What Kind of Rug Pad is Safe for Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Can vinyl plank flooring be laid on a rug pad? Homeowners who have installed vinyl plank floors frequently ask this question.

Let me tell you something important before I describe the best rug pad for vinyl plank flooring.

Vinyl plank floors can be harmed by rubber-backed area rugs

Would it be uncomfortable for you to place a rubber-backed area rug on vinyl plank flooring for fear of yellow stains appearing on the floor? Even if you try your best, it just won’t come off?

Well, the reason for this is usually a chemical reaction between the rubber backing and the flooring finish. Rubber-backed rugs have this problem frequently and if you fail to remedy it, the stains can permanently ruin your beautiful floors.

A rubber-backed area rug I had left on my hardwood floor for a prolonged period created the same problem for my hardwood floors.

It never occurred to me to realize how much damage rubber-backed rugs can do to your floor.

Several years later, I would discover that these kinds of rugs are not suitable, not just for hardwood floors, but for other types of sensitive flooring, such as;

  • Flooring made from vinyl planks
  • Floor coverings made from laminate
  • The floor was linoleum
  • Flooring made with bamboo

To prevent this, it’s best to install a felt rug pad underneath your vinyl plank flooring.

I guarantee you’ll like it if it worked for my hardwood floors.


Are our vinyl plank floors safe to walk on with rug pads?

The rug pad that works best is RUGPADUSA – Basics Thick – 100% Felt – Protective Cushioning Rug Pad.

One of the best-selling rug pads on Amazon is the RUGPADUSA 100% Felt Protective Cushioning Rug Pad. Rug pads made of felt have become increasingly popular because they resist stains and act as a protective barrier between your area rug and luxury vinyl flooring.

Its manufacturer says this rug pad is safe for all types of floors and will not react with surfaces that are finished with chemicals.

Rug pads come in a variety of thicknesses, so you can pick the level of cushioning you desire.

Therefore, I will give you all the reasons why I believe the RUGPADUSA Rug Pad is the best rug pad for vinyl plank flooring.

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Vinyl plank floors can be safely walked on with rug pads

RUGPADUSA Protective Cushioning Rug Pad: Why Do I Recommend It?

  • A RUGPADUSA rug pad helps to protect your precious floors against discoloration by protecting the vinyl plank floor underneath. This is one of the biggest benefits of installing a rug pad under your area rug. The chemicals in the floor finish may react with the rubber backing on your area rug, leaving an unsightly yellow stain that is difficult to remove. This type of stain is more likely to occur in areas with high traffic and direct sunlight. Your beautiful floors will be protected from staining by placing this rug pad underneath. Since the rug pad is 100% felt, your floors will remain completely intact.
  • A rug pad acts as a protective barrier between the area rug and vinyl plank flooring, preventing scratches and wear. The thick cushioned barrier protects your flooring from abrasion and scratches caused by furniture and area rugs with rough backings. Therefore, both your flooring and rug will be more durable.
  • RugpadUSA offers three thickness options-1/2 inch, 14 inches, and 3/8 inches. For maximum comfort, you can place the 1/2-inch rug pad for added cushioning as it is the thickest and most dense option.
  • Rug pads can help prolong the life of both your area rug and vinyl plank flooring- As I mentioned earlier, rug pads are a good way to extend the life of your rug and flooring. The thick and dense material can absorb the majority of the impact from foot traffic. As a result, your area rug will have less wear and will compress and bounce back quickly
  • The extra thickness reduces noise by absorbing sound. Soundproofing made easy!
  • The excellent insulation properties of this rug pad ensure that this rug pad not only increases comfort, it also adds warmth.
  • The fact that it’s hypoallergenic is another benefit. Respiratory problems won’t result as a result. You may, however, experience allergy symptoms due to the dust your area rug collects. Avoid respiratory issues by vacuuming regularly.
  • It’s made in the USA- quality guaranteed
  • You can easily trim it with scissors if you can’t find the right size rug pad for your area rug
  • Floors of all types can be cleaned with it

Please note: This rug pad is not meant to prevent rugs from slipping, especially in high-traffic areas. It’s particularly designed for large rugs with heavy furniture anchoring them. Heavy rugs that stay in place themselves are also recommended for these runners. I recommend the RUGPADUSA Dual Surface Felt + Rubber Non-Slip Backing Rug Pad if you desire a rug pad that is non-slip for vinyl plank flooring. High-traffic areas are prevented from sliding, slipping, or wrinkled.

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In what amount does it cost?

It is reasonably priced to purchase RUGPADUSA Rug Pads. To access Amazon’s current price, click here.

Pricing depends on the thickness and size selected. There are large pads for large area rugs and smaller pads for smaller rugs.

Your area rug’s shape may also determine the type of rug you choose. Round and square rugs are the two main options available.

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The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Rug Pads on Vinyl Plank Flooring

1. Does vinyl plank flooring require a rug pad?

Yes, certainly! Vinyl plank flooring requires a rug pad.

Floors like vinyl plank flooring stain easily, as I mentioned earlier.

When you install a rubber-backed rug on your floor, your lovely floor is likely to develop yellow stains over time.

To prevent this, the best thing you can do is to invest in a high-quality, felt rug pad, like the RUGPADUSA 100% Felt Protective Cushioning Rug Pad.

The importance of this cannot be overstated.

It will cost you a great deal of money to purchase a rug pad large enough to cover all your rugs. However, its cost does not compare to the amount of money you’ll spend repairing or replacing vinyl plank flooring after it has been damaged by wear and tear, stains, or scratches.

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2. Is vinyl plank flooring compatible with rugs?

One of the best rugs for vinyl plank flooring is the Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Modern Plush Graphite Gray Area Rug.

It is not a rubber-backed shag area rug, hence I recommend it.

Thus, you will not have to worry about leaving stains on your floor that are difficult to remove.

Despite having a cotton backing, this rug is completely safe for not just vinyl plank flooring, but hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and linoleum flooring as well.

Is this rug prone to moving or slipping?

I don’t think so. A lot of traffic might cause it to move. In this case, I recommend using double-sided carpet tape to hold it down and prevent it from sliding. I recommend the YYXLIFE Double-Sided Carpet Tape for Area Rugs as one of the best and most effective double-sided carpet tapes.

Still, likely, this shag rug will not move as much as other area rugs, because it is extremely heavy. Therefore, ensuring that the rug does not slip is highly recommended.

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3. Does Rug Pad Have to Be the Same Size as the Rug?

A rug pad can’t be the same size as a rug. Rug pads should be smaller than the rug itself.

It is generally recommended that the rug pad must be approximately 1 inch smaller than the area rug on all four sides.

What is the importance of this?

The edges of the rug taper to the floor when the rug pad is slightly smaller than the rug.

It has been shown that preventing the edges from curling greatly reduces the probability that a person will trip when their shoe heel catches the edge of the rug.

The product has the additional advantage of reducing premature wear and tear. Your area rug will remain in good condition for many years to come.

There is no need to worry if you cannot find the correct size rug pad for your area rug.

To ensure that the rug pad fits the rug’s dimensions, all rug pads may be easily trimmed with scissors.

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What kind of rug pad is the best for vinyl plank flooring?

Now you know.

Vinyl flooring is safest with the RUGPADUSA 100% Felt Thick Protective Cushioning Rug Pad.

Having used it on hardwood floors as well, I highly recommend this rug pad.

Furthermore, it has never caused any stains on my floors, not to mention that it increases comfort with its bouncy properties, provides soundproofing capabilities, and provides insulation, thus keeping my floors warm, especially during the winter months.

Thousands of homeowners have already utilized and are delighted with this rug pad, as it is one of the best-selling rug pads on Amazon.

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