What Android Phone Should I Get A Quiz 2022

Choosing the right android phone requires a hell lot of research. There is a plethora of them available in the market which makes the decision super difficult.

You have to check out the features of every new and old model to ensure you get the one that ticks all your boxes. But here we are to help you cover all this work in a few seconds by just selecting a few options.

How Does This Android Phone Finder Quiz Work?

The quiz features several questions based on your needs towards an android phone. These may include screen size, weight, storage, price, brand, model, camera preferences, battery life, etc. All these factors enable us to get to some of the best android phones under budget.

The brands you’ll find on our list are Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Google, LG, and a few others. Since all these brands offer the most dependable products, you can easily invest in them.

When it comes to building material, you’ll mainly find plastic and metal. They are cheap and durable as they can easily sustain several light falls. However, you may also find some models made up of glass panels that shatter under even the lightest pressure.

If you are a movie lover and frequently stream videos, you’ll need an HD screen with a width of about 5-6 inches. Anything larger than 6 inches would be bulky and difficult to carry in pockets. This screen size is also sufficient for professionals who need to check emails and task reports.

Moreover, if you are mostly on the go and cannot frequently charge your phone, you’ll need a longer battery life of about 6-8 hours. We also take into consideration your camera requirements. Since pixels aren’t the only factor describing your image quality, we ask your expectations of your camera and sort out all the factors on our own.

Which Android Phone Should I Get After The Quiz?

Once you have answered all the questions on our quiz, we will redirect to our recommendations where. There you can check out all the suggested products and compare them to find the android phone to buy.

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