What Phone Should I Get Quiz 2022

Getting a phone today is as difficult as choosing a new home. You have an overwhelming variety of mobiles to choose from. They vary in design, screen sizes, storage, camera results, battery life, charging time, etc.

You have to go through each model in detail to find out the most appropriate phone for your needs. But would not that be a lot of work, especially for a busy person or in an emergency?

That’s exactly why you are seeing this page. Take our ‘what phone should I get quiz’ and find out the best phone to buy in less than five minutes.

What’s in the Quiz?

We have designed this phone finder quiz to have an idea of the features you look forward to on a mobile phone. Since there are tons of mobile phones available in the market, you need to have some specific features in mind to be able to settle on one. Therefore, we’ll give you specific options to choose from so that we can find you the most suitable phone in one attempt. The following are a few aspects we’ll ask you about in this quiz.

What Size Phone Should I Get?

Phone screens have changed drastically over time and there is no stop to it. Every new phone comes with a new and unique screen feature. Brands have been competing to get the best screen size while keeping a slim and light overall structure. They intend to dedicate more area to screen instead of those thick borders we had initially.

That’s how we ended up with such large screens despite smaller phone sizes. However, you may still find some measurements bigger or smaller for your hands. Moreover, each brand has launched a variety of models donning different sizes. So to avoid any ambiguity, you’ll have categories to select the best phone and screen size for your needs.

Large screen sizes are great for professionals who want to make the most out of every minute. This may include writers, designers, analysts, etc. Large displays provide them a better view and allow multitasking. However, carrying around big phones isn’t the most convenient. It takes a larger space and perhaps won’t fit in your pocket.

What Is The Best Cellphone Camera For You?

Not everybody can afford a DSLR, neither everyone is born with photography skills to just take out a camera and start snapping the perfect pictures. However, we all need a simple and easy way to keep memories alive through our mobile cameras. They are much easier and affordable options that can be cherished by almost anybody.

With constant improvements and modifications in models and technologies, you’ll find several categories based on the camera type and results. For example, some models have single, double, or triple back cameras. Similarly, there are variations in front cameras as well.

Hence, you may or may not be aware of all the types that you can try. To help you with that our quiz includes almost all types of available mobile cameras so that you can easily choose from the categories without having to dig up yourself.

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Which Mobile Network Is Suitable For You?

There are two main mobile networks in the USA, CDMA, and GSM. You can find more about these networks on the internet quite easily. Your mobile may connect to one of the two networks only. There are a few devices that connect to both the networks. To keep you from sorting all the phones based on their network compatibility, we’ll only ask you about your suitable network and only show you the phones that are compatible with it.

How Much Are You Willing To Spend On Your Phone?

For most people, the price range is the major determinant of their purchase decisions, especially when it comes to phones; you have a vast range out there. Hence, every category is loaded with options. You can find it from the cheapest to the most expensive phones in a single store.

What’s great here is that getting a cheap phone does not equate to wasting your money over a substandard product. Instead, most manufacturers these days are focusing on providing better features and functions at lower prices. Therefore, we can ensure you of suggesting the best phones at super affordable rates.

What Security Features Do You Prefer?

Mobile phones have evolved from two-button lock to a biometric security system involving fingerprint and face-recognition. With these advanced systems, you do not even have to press a button to unlock your phone. These locking systems offer exceptional security.

However, both these advanced methods have their pros and cons. For instance, in the case of a fingerprint lock, you cannot unlock your phone with gloves on. Also, getting your finger in the exact position becomes difficult sometimes which troubles in unlocking the phone.

On the other hand, face recognition requires you to look at the screen to unlock it, which might be difficult if you are busy or wearing a mask as you must these days. Since this is completely your call we’ll suggest you choose the easiest way.

So What Phone Should I Get After The Quiz?

To ensure the best purchase select the phone that ticks all your boxes. You need to ensure that you pay for what you want. To help you with that, we’ll take you to our recommendations page once you have answered all the questions. There we’ll display the best products that you can buy according to the given answers.

You can go through those options and read their details to decide which phone is best for you. Using the given information, you can easily compare the products as well.

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