What To Pack For Beach Vacation Woman? 42 Must Have Items

Are you heading towards the beach for spending a week there? Packing can prove to be a tough task for you if you are planning for a week’s vacation to the beach. You may think of packing up everything in the house and then may even don’t choose the very essential items. I am providing you a complete list of items necessary to spend a good week at the beach with peace of mind. These items will surely add colors in the sunlight of the beach. So, decide to pack a day before leaving so that you may pack all the essentials.


What Should A Woman Pack For Beach Vacation?

Before packing, you must check the weather forecast and get an estimate of what type of items you must pack for your beach vacation.

  • Beach Cart

It is the most important thing you must take with you because one can’t hold all the items in your hand all the time. If the weight of the items is not more than 100lbs then you can get Tommy Bahama beach cart at Costco and Amazon but if you’re looking for a beach cart that can sustain more weight then you should go for Wheeleez heavy duty beach cart. Moreover, foldable wagons with canopy are also available in the market that you can buy from Walmart, Costco and Amazon too.

  • Swimsuit

The number one thing that you must add in your packing bag is a swimsuit. If your hotel provides you with the laundry facility then, for women, at least two swimsuits must be packed. If one suit is being dried, then you must have one to wear on. If you are not provided with such a facility you must have a swimsuit equal to the number of your staying days. These swimsuits must be stylish and comfortable.

  • Swim cover-up

Are you really ready for a beach trip and don’t have a swim cover-up with you? It sounds so strange to plan a beach trip without a swim cover-up. It not only looks good and cute but also protects you from harsh solar radiation. In many countries, swimsuits are not allowed and this is where you will necessarily need swim cover-up. Not only this, but they also serve to fulfill the need for a night out dress. So, you must have 2 to 3 cover-ups for one week’s stay at the beach.

  • Sundress

Select at least 3 sun suits to enjoy the sunshine at the beach.

  • Sunglasses

Sunglasses are very important for keeping your eyes safe and protected from harmful direct radiations and give a very aesthetic view when viewed through a polarized lens.

  • Solar hat

A hat is considered mandatory for taking while having a visit to the beach. To protect your skin face and eyes from solar radiation must wear a solar hat. Wearing a hat also gives a cool look and is considered as a traveling staple.

  • Dress

Pack dresses equal to the number of days you are staying. For a week’s stay, you must have 3 to 4 pairs of jeans and shirts or whatever dress you are comfortable in. Choose lightweight, easy to pack, easy to wash, easy to dry, comfortable and light-colored dress. Try to carry the least number of clothing with multiple uses.

  • Inner wears

You must have 3 to 5 pairs of inner wears with you, depending upon the availability of washer and dryer.

  • Flip flop

Pack two pairs of flip flops with you. Choose comfortable and non-slippery beach sandals so that you may not face any difficulty on wearing them.

  • Beach bag

Take extra waterproof beach bag with you in which you can put your wet and messy clothing and other items. So take a standard-sized portable beach bag with you.

  • Beach towel

Beach towel is among the necessary items that you must have while staying at the beach. Turkish towels are considered best in this regard as they are thin, cover less space and excellent absorbers of water. So, make it sure to take a Turkish beach towel with you.

  • Water shoes

Choose the shoes that become grippier when in contact with water. They will give you amazing comfort. Sandals with hard rubber sole are good to wear. They are usually water resistant and give a casual beach look.

  • Travel snacks

You must take travel snacks with you and take with you double the quantity of food than you think is enough for you. As in beach sand is everywhere and it may contaminate some of your food. So, you must have some that you can eat. Moreover, be careful about choosing the food that is okay in the sandy environment and that can be cleaned after getting contaminated.

  • Beach Tent

Spending a vacation on the beach and without any tent sounds a bit strange. If you are planning a beach vacation, you must take a tent with you. The Sun shines very brightly on the beaches from 11 am to 2 pm. You might think of resting on some shady place at those hours. Portable tent is an excellent idea for that purpose. It can also prove to be the best place for taking a nap. It is also a good idea for those who want to enjoy the beach and at the same time want to avoid the Sun. it is also a good option to keep your toddlers in.

  • Portable cooler

On a trip to the beach, you would surely like to enjoy some drinks in the blazing heat of the Sun. In the hot weather, your drinks may heat up after some time. To avoid the situation, you must have a portable cooler or thermos with you to keep your drinks or water cool. A good portable cooler is easy to carry, covers less space and is also waterproof. So, be careful while making a purchase for any portable cooler for taking to the trips.

  • Rashguard

Your skin may get rashes due to salty water, sandy environment, and direct radiation from the Sun. To protect your skin from getting rashes you must have a rash guard with you that you can apply on your skin.

  • Beach blanket

You may think of taking some rest on the beach or taking a nap and you would surely need a beach blanket. That not only looks cute but also protects you from sunlight and breeze.

  • Fishing poles

It sounds too strange that you are on the beach and are not interested in fishing. So, be ready for fishing and don’t forget to take fishing poles with you.

  • Cooking essentials

You are done with fishing and have caught delicious fish. Now, are you going to waste it? Obviously no! So, always remember to take a frying pan and essential spices to fry fish and enjoy it.

  • Anti-bacterial wipes

For maintaining the health of your skin, you must have anti-bacterial wipes to make your skin sterilized of the germs.

  • Money

Imagine, you are on a beach vacation and fell short of money. Sounds hilarious! It may result in ending up the trip. So, to avoid such an unpleasant situation never forget to take sufficient money and your credit card with you.


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  • Hydrate

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate yourself continuously while staying on the beach. The blazing heat of the sun may result in Sunstroke and your trip may end in the hospital. Don’t get frightened. I have a solution. Continuously use water, fresh juices, and juicy fruits to fight against the Sun.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is considered as a wonder plant and is very effective against skin burns. So, to keep the skin safe from sunburns and rashes apply aloe Vera while taking Sun Bath.

  • Insect repellant

Water is considered as the ultimate source of life. So, a lot of creatures are found along the beach. You will observe different insects in almost every inch of sand. Insect bite may be painful and may result in swelling, soreness, and rashes, etc. to avoid this uneasiness. You must have an insect repellant with you. The application of insect repellant on the skin results in keeping such itchy creatures away from the skin.

  • Face mask

It is a good option to apply a face mask for the safety and beauty of your skin. I would recommend you to use a good quality face mask or you may use an organic mask.

  • Sunscreen

To avoid the penetration of harmful ultraviolet and cancer-causing radiation in the skin. It is very important to apply a layer of some lotion or spray that may create a layer above your skin and serves as a barrier for the solar radiation to reach the skin. For this purpose, take good quality and better SPF quality Sunblock with you. Do apply it before the sharp sun rays emerge. I will recommend using some eco-friendly sunblock based on minerals and vitamins that do not contain chemicals that may damage the skin.

  • Hair ties

On a sunny day, long hair may irritate you and cause a warm feeling. So, take with you hair ties with which you can tie your hair after making hair bun.

  • Solar Power bank

You are on a beach and don’t have a reach to the electric circuits so must take with you a solar power bank and regularly charge your gadgets with the help of it.

  • Music system

Music adds to the fun of beach vacation. So, never forget to have a waterproof Bluetooth speaker with you. It is the best companion even if you plan a beach vacation alone. Avoid taking buffers and high volume speakers as it may disturb others.

  • Medicated ointments

Pack some necessary medicated ointments as you may need them to apply on your skin in case of any skin damage, burn, allergy during your visit to the beach.

  • Beach chairs

It is good to take compact beach chairs with you as you may not feel comfortable in sitting down. So, be careful that chairs may not cover more of your packing space. Personally, I would rather suggest taking beach chairs than to simply sit on a sheet on the sand.

  • Sheet

Sometimes, it becomes too heavy to take a beach chair with you. In case, you have another option. Take with you a waterproof portable beach sheet with you. On which you can lay on and take your lunch and you can avoid some sand this way.

  • Book

Alone on a trip and getting a little bored? Do choose some good reads to enjoy the aesthetic scenery of the beach. Books are considered the best companions and they won’t let you feel lonely any more.

  • Makeup

Women and without makeup! Sounds ridiculous.

Take with you some basic makeup products like gloss, blush on, mascara, liner and any other item from makeup that you love to put on.

  • Body lotion

To keep your body moisturized, it is much recommended to take a good body lotion or moisturizer with you.

  • Shampoo

The hotel in which you are staying may not provide the shampoo and conditioner or the one provided by the hotel is not of the brand that you use. To avoid discomfort, take small-sized traveling shampoo and conditioner bottles with you.

  • First aid box

Whenever out on any trip, you must have a mini first aid box with you to avoid discomfort during nonhealthy conditions. Your aid box must have pain killers, cough relieving, antibiotics, bandage, pyridine, and medicine for nausea, diarrhea and a thermometer.

  • Face wash/ moisturizer

Must keep the facewash that suits your skin to keep your skin normal in the harsh environment of the beach. Don’t forget to moisturize your face after every wash.

  • Toothbrush/paste

You must also take your personal toothbrush and the toothpaste that is recommended for your dental health. Don’t forget your teeth while a week out on the beach.

  • Feminine care products

Of the most important items, you must not forget to take feminine care products with you.

  • Important documents

Don’t forget to take with you important documents like visas, licenses, etc. in order to avoid any unpleasant situation you must have proper documents with you.

  • Camera

In this digital age, you cannot stop yourself from capturing the moments and sharing them with your social circle. You would surely like to share the best quality pictures with your dear ones. Taking a good camera is the perfect option to serve the purpose.

Done with packing above mentioned items. Now, get relax and move to your destination. Beautiful moments are waiting for you. Have a good journey and a week-long stay at the beach!

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