What To Bring On A Plane For A Teenager (Girl or Boy)

Children are usually very excited about outings and trips, especially teenagers. If you are a teenager and planning to have a ride on the plane and you are frightened because it is your first time and it is very difficult to be calm and to enjoy the plane ride. You even don’t know what essentials you must have with you during the flight. Then, welcome!  I am here to provide you with a complete guide on what items can make your plane ride easy, comfortable and pleasant.

What To Bring On A Plane For A Teenager?

How to Pack for a Plane Ride As a Teen Girl or Boy?

Pillow and blanket

On any flight, the most important factor is to get relax. You will need a pillow for that purpose. get your own pillow on which you are habitual of taking rest. Some flights allow you to carry your own pillow and blanket but some provide on their own. But, you can rely on the one provided by them as the material of a pillow may not be so comfortable and you may not relax due to different stuff.

Water and  juice

Take with you water and fresh juice which you may take when you feel thirst. Water is provided in the plane but you may not get the juice of your own choice there, so you can take juice packs there.


Hunger can result in a very arduous feeling. It must be satiated as can lead to hunger pangs which are painful. Time and meal serving routine of planes vary and you don’t know whether you would be served or not. Moreover, not everyone likes the food provided on the plane. So, you must take with you snacks which you can enjoy during the hunger feeling. It is also recommendable to take light sandwiches with you and you must avoid the food with sharp that may disturb other passengers.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum keeps you active and calm. Do bring some chewing gum before getting into the plane. It may help you prevent ear popping that is very common in the air. Chewing gums helps you to alleviate from such uncomfortable situations.

Comfortable Clothes

Before going for a flight you may think of wearing dandy clothes which may bring about discomfort. You must be remindful of wearing comfortable clothing that may not disturb you on the flight.

International credit card

On a long flight, you may need to change the flights and during the respite between the two flights, you may feel tempted to eating and you would surely need money to buy anything to eat. You can pay easily if you have an international credit card.

Hair ties and comb

If you are a teenage girl and like to let your hair free. You may feel at times to make a bun of them to feel comfortable. So, bring hair ties and comb with you.


You must be prepared for any miss-happening. Therefore, you must have band-aid with you. In case, you get any injury you can use it.

Pain relievers and anti-nausea medicine

Some people are of delicate nature and you might be one of them.  If you feel nauseastic or severe headache during the flight, you must have tablets that can relieve your pain.

Hand sanitizer and wet wipes

You may not like the toiletries provided on the plane. Therefore, you must have your own hand sanitizer and wet wipes with you.


You must have a body lotion with you to keep your skin moisturized during the hours of flight.

Lip balm

If you face the problem of dried up lips. Then, must take a good quality lip balm with you that may keep your lips soft and smooth.


You might feel stinky at the flight. So keep with you, your favorite deodorant which you can spray to avoid headaches which may be resulted due to an unpleasant environment.


Long flights are usually boring and in order to be out of that boredom, you must have some activity that may prove to be a companion. What is companion better than a good book? If you have an interest in reading books. It is mandatory for you to take an interesting reading book with you.


If you have a deep interest in sketching and used to do it more often. Do bring it on the plane and kill your boredom by doing sketching.

Travel guide

If you are planning a refreshment trip. You must have a travel guide from which you may decide the places that you would like to visit your destination.


Some flights have an entertaining system provided for its riders. You may watch movies or listen to music. But, the movies and music offered by them might not match your taste. So, take with you some entertaining gadgets with you. It may be a Bluetooth music system through which you can enjoy the music of your choice. You may also watch movies if you have anyone downloaded on your cell phone.

Power bank

Flights provide you with the facility to charge your laptop and cell phones. However, they have limited charging. So, for a long ride, you must have a portable power bank through which you can charge your accessories.

Just for girls

If you are a teenage girl, then you must have pads and tampons with you during the flight to avoid any unpleasant situation.

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