Wheeleez Heavy Duty Beach Cart Review 2022

In today’s world, we all become very tired after doing our regular job, business, or any work that is the center of our activities. So, we need to relax. And, for this purpose, visiting a nearby or even distant beach site can’t be a bad idea. Right! But, for letting this happen, you need a vacation and some of your favorite goods to take with yourself on a beach so that you could fully enjoy your free time. Isn’t it!

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Wheeleez Heavy Duty Beach Cart Review

We want to bring your attention to a great beach cart that could make your day really very good at the seaside. That is a Wheeleez beach cart. And, we’ve reviewed this wagon to tell you why it is important for your trip to the shore. Some of our analytical points are:

Weight capacity and item weight:

The weight capacity of our cart is 220 pounds. So, you could store whatever you want within this weight limit like coolers, umbrellas, chairs, and picnic equipment. Hmm, the capacity of this item is interesting despite its being low weight or only 29 Ibs. Great! Isn’t it!

Foldable nature:

This orange and gray-colored cart is foldable by nature. You could easily fold and unfold this wagon within seconds. Its kickstand and handlebar fold and unfold comfortably. We want to show you its folded/collapsed figure as well. Just have a look at the picture below:




This wagon is very portable due to its very low weight and foldable nature. Its wheels and axles are removable. You might place them in the cart’s inner boundary. And, the cart will cover less space in its collapsed form as a result. So, you’ll feel extremely easy while adjusting this cart with other items in your car’s trunk to go to the beach. Cool! Don’t you feel so!


The design of this item resembles a light sand pail that’s used in sand games at the beaches. Not bad! Isn’t it!

Structural and additional features:

This wagon has no fabric. Its frame is made of marine-grade anodized aluminum with stainless steel hardware. And, its balloon-shaped wheels are composed of Polyurethane (WZ1-42UC). Then, this cart also has a heavy-duty mesh beach bag as an extra feature. Hmm, sounds good! Right!

Pull handle:

This trolley has a standard long, strong, and adjustable pull handle for its users. In this way, you might easily carry and store this cart anywhere. Isn’t it!

Now, let’s inform you about the pros and cons of Wheeleez beach cart that are:

10Expert Score

And, the special feature of the Wheeleez beach cart is that it has a high load capacity despite having low weight. Then, its overall rating is 4+ stars on Amazon at present. It means that most of its buyers remain satisfied with the product. Isn’t the rating score notable!

  • The weight capacity of this wagon is high enough or 220 Ibs.
  • It has a high-density Polyethylene tub that is highly durable.
  • It is highly portable for being carried or moved to the beach easily due to its foldable nature and low weight.
  • It has an adjustable and reliable pull handle for users.
  • Its frame is made of standard marine-grade anodized aluminum with stainless steel hardware.
  • The cart’s balloon-shaped wheels are composed of some quality material, Polyurethane (WZ1-42UC).
  • It has a heavy-duty mesh beach bag as an extra feature.
  • We found only one con after much analysis. This product is expensive as compared to similar products in the market.

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