What to Put Under the Dog Crate to Protect Carpet

What should be placed under the dog crate to protect the carpet?

Right after I purchased a high-quality dog crate for my Labrador retriever, I asked myself this question several times.

As it turns out, the dog crate was getting some ugly dents because the crates themselves are very heavy, and when you combine that with the weight of my dog, my carpet was falling apart.

Not to mention that my dog’s urine ended up further damaging my carpet.

The stains and odor were difficult to remove.

It was precisely for this reason that I decided to purchase two items that I am proud to say helped save my beautiful carpet;

  •   The Rocket & Rex Dog Pee Pad
  •   Two, the Midwest Dog Crate Replacement Pan

To protect your beautiful carpet, I will explain to you exactly why you should get these two items.

How to protect the carpet underdog crates

I strongly recommend placing a cage pan under your dog crate to protect your carpet against damage and dog urine.

I also suggest using a dog pad that will hold your dog’s urine and poop, as opposed to letting it spill on your carpet and stain it.

A replacement pan is available for Midwest Homes for Pets Midwest dog crates. The Midwest Homes for Pets Replacement Pan for Midwest Dog Crate is specifically designed to fit Midwest Homes for Pets dog crates. This particular model fits my dog’s crate perfectly.

It is recommended that, if you do not already own a dog crate, you purchase this model from Midwest Homes for Pets;

Why Do I Recommend Rocket & Rex Dog Pee Pads?

There are so many reasons why you should consider buying this cage mat. Here are some of them:

  • Your carpet and floors will be protected from scratches and messes with this dog pad.
  • It is super-absorbent, so it can absorb any water splash, spill, urine, food, or accident.
  • It keeps your dog’s area dry and clean by absorbing spills, therefore keeping him comfortable.
  • It protects hardwood floors from discoloration, mold growth, and mildew.
  • You can also use this dog pad to protect your car seat from messes while riding with your pet
  • This product doubles as a very comfortable pet bed for your dog’s crate or kennel.
  • This mat is designed to fit a wide range of crates and dog kennels.
  • This product is designed to fit perfectly into various dog crates and kennels.
  • Since it is non-slip, it will not cause your dog’s crate to slip.
  • You can also choose from a variety of designs to suit your room’s décor.
  • The mat is easy to clean and dries very quickly.
  • The garment is also machine washable.
  • This mat is lightweight, yet highly durable.
  • It’s completely safe for your dog as it’s non-toxic.
  • It covers the entire surface of the cratwashable
  • The edges won’t curl.
  • You won’t have to worry about it wearing out or tearing anytime soon.
  • It is made of tough polyester material, so your dog will not be able to chew on it.


This cage mat should not be treated with bleach or fabric softener. Coldwater should also be avoided. Only cold water should be used to wash it.

Where can I get this dog pad?

The Rocket & Rex Dog Pee Pad can be purchased directly from Amazon.

As compared to other online retailers, I found it to be significantly more affordable.

In addition, it is quite expensive locally, not to mention difficult to locate.

You can be sure you are purchasing the product directly from the manufacturer or a reputable seller if you purchase it on Amazon.

You are also protected from counterfeit goods by purchasing them on Amazon.

The Rocket & Rex Dog Pee Pad: Things I Didn’t Like

I must state that during the time this dog pad was placed under my dog’s crate, I haven’t seen any issues.

I think it is doing its job fairly well and is holding up well.

Water spills and urine are absorbed well by this product.

Therefore, it provides excellent protection for your carpet or flooring.

It also cleans quite well. There are no stains left behind.

I have been using it for quite a while, and I can attest to the fact that it is authentic.

How Do I Recommend the Midwest Homes for Pets Replacement Pan for the Midwest Dog Crate?

Since it is very effective at protecting your carpet, I recommend the Midwest Homes for Pets Replacement Pan for Midwest Dog Crate.

The pan in question cannot be placed under a dog’s crate.

You should place it inside the crate.

Featuring raised edges, it prevents spills from spreading while protecting your carpets and floors.

Please find the following list of everything I love about the Midwest Homes for Pets Replacement Pan for Midwest Dog Crate;

  • The product helps to contain water spills and urine accidents, thus protecting your carpet and another flooring.
  • It also keeps dog food spills well contained- there are no stains on your carpet.
  • Due to its flexible polypropylene plastic construction, it is also odor-resistant.
  • The crate is easy to clean, as it is designed to slide in and out of the crate for hassle-free cleaning in case an accident occurs.
  • This pan is fully compatible with all Midwest single and double-door metal dog crates.
  • It is durable due to its sturdy construction.
  • You can use it anywhere as a multipurpose dog crate pan in your entryway, closet, mudroom, garage, kitchen, inside your car, in the garden, and other places.
  • You can even let your dog pick up spilled food, and it will be perfectly safe.
  • The 42-inch pan will fit most SUVs or car trunks.

Where can I buy the Midwest Homes for Pets Replacement Pan for the Midwest Dog Crate?

This dog crate pan is available on Amazon.

Plus, you only get to buy the original pan since it comes directly from the manufacturer.

What should I put under a dog crate to protect the carpet?

A dog crate placed directly on the carpet can ruin it very quickly.

Moreover, placing it directly on the carpet exposes it to water, food, and pet accidents.

Your carpet will also wear out faster if you do any of these things.

Put a crate dog pad and a dog crate pan on your carpet to protect it.

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