When Does Apple Music Charge Your Card?

You’ve signed up for Apple Music and have everything set up for your subscription.

You’ve entered your payment information and are ready to start the process.

But, on what day of the month does Apple Music charge you for your subscription?

It’s possible that you overlooked that critical piece of information when you signed up.

In what period of time does Apple Music charge your credit card?

It is possible that you will not see a charge on your bank account for a few days after signing up for an Apple Music subscription. From that point on, you will be billed on the same day of each month going forward. If Apple decides to bundle your charge into a group of monthly subscription fees, that will be the only way things will change.

However, unless there is a free trial period involved, Apple will charge your credit card right away or within a few days of your signing up for the service.

Assuming you aren’t subscribed to an absurd number of different things through Apple’s platform.

This was something I discovered after piling on the subscriptions (Can you blame me?). Apple will do everything they can to combine your purchases into a single monthly bill (because there is so much to buy on Apple!).

To avoid being charged for multiple subscriptions that are being grouped together, you should check your bill to see if any charges appear to be suspiciously high.

You should receive an email with a detailed breakdown of the charges, as well as an itemised statement.

In this case, the only drawback is that your charges may not be grouped together if you are located in European Union.)

If you have recently added someone to a Family Sharing Group or updated your billing information, you may also notice a small amount listed as a pending charge. This is most likely a temporary authorization for the amount listed.

This usually occurs within a short period of time after doing so.

Now, if you sign up for a subscription today, you will be charged for your subscription fee one month later, on the same day.

However, that is only for a single subscription, which is why things can become so utterly befuddled at times.

In this section, we’ll go over exactly when Apple Music will charge your credit card for your monthly subscription, as well as what to expect if you have multiple subscriptions active at the same time with the company.

What is the day of the month on which Apple Music bills you?

Assume you sign up on the 20th of January.

The first charge will be applied to your account on January 20.

After that, you will be charged for your monthly subscription on the 20th of each month.

It is possible that you will be charged a day late, but most of the time, charges will be applied immediately.

If you see a charge on your account that you don’t recognise, check your email to see if your itemised statement has been bundled together; multiple subscriptions may have been bundled together into a single monthly lump sum charge.

How long does it take for Apple Music to charge your account?

Apple Music will frequently charge your credit card within the first day or two of adding a subscription to your account.

This covers you for the first month that you use the product.

Following that, Apple will typically charge you on the same day of each month to keep your monthly subscription active and active.

What is the best way to find out when my Apple Music bill is due?

By going to Settings > (Your Name) > Subscriptions, you can see when your subscriptions are due to be charged each month and make changes as necessary.

You will be presented with a list of currently active subscriptions.

Your subscription status will be displayed, along with information about the plan type and when the next billing date is scheduled to occur.

For example, let’s pretend I’m checking the status of my Apple Music subscription.

I’ll go to my list of active subscriptions and look for the billing date next to the Apple Music app’s icon in the list of active subscriptions.

If I decide I want to change plans, I can do so by clicking on the arrow next to the subscription and browsing through the available plans.

In order to cancel, I simply need to scroll down to the bottom and select ‘Cancel Subscription’ from the drop-down menu.

And even if I were to cancel my subscription right now, I’d still be able to access my content until the date on which the next monthly bill is scheduled to be charged to my credit card.

Which payment method will be used to process the transaction?

Apple will first use any available balance on your Apple ID to cover any outstanding balance.

However, if there isn’t enough (or anything at all) to cover it, Apple will charge your primary payment method for the difference.

This method can be found in the ‘Payment & Shipping’ section of your phone’s Settings menu.

In order to move another payment method to the top of the list, you must first select it from the drop-down menu.

If your primary payment method is unable to be charged for any reason, Apple will attempt to charge your other payment methods.

It will attempt each payment method in the order in which they appear on your payment methods list.

If none of them are able to be charged, Apple may attempt to charge them later.

If Apple has attempted to contact you multiple times without success, you will most likely receive a message.

How do I know which purchases will not be charged against my Apple ID balance?

Some purchases will not be charged to your Apple ID balance because they are made through third-party vendors.

For example, if you participate in a Family Sharing group, your purchases will be charged to your personal Apple ID balance instead of your credit card.

The remainder of your balance will be charged to the family organiser if you do not have enough money on your account to pay for that purchase.

In addition, there are some subscriptions that will not be charged to your Apple ID balance if you cancel them.

Apple Music, on the other hand, is one of the subscriptions that will automatically charge your credit card unless you specify a different preferred payment method.

What will happen if none of my payment methods are able to be processed successfully?

It is possible that none of your payment methods will be able to be used to pay for your Apple Music subscription, in which case your account will show a negative balance.

This will prevent you from being able to update your apps or make additional purchases through Apple’s website.

Before you can start shopping again, you’ll need to pay off your outstanding balance on your account.

Lastly, some final thoughts

Apple makes it simple to pay for a monthly subscription to Apple Music through their website.

In addition to the various subscription types available, there is an option to only pay once per year for either the Individual or Family subscription if you don’t want to deal with a monthly bill.

Simply ensure that you have the correct payment method set up and that you have sufficient funds to ensure that each monthly subscription is taken out on time.


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