which sounds a good deal. The site offers a nationwide search and delivers to doorsteps. 

Other than Craigslist and eBay, you can also visit OfferUp and LetGo. They are less known but offer good products and deals. Remember! Customers frequently keep these sites busy, so you need to pay extra attention to get Concept 2 rower as it sells out extremely fast. On Craigslist, you have the option of contacting the seller via voicemail and text message to make the offer. 

Now as I have answered your first question, let us move on to the next question: “What are the things to consider when buying a used concept 2 rowers?”  

Things to Consider Before Buying Used Concept 2 rower in 2021

  • Familiarize Yourself with All Models

Concept2 has released multiple models of rowers, including A, B, C, D, and E. Out of these five models, D and E are still available to buy. In contrast, the older models, A, B, C, might only be available in used condition. All of these models have different specifications. Model D is the most famous and top-selling among the rest and has been upgraded a few times since 2003. It had performance monitors PM3, PM4, PM5. The chain of the model is nickel-plated steel. I’m mentioning the details of separate parts so that you can spot if the machine you are willing to buy has original or used parts. 

The Concept 2 rower model E is very similar to its predecessor, model D. The difference between them is that model E is a bit more elevated than model D. 

  • Availability of Repair Parts 

Buying a second-hand Concept2 rower is a good idea as the machine is known for its durability and sturdiness. Since it is one of the best rowing machines out there, it will be easy to look for its repair parts if something breaks. 

  • Buy From a Gym

Gyms try their best to keep all the machines upgraded by ensuring their regular service. Therefore, buying a used Concept2 rower from a gym won’t be a bad deal. 

  • Have a Good Look

When buying online, pay extra attention to the pictures posted by the seller. If the images are not clear enough, then ask for more close-ups or videos. If you find any hint of breakage, then it is better not to go for it.    

  • Request a Demo

Many people don’t trust online shopping for gym machines and want to do some personal inspection. If you are one of them, then make sure to examine the machine properly. It can be done by sitting on it and wiggling to make sure that it doesn’t make any chirping sound. Carefully examine the machine for any cracks or welding. If any of the machine parts were replaced, then gather information about where the replaced parts came from.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying used Concept2 Rower 

Concept2, the name itself, adds many benefits to any transaction. The brand is a top mower manufacturer with super-reliable products. Buying any of its pieces, used or new, will only result in a lucrative transaction that will last longer than any other. Another advantage is the relief in cost. Used machines aren’t as expensive as their new models. You can easily get them at half of their original prices. 

However, a slight disadvantage is the risk of how long it will live. If the machine you are considering to pay for has heavily in use, then it may not last quite long, whereas a machine that hasn’t been used much can last significantly longer. 

Price/Cost Comparison

The Concept2 rower machines maintain their value for a very long time. The machine that is used for five years will only have its price reduced by $100 maximum, which is just 10% less than the actual price. If the price difference between the new and old models is just a few dollars like $50 or $100, then it is better to buy a new model with warranty and quality assurance.     

Mentioning of price, here is a price range of different models of Concept2 rower. Model C, being the oldest, is sold cheapest in second-hand condition (if found somewhere luckily). Model D is the most widely available in both used and new conditions. The unused units have a price range between $750 and $850 with the new PM5 monitor. You might get extremely lucky to find second-hand Concept2 model 5 rower for $500; otherwise, it is not available at this low price. New model E is available for around $800-$900. If the machine is used but is in good condition, then you might get it for $750 or maybe less.


Final Words For Used Concept2 Rowing Machine

Buying a used Concept2 rower requires a lot of alertness. They are available for limited time because of their high demand due to which they are sold quickly. So be active on all the websites and platforms you expect it to appear. Make sure to check it thoroughly before investing in the machine, but once you have chosen it, get it right away. Also, be patient in your search because it might take a couple of months to get the machine you want.

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