What to Put on Outside Steps to Prevent Slipping?

You have come to the right place if you are wondering what to place on your outside steps to prevent slipping.

It is common for your steps to become very wet when it is raining, drizzling, or during the winter months.

When exposed to water, most wood and concrete steps become extremely slippery due to their smooth surfaces.

A slippery outside staircase is not only difficult for you and your family members to navigate, but it is also a safety hazard.

They are a major slipping and sliding hazard that can result in serious injuries, including broken bones, hips, and serious wounds.

I will explain how to prevent outdoor steps from slipping in this article.

What should be put on the outside steps to prevent slipping?

You can prevent slipping by installing a gritted anti-slip traction tape on your outdoor steps to reduce slipping hazards.

The Eden Products Heavy Duty Anti Slip Traction Tape is an excellent example of such a tape, which I have installed on both my indoor and outdoor stairs.

There are many reasons why this anti-slip traction tape is one of the best-selling traction tapes for indoor and outdoor stairs.

Here is a list of all the things you will love about Eden Products Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Traction Tape.

What Can You Do to Make Outdoor Steps Less Slippery?

How do I recommend Eden Products Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Traction Tape?

  •  This tape prevents slipping on outdoor steps and stairs. It does this by utilizing a traction pad made from aluminum oxide, which is 80 grit, that boosts foot traction with a subtle texture. It is traction that keeps you and your family from slipping, especially when your outdoor steps are slick.
  •  Due to the anti-slip traction tape that is water-resistant. It is a very strong traction tape that is completely resistant to water. This is what makes it a perfect choice for placing on outdoor steps. Water resistance also enables the material to remain in place for a long period since it is less susceptible to rotting as a result of prolonged exposure to water.
  • This tape consists of a highly durable triple-layer adhesive, which ensures longevity and does not peel off after only a few days of use. Also, it will not deteriorate after only a short period of use. Many people have praised the product’s durability and its ability to stick to steps or stairs for a very long time. This means that the tape is designed to offer all-around protection against slipping and sliding on steps and stairs.
  • With its three-fold adhesion, the carpet can be firmly and securely attached to your wooden or concrete stairs, thus ensuring durability even in the most severe weather conditions.
  • This tape is extremely simple to install on your outside stairs or indoor steps. You simply cut it into the appropriate size, remove the white paper from the sticky side, and stick and flatten the tape.
  • The price is affordable, which is a great value for money considering how expensive medical bills can be if someone slips and injures themselves
  • If you are not satisfied with the anti-skid traction tape, we will refund your money within 30 days.

How much does Eden Products Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Traction Tape cost and where can I buy it?

It is possible to purchase Eden Products Anti Slip Traction Tape on Amazon at an affordable price.

How to make wooden steps non-slip

If you have wooden outdoor steps, you can prevent them from slipping by installing the Eden Products Anti Slip Traction Tape.

This tape is suitable for both wooden and concrete outdoor steps.

It is by far the easiest and cheapest method for eliminating slipping hazards on your outdoor wooden steps.

However, there is another highly effective alternative.

You can apply a high-quality non-slip coating to wood steps. The Rust-Oleum 271455 Antislip Spray is an example of an antislip coating that I would recommend.

An anti-slip spray provides excellent traction on surfaces by creating a slip-resistant coating.

You can apply it to outside stairs, decks, porches, tile floors, garage floors, ramps, and other surfaces to prevent slipping and sliding.

It can be used indoors and outdoors.

What should be put on the outside of concrete steps to prevent slipping?

I would recommend installing the Eden Products Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Traction Tape on the concrete outside steps as well.

Due to its up to three times stronger adhesion, you do not have to worry about the tape not sticking securely to concrete steps.

As an alternative, you can spray a non-slip coating for concrete, like the Rust-Oleum 271455 Antislip Spray.

These are two of the most effective ways to make outdoor stairs safe.

What should be placed on the outside steps to prevent slipping? The Bottom Line

Non-slip stair treads can provide peace of mind, knowing that everyone in your family is well protected from slippery stairs.

Slippery stairs can be hazardous for any individual. Nevertheless, people with reduced mobility, the elderly, children, and pets are often at greater risk of slipping on wet outdoor steps.

To prevent the possibility of these accidents from occurring, you must take the necessary precautions.

We hope you have now learned what to put on outdoor steps to prevent slipping and keep your family safe.

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