What does SC mean in Instagram edits?

What does the acronym SC represent when it comes to Instagram edits?

E.C. — Initials for Editing Credits (person who edits your photo) Credit or Courtesy: (C.C.) Caption Credit (The person suggests the caption for your photo) S.C. stands for “selection credit,” which refers to the credit given to the individual who selects or suggests the image for posting. I’m hoping it’ll be of some use.

What does “SC” possibly stand for?

SC is an abbreviation for South Carolina (US postal abbreviation).

What do the acronyms AC and DT stand for?

Dt stands for “committed to.” In most cases, this term is used to describe the situation in which your mutuals or followers desire the video cut to be dedicated to them specifically. Cc stands for “colouring credit.” Typically, you would utilise this when you have used the colorings of other individuals and are giving them credit for it. Ac is short for “audio credits.”

In a sexual context, what does DT stand for?

An abbreviation that stands for “deep throat.”

What does “CC” stand for in TikTok?

captions with a close-up

What does the abbreviation DT stand for?

DT can refer to a number of different things, including delirium tremens, which is a symptom of alcohol withdrawal, double tap, which is a reference to loving someone’s post on Instagram, detective, the position of defensive tackle in football, or even school detention.

Does DT mean date?

According to AcronymsAndSlang.com, DT stands for “Date-Time.”

What exactly is DP stand for?

AcronymDefinitionDP Partnership in the Home Country DP DP stands for double precision.

Point of Distribution (DP) Display Picture (Chat over the Internet) 220


Six Times An Hour
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