What Happens If Your AirPods Won’t Turn On?

The invention of AirPods by Apple, one of the best inventions of this generation, won the respect of its esteemed clients.

AirPods have proven to be one of the most desirable earbud products of all time as a result of massive technological advancements around the globe. 

AirPods offer a great music listening experience and are unique in their ability to connect faster to any compatible device.

When your AirPods won’t turn on, what should you do?

When your AirPods do not turn on, you should first check the battery of the AirPods. You should then check the charging case and both of them for dust or debris. Make sure that the software is updated as well. 

You will likely be able to resolve any issues you have with your Airpods not turning on by following the instructions above carefully.

We have outlined a step-by-step guide to help you fix your AirPods before tossing them in the garbage. 

1. Check the battery of your AirPods

A battery that has low power or is not functioning properly is the most likely cause of this issue. 

It is best to try charging them first by placing them in a charging case and plugging the case into a USB charger or port. 

You can charge your AirPods faster by connecting them directly to a Mac computer or by using an iPhone or iPad USB charger.

2. Check the battery in the charging case

Test charging the charging case without the AirPods attached to see if the problem is the charging case. 

You should be able to charge your AirPods for approximately three hours after 15 minutes. 

You should contact Apple to receive assistance if the charging case does not work.

3. Check your charging cable

Apple recommends that customers use Apple cables since they work perfectly with Apple devices. 

Due to prolonged use or mishandling, your charging cable may be faulty or already dead. 

There is a defect in your AirPod, and no power is delivered to it. This means that it cannot function with a low battery.

4. Check your AirPods for dust or debris

Dust should be removed from your device before charging. 

You should make sure that the silver tips at the bottom of your AirPods are in contact with the case while charging. 

Contact remains intact due to a magnetic attraction. 

Remove any dust and debris if you do not feel the snap. 

If it does not connect, then there is probably a physical problem that can be checked at any Apple store in your neighborhood.

5. Update your software

You have ruled out possible hardware problems, making the issue more likely to be software-related. 

It is possible that your software is outdated and needs to be updated as soon as possible to function. 

As Apple releases new updates regularly, you should review the latest updates for your system. 

When your AirPod is off, it would be impossible to make updates. 

After updating your iPhone or Mac, you should check if the problem has been resolved.

6. Contact Apple

If you are unable to turn on your AirPods using the steps explained above, you should contact Apple for additional instructions. 

If you cannot resolve the issue online, the professional can direct you to the nearest Apple store. 

What is the best way to force an AirPod to turn on?

There may be times when your AirPod does not turn on due to a fault, but this should not cause you concern. 

The AirPod can now be turned on by pressing and holding the Digital Crown and the Noise Control Button simultaneously on the right earbud.

It is recommended to wait 15 seconds for the status light near the charging spot to change from flashing amber color to flashing white.

You can also charge your AirPod Max using your iPhone. 

It is possible to accomplish this through a few simple steps. Click on the Home screen. 

Open the charging case and place your AirPods on your iPhone while holding the charging case close by. You tap the Set Up animation that appears on the phone’s screen to connect.

If your AirPods won’t charge, what should you do?

You might encounter the following problem if your AirPods do not charge:

  • It is possible that the charging cable, the pad, or the outlet is defective.
  • You should make sure the charging case works.

If everything else is okay, you could always call Apple. They’ll listen to your problems and fix them. You can go to the Apple store if you can’t solve the problem online.

How To Fix An AirPod That Isn’t Working

You may encounter different problems when using your AirPods. 

Problems such as these result in malfunctions that can be resolved by following different steps. 

I have provided examples of some common problems and ways to resolve them below. 

It should be noted that restarting your device can resolve many issues automatically.

Why won’t my AirPods connect?

Try these steps if you have problems connecting your AirPods to your iPhone or Mac:

Update your system

If you wish to connect the AirPods to your iPhone or computer, you need to update both with the latest software release. 

You should make sure your computer is running the newest Mac OS version, your iPhone should be running the newest iOS, and your AirPods should have the latest firmware update.

Battery charge for AirPods

There may be a shortage of power causing connectivity problems. 

If you wish to charge your AirPods more quickly, place them on the case and connect a Lightning cable to charge the case.

Connect to Bluetooth

AirPods work only when both devices are paired.

Disconnect your iPhone or computer from all other Bluetooth devices

Perhaps you were using another Bluetooth device to stream audio and your AirPods were not receiving it. 

Connect your AirPods after disconnecting them.

Take a break! 

Your AirPods might be overused and a break is all they need. Reset and reconnect them properly after a 10-to-15-minute wait in their case.

Audio quality is poor with AirPods. 

There may be times when the audio from the AirPods is unpleasant. It may be possible to resolve this by following the following steps:

Get closer to the Bluetooth device

Connecting Bluetooth devices too far apart might result in poor audio quality.

AirPods should be cleaned

Dirt might be causing the muffled audio to be produced. Connect the AirPod again after cleaning it with a soft cloth or toothbrush.

Adjust the audio balance

You should adjust your AirPod settings if one AirPod sounds louder than the other, causing an imbalance by making sure the slider is in the middle of the range.

Reconnect the Bluetooth device

Try turning off Bluetooth first, then turning it back on again if the audio is glitchy.

Disconnect all other connected devices

If devices are overloaded, audio may be interfered with. 

You can improve the quality of the audio by disconnecting all external devices.

Change the volume

If you move the volume level from high to zero, restart the device, and then move it back up again. 

Volume control issues might be solved by this.

A new AirPod will be provided by Apple if the problem is natural or falls under the warranty conditions if there are significant problems you cannot fix.

What Should I Do If My AirPods Are Dead?

The goal of all travelers is to be entertained throughout their journey, with your favorite music providing the feeling you want every step of the way. 

For to make sure that you do not embark on the journey with dead batteries, here is a way you can get to know your AirPods battery life:

Use a MacBook if you have one

  1. Open the AirPod case.
  2. Click Bluetooth on the top right of the navigation bar.
  3. Navigate to AirPods with Charging Case.
  4. Check the battery life.

Checking the AirPod Max’s battery life is easier. 

Simple steps must be followed. 

If you bring all the connected devices together, an on-screen prompt will appear so that you can see how much battery life remains. 

When the AirPod Max is connected to any device, you will also be able to see when the battery is running low. 

The amber light turns on if there is less than 15% remaining when the device is not recharging. If the device is not recharging or inside the case, you must press the noise button, and the green LED status light will turn green. 

What should I do to restart my AirPods?

You can restart your AirPod by:

  • Close the charging case completely after placing your AirPods in it.
  • Wait about 30 seconds.

Removing the lid is the first step.

Tap the ‘i’ icon on the AirPods’ symbol in your connected device’s settings, Bluetooth.

Tap again to reconnect after selecting Forget Device.

My AirPods won’t turn on

Certain issues may be resolved automatically during a reboot when you restart your device. 

So, if you are experiencing any difficulties while using your AirPods, it would be helpful to restart your device first.

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