What would make you want to download YouTube videos?

A person may wish to download videos for a variety of reasons, for example:

  • By downloading YouTube videos in advance, you can view them offline even when you do not have Internet access on your smartphone or laptop
  • The YouTube video will remain on your computer even if it is deleted for some reason.

Although YouTube videos can be downloaded illegally through third party apps, if you are downloading the video for your own offline use, it should be okay, and it is not just possible through Youtube servers.

This article will provide information on several video downloader programs that should assist you in downloading YouTube videos easily.

We demonstrate the use of the below-mentioned applications on Windows, but several of them can also be downloaded to mobile devices.

You can download videos from YouTube using the following apps and software:

It is possible to convert HD videos using WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

You can utilize it to convert video, create slideshows, edit videos, and download YouTube videos.

In addition to transcoding videos into any format, this program is capable of handling videos in 4K resolution as well. Despite the fact that it is not free, it is very useful.

1. Download and install this application

2. Activate the license by entering the license key. Upon successful registration, you will be notified.

3. Navigate to the Youtube icon within the software.

4. Enter the YouTube video address in the address bar by copying and pasting it. Press the “Analyze” button to proceed.

5. Wait until it analyzes all the resolutions you can download. Choose a file that you find right, and click on the “OK” button.

6. Choose the device for which the file should be converted. For example, for an Android device.

7. Make your selection based on the brand of your mobile phone, then select the quality level (LQ or HQ) of the video. Finally, press the “OK” button.

8. After that, click on the “Run” button located in the lower right corner.

9. Wait for the video to be downloaded before converting it.

The second method involves using a 4K video downloader

1. Get this video downloader app and install it on your Windows device. In addition to downloading videos in 2D, it can also download videos in 3D.

2. Choose the YouTube video that you wish to download from Youtube

3. You can obtain the link to the video by clicking the “Share” button.

4. Select the video link in the pop-up window and copy it.

5. Click on the “Paste link” button on the 4K Video Downloader app

6. Once the file has been pasted, the application will close. The video will need some time to be processed.

7. When the popup window appears, you will be asked about the quality options and the destination of the video file, then click the “Download” button. If you choose to download in the highest quality, keep in mind that it will take more time and will occupy more space.

8. As soon as the video is downloaded, it will appear in the 4k Video Downloader application

(without BlueStacks) Method 3: TubeMate

A YouTube downloader that works on both Windows and iOS is available.

There is a problem that this application cannot be downloaded from Google Play Store, so you must allow your phone to download and run applications from outside of Google Play Store (Go to settings). This downloader can be found on AndroidBlue and downloaded as a zip file.

1. Download the Nox App Player from your web browser

2. Next, download the TubeMate application

3. Wait until Nox has been installed on your Windows computer

4. To install TubeMate, drag and drop it into the Nox window

5. Open TubeMate after it has been installed

6. Click on the three lines on the upper left side of the page

7. From the drop-down menu, select YouTube and click it

8. Select a YouTube video you would like to download and open it, then click on the download button

9. You are presented with a window allowing you to select the video quality. After selecting the appropriate quality, click on the red download button once more.

10. If you click on the framed button, you can see the percentage of the video still to be downloaded.

Using KeepVid Pro as the fourth method

1. Run the KeepVid Pro application

2. Copy the YouTube video’s URL from a browser

3. Paste the video URL into KeepVid

4. Select the quality of the video on YouTube

5. Wait until the YouTube video has been downloaded by the program

6. The video file is stored in the “KeepVid Pro Downloaded” folder once it has been successfully downloaded

The fifth method is to use VLC media player

1. Obtain a copy of VLC Media Player

2. Find a YouTube video and copy the URL

3. Start the VLC media player

4. Click “Open Network Stream” in the “Media” menu.

5. Paste the URL in the field and click “Play”

6. Click the “Play” button.

7. Once the video has begun playing, click on “Tools” -> “Media Information.”

8. In the “Location” box, copy the URL.

9. Next, return to your browser and paste the copied URL (a temporary address that will expire) into the address bar.

10. You must wait until a pop-up window appears before clicking the “Start Download” button. Once the pop-up appears, you will see the location where the video file will be saved.

11. Watch the YouTube video until it has been downloaded

There is a limit to the number of YouTube videos you can download using this method, but you can only download them one at a time.

YMP4 (online program) is the sixth method.

1. Open your browser and type YMP4 into the search box.

2. The following window will appear, in which you must copy and paste the Youtube video link, followed by a click on “GO”.

3. You will be able to select a resolution in the next window when it appears.

Choose the most suitable image for you, and then click “Download”.

4. The video will appear on a temporary page, where you should start playing it and then click on the three dots. Click on “Download” to download the video.

The seventh method is to install Youtube Video Downloader (a Chrome plugin/extension).

1. Locate “addoncrop” in your browser’s search bar

2. Download the YouTube Video Downloader by selecting the first option.

3. Select your preferred browser from the list presented in the window that appears. The browser will now be downloaded.

4. When the download is complete, open the downloaded files. Using the right-mouse button, select the Youtube Video Downloader icon and select “Extract all”.

5. The three dots in the upper right corner of your browser can be found by opening your browser. Select “More tools”, followed by “Extensions”.

6. Ensure that “Developer mode” is selected and click on the “Load unpacked extension” button.

Click on the “OK” button after selecting the YouTube video downloader file.

7. The extension has been downloaded. The AddonCrop website will indicate that it has successfully been installed.

8. Select a video on YouTube. On the right hand side of the page, you will see the Download button. Click on it to select the quality.

The 8th method involves using a screen recorder (FonePaw)

You can record your screen in several ways using this program. For example, you can record the audio only or record part of the screen with the lock window feature.

The selected recording area does not move regardless of how the browser is moved.

Let me now demonstrate how to record a YouTube full-screen video with audio using the easiest method. The free trial allows you to record up to 3 minutes from each video, but you can upgrade to the premium version to record longer videos.

1. Install the FonePaw Screen Recorder software on your computer.

2. Select the Video Recorder in the program.

3. Click on the YouTube video you wish to record. Click on the pause button to begin recording.

4. Select the “Full Screen” option in the FonePaw application.

5. You may then begin recording.

6. Switch to full screen and do not move the mouse.

7. Video recordings can be viewed back and saved.

8. Choose the location of the video file by clicking on the “Next” button in the window that appears.

9. In the next window, click on “Continue to save” and wait for the video to be saved.

Using YouTube Premium as Method 9

You can easily download Youtube videos if you have a YouTube Premium subscription.

1. Click on the “Download” button on the video you would like to download.

2. Select the video quality from the resulting window.

3. Wait for the analysis to complete before selecting the most appropriate option from the provided options. After clicking “Download”, you will be redirected to the next page.

4. You will see the video in the “Downloads” folder after the video has been fully downloaded.

We used the latest version of the apps to create these step-by-step guides.

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