What Can You Run On A 5000 Watt Generator?

What can you run on a 5000-watt generator? Running any electrical appliance requires electricity. So, you may wonder, “what can you run on a generator?” 

The power created by a 5000-watt generator will be available to run your home when there is no electricity. Also, a 5000-watt generator can help you to control your RV’s.

When considering what you can run on a 5000-watt generator, it is also essential to consider the overall size of the generator. 

It is also essential to make sure that the unit will handle the power requirements of running on a generator. The more power required, the larger the generator must be.

In this article, we will look into what type of appliances and tools we can run on a 5000-Watt generator.

Understanding Portable Generator Wattage

The 5,000-watt rating of your generator may tell you both the rated power or the surge energy.

The rated power is the quantity of electricity that the generator can constantly output for its complete runtime. The overall wattage of any appliances and devices you plug into your generator must sum as much less than its rated energy.

The surge energy is a better wattage score that your generator can sustain for a few seconds. It is specially designed to house the better startup wattage requirements of motor-pushed appliances, such as fridges, freezers, air conditioners, and lawn devices.

The sum of the wattages of the whole thing you already have plugged into the generator plus the startup wattage of your motor-driven equipment should be much less than the surge wattage. The perfect manner to control that is to plug in motor-pushed appliances first – that manner, they could settle to their strolling power requirements earlier than you in addition load your generator.

In this guide, we are going to cover each and everything you need to know about generators.

Powering Your Home with A 5000-watt Generator:

Many people are surprised to find out what types of things they can run on a 5000-watt generator. 

You can run on a 5000-watt generator depending mainly on the type of appliance and their running and starting wattage.

For instance, if you are going to power two small Air conditioners with 3000 Watts starting wattage, a 5000-watts generator may not be able to power both of them simultaneously. 

A 5000-watt generator is a good power backup for your home.

Home appliances are also another area that can benefit from what you can run on a 5000-watt generator. 

There are different types of home appliances that require electricity. Some of the highly consuming home appliances are listed below:

  • Electric Stove – 1500 watts
  • Window Air Conditioner – 1200 watts
  • Central Air Conditioning System – 3800 to 6000 watts
  • Space Heater – 600 to 1500 watts
  • Central Heating System – 5000-watts and up, depending upon the size
  • Sump Pump – 800 watts
  • Well Pump – 1000 watts

These highly consumable home appliances consume a lot of power as you cannot use an air conditioner and a heating system at the same time.

You have to calculate all the load before running the 5000-watt generator at home. 

At least, you must know the power load.

If we talk about the appliances which are in the kitchen. The power requirements for the kitchens appliances are listed below:

  • Refrigerator/Freezer – 700 watts
  • Microwave – 800 watts
  • Toaster – 850 watts
  • Coffee Maker – 800 watts
  • Dishwasher – 300 watts

These figures are just for reference; you should look up the starting and running wattage of all the appliances you plan to run on the 5000 watts’ generator. Then, you can prioritize only the most critical ones before you buy the generator. 

Powering A Work Site with A 5000-watt Generator:

5000-watt generator power will help to keep your work site running even during a severe power failure. Plus, a 5000-watt generator will also help you operate portable electric tools at a work site.

Most builders and contractors use 5000-watt generators for their worksite, as I will help them power their most common duty power tools.

Some of the standard electric tools are listed below that can run efficiently on 5000-watt generators.

  • Circular Saw – 1400 watts 
  • Table Saw – 1800 watts
  • Portable Air Compressor (1/2 horsepower) – 1000 watts
  • Portable Air Compressor (1 horsepower) – 1600 watts
  • Chainsaw – 1500 watts
  • Electric Drill – 600 watts

Above wattage is the running watts of the electric tools. The figures above are just for reference; you should look up the starting and running wattage of all the electric devices you plan to run on the 5000-watts generator. Then, you can prioritize only the most critical ones before you buy the generator. 

So always keep in mind, when you run high power of an electric tool on the generator. You have to run only one device at one time.

Suppose you have a large worksite and are planning to run high-power electric tools depending on your generator. A 5000-watts generator is not enough for your large work site.

When selecting additional items for your commercial power tools, you may consider purchasing extra-large generators. You may need an extra-large model if you need to power larger equipment. 

You can purchase extra-large generators in various sizes, including those that are large enough to power an entire worksite. If you own more heavy-duty power tools, you may also need to rent additional generators capable of powering the different devices.

Powering An RV With A 5000-watt Generator:

RVs have a vast space, and you can easily place many big appliances in your RV. A 5000- watts generator is a good amount of power for your RV’s.

Suppose you are planning for an RV trip. Usually, an RV campground offers electricity for an RV motorhome.

But if your campground is not showing the electricity for your RV. Then you can easily use your 5000-watts of the generator to power up your RV. 

A 5000-watts generator has good power for running all your kitchen appliances, lights, and a small air conditioner. It can also run your small space heaters.

A 3000-watts generator is also enough for the RVs, but in this case, you have to manage all the load, and you cannot run all the appliances simultaneously. But using a 5000-watts generator, you can quickly run multiple machines at the same time.

Is 5000-Watts The Right Size For You?

A 5000-Watts generator is a lot of power, but it also depends on how you will use the 5000-Watts generator.

The 5000-Watts generator helps run the home appliances when the power is shut off.

Also, it can help you to run all the devices in your RV as a 5000-Watts generator is very energy efficient for the RV motorhome trip.

Before purchasing what you can run on a generator, it is important to discuss one’s needs with an expert to understand better what can be run using a generator.

An expert will give better advice about what can be used and how much power is needed for what.

In addition, an expert can determine if a generator will be an appropriate option for use in one’s environment.

An expert can also help determine if a generator is a suitable option for one’s home.

Suppose a 5000 Watts generator is not meeting your power requirement. Then you can also go for the 7500 Watts generator.

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