What Watch Should I Buy Quiz 2022

When it comes to buying watches, a lot of factors jump in to get to the best products.

If you are not sure of the best available features on the market or do not want to deal with them individually, we have you covered.

How Does The Watch Finder Quiz Work?

The prime purpose of this quiz is to find out the features you look forward to having in your new watch. Thereby, the questions asked are basic and straightforward so you do not need any prior knowledge to answer them.

Since our suggestions are entirely based upon your answers, you have to be precise with them. However, you have to be clear when selecting from the given categories. Choose the options that are closest to your requirements.

If you are wondering about the type of questions we’ll ask, then read through the following headings and find out how simple our quiz is.

What Type Of Watch Should I Get?

There are a few different types of watches available in the market. They may vary based upon their build material, dial, the purpose of use, brand, appearance, etc. Based upon the power source we have three categories of watches.

Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches are the oldest type of watches in the category. They function upon several mechanical parts that are put together in an extremely precise manner by highly experienced professionals. This exceptional build justifies their high prices.

Quartz Watches

Another more common and affordable option is a quartz watch. These watches run on a battery that generates electrical impulses for hands to move. You’ll find the models in this category more accurate than any other. Also, they are available in attractive designs and colors. With their wide range of features you’ll not have to compromise on any of the premium features.

Solar Watches

Solar watches make the third category. These are a recent addition to the category that has been initiated by environmentalists. Featuring the newer models and revised functionality these watches are also quite accurate and reliable.

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What Material Of The Watch Is Suitable For Me?

Watches are made out of different materials including steel, gold, metal-plated, carbon, and titanium, etc. Since making jewelry out of metal is a super old concept gold and silver watches too are quite old. However, given their valuable material, they are super expensive and a sign of wealth only because a ten-dollar watch displays at the same time.

Plated watches are the middle ground for people who intend to boost their accessories yet cannot afford to pay for them. These watches are much cheaper than the real gold watches but the gold paint on them gives them a similar appearance.

Steel watches are the most widely used type of watches. They are cheaper and lasting than the above categories. Initiated by Tag Heuer, the titanium and carbon watches are ultra-light and resistant to dents. They are the result of modern engineering and are focused on offering durability and convenience.

You’ll also find tons of plastic watches, mainly designed for kids. However, some well-developed models are also available for adults. They are highly resistant to dents and shocks and are as accurate as any other. Models like Swatch Scuba are plastic watches that are made for high-end performance.

Considering all these features when you are in the market is difficult especially with so many options right in front of you. But you do not have to worry anymore. Save your time and money, by taking our quiz and instantly finding out the best watch to buy for your budget.

Which Watch Should I Buy After The Quiz?

Once you have answered all the questions on the quiz, we’ll take you to our recommendations page. There you’ll find the most recommended products our algorithm had found for you from the quiz. You can read through their information and compare the products to find the one that best meets your needs.

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