What you need to know about Reddit: The Official App

Reddit has finally released a mobile app, and it’s been downloaded by more than 100 million people in just four days. The new feature allows users to browse through posts or create their own while on the go!

As of today, Alien Blue has been removed from the Apple store and is no longer an official third-party browser app. This means that Redditors will now have access to their favorite features through our newly acquired official application!

Have you ever noticed how some apps have really boring layouts? I’m not saying that this one is going to be any different, but at least there are no more ads!

I love Reddit because they post all kinds of cool things. One day my friend sent me an interesting article about aliens’ doorway found in New Mexico – it had pictures inside so facepalm macro’d out.

The best thing about using this app over pulling Reddit up in your browser is how much easier it becomes to navigate between pages and posts. Selecting individual items, like photos or comments, for example, are easy because they’re granted more room with only one tap needed before you can view them whereas browsing through different Cinderellas was a little tricky at first but after getting used to its interface everything became clearer very quickly!

The app is intuitive and easy to use. It has two different types of view: card for browsing through posts in a particular section, or compact if you want quick access across all your content at once without having to browse every single page individually like before

The new upload option makes it much quicker than using alien blue’s night mode which I enjoy because it’s brighter during the day but still dark enough when I’m trying to watch tv late into the evening.

The app is designed to make your browsing more efficient. With a single tap, the new speed read button allows you quickly navigate between each post in an interview or chain without having reply links shoot up one after another on screen; this means less time wasted waiting for things that aren’t important at all! There are also some fun design Easter eggs scattered throughout (like someone who looks like me).

If you’re looking for an app that gives your browsing experience the best of both worlds then look no further. The official Reddit app has been designed to be efficient and fast while also being simple enough so it doesn’t get in anyone’s way – even when they are scrolling through their feed on mobile devices!

Reddit has released an app on the iOS store that gives users access to its premium service for free! If you sign into this new application with your account, Reddit Gold will be included in addition to three months of features.

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