What Kind of Dog Did John Wick Have?

Have you ever loved your dog so much you’d start a vendetta with a mob to avenge his death? Well, this is what John Wick did his latest movie franchise. Though the actor, Keanu Reeves, who played the character in the movie doesn’t own a dog in real life, he certainly has one right beside him in all three movies of the franchise

Though the question seems very simple, it should be noted that he had two dogs throughout the trilogy. There was one in the first movie and another for the two movies that were released next. So, without further ado, let’s figure out which dog John Wick had in the movies.

  • Which Dog Was It in The First Part?

The first dog’s name was Daisy, and it was gift John Wick received from his wife who had recently passed away. The breed was Beagle; flopping ears looking adorable and a multi-color fur coat of a short length. 

In real life, the dog’s name is Andy and was reportedly only 2 months old when the first movie was being filmed. Though we didn’t get to see the dog for long in the first movie, it was basically why John Wick did what he did. That certainly did make an impact with the audience and got appreciation from fans across the globe. 

  • Which Dog Was It in The Second and Third Part?

This was the one John Wick gets himself at the end of the first part, actually. The dog was a pit bull and was named Burton – or how some people like to call him, Bubba. He was basically a rescue dog and was chosen because of his sad face. The movie producers thought a sad dog would get along with the sad John Wick while the audience sympathizes with him. 

We guess you also waited for the movies to end and see if this dog makes it to the finish line as well?

  • Which Dog Did Halle Berry Have in The Third Part?

In John Wick 3, the two energetic, athletic dogs with Halle Berry were Belgian Malinois. Halle actually trained with the dogs before filming the movie scenes to not disappoint the producers and directors. 

Belgian Malinois looks very similar to German shepherds and has very similar attributes as well. Both breeds are intelligent and are used by the police extensively when in a manhunt. Their use as police dogs was also seen in the movie, being a tactical film as well. 

These were all the dogs we saw in all three parts of the latest John Wick franchise. Now that you know what breed the dogs were, you can certainly hope for different ones in the next films, if they were to make them. You can check out YouTube to see videos of Halle Berry training with the two dogs pre-filming.

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