What To Do If Your Apple Watch Face Comes Off

The technology we use today isn’t meant to last forever.

Eventually, these devices become old, slow, and are replaced by newer versions.

In spite of this, it can be disappointing when a device malfunctions before it has become obsolete. Smart watches are particularly delicate in regards to durability.

So, what should be done when the face of an Apple Watch becomes detached?

If the Apple Watch face comes off, here’s what you should do

The process for repairing the Apple Watch will vary depending on what caused the face to pop off. DIY repair is usually an option, particularly if the face is damaged. One common problem arises when the face becomes detached from the case. This requires professional assistance.

Find out all the different options available to you for reattaching the Apple Watch face as you continue reading.

The following steps should be taken if the Apple Watch Face becomes detached

Your first step should be to identify the problem and determine whether it can be fixed by yourself or if it needs to be repaired by a professional.

It is much more difficult to replace the screen of an Apple Watch than it is to repair the screen of a smartphone.

As a consequence, if you are unfamiliar with screen repair, you should probably seek professional assistance.

Diagnostics of the problem

It is possible for the Apple Watch face to become dislodged from the rest of the device due to moisture, bending, and crimping.

Dropping a device can also lead to a cracked or broken device.

In the event that the screen of the device has been damaged as a result of a drop, then you know exactly what is going on.

The signs of moisture getting into your Apple Watch are often quite visible.

Are there any signs of fogginess under the screen before the face is removed? If so, there is a likelihood of water damage.

The water could potentially damage internal components.

Aside from visible corrosion, discoloration, and strange growth around the magnet charger area, there are also other signs of water damage.

It is also possible for the shell of the device to become bent or distorted, leading to the face protruding from its enclosure.

A damaged screen will result in physical wear and tear on the device.

Typically, the face pops out as a result of a malfunctioning battery.

Damaged batteries can swell up, which forces the face to protrude. In such cases, a professional battery replacement will be required.

Repairs to the home

It may be possible for someone who is familiar with the process of replacing a screen on a smart device to repair the device themselves.

Apple Watches are among the most difficult smart devices to repair by yourself, and therefore, they require specialized tools to accomplish this task.

The good news is that there are kits on the market to assist you in completing the task.

There are several reputable companies that offer Apple Watch face repair kits, but iFixIt is one of them.

Only in a few circumstances does home repair make sense.

In order to perform smart device screen repairs on your own, you must feel confident about your abilities.

In order to repair screens, either the patient must have experience or must learn how to do so.

It should be taken care not to short out internal components of the device further.

In order to accomplish this, the battery must be removed completely.

It is also necessary to heat the watch to remove the watch parts, use precise tools to remove the screen, and maintain a steady hand in order to perform the repairs correctly.

As much precision is required to install a new screen as it is to remove an old one.

It even involves the use of super glue in order to adhere the screen back into place – something you only have one chance to accomplish correctly, otherwise your screen will remain permanently lop-sided.

Many guides are available online that explain how to disassemble and reassemble an Apple Watch.

Services of a professional nature

There are third-party repair technicians that are capable of replacing a screen effectively.

Additionally, Apple’s technicians are capable of repairing the device to as good as new.

In some cases, professional repair may be the only choice. There are many reasons why it is necessary to take this route.

In most cases, the battery malfunctions, swells, and causes the screen to come loose from the device, just as it happens with mobile devices. Since the battery will also need to be replaced in this case, you may want to consider having it professionally repaired.

You will have peace of mind knowing that your device is in good hands whether you use Apple or a third party repair company.

In addition, if anything goes wrong during the process of repair, you will not be responsible for the full cost of the device.

A device that is further damaged during repair will need to be replaced by Apple or the third-party repair shop.


Warranty coverage may be available for certain issues. As a general policy, Apple guarantees the quality of all its products up to a certain point. As long as Apple deems that the battery damage was not caused by the user, any screen that has dislodged from its case due to a battery failure is covered by its warranty.

You can get your device repaired for free and easily in this case. It is not necessary to pay for the repair. Simply file an Apple ticket, send the device in, and it will be repaired for free. Before attempting to repair yourself or paying a third party to repair your device, check with Apple to determine if you are covered under warranty.

New Watches to Consider

It may be your best and cheapest option to obtain a new watch if Apple determines that your watch is not covered by warranty. Watch repairs are extremely precise as previously described. Repairing a missing face requires great concentration and care to prevent other components from being damaged. Professionals must therefore charge a considerable amount for this service.

If you already own an older Apple Watch, sometimes the best solution is to simply purchase a new model. Your current device may need to be upgraded anyway.

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