Where Do I Plug in Headphones on My iPad

You’ve definitely noticed that iPad Pros from the third generation, released in October 2018, later lack a headphone port. The newest iPad Air and Mini devices are the same.

So, where do I connect my iPad’s headphones? You’ll need a headphone jack dongle if you have headphones with a 3.5 mm audio connection. A dongle is an adaptor that connects to your iPad’s charging port. Wireless headphones or headphones with a USB-C connector instead of a 3.5 mm headphone port are other alternatives.

To comprehend your iPad’s headphone plug-in possibilities, you must first determine which iPads lack a headphone jack connector and what type of charging port your iPad has.

Connector Ports for iPad

The decisions Apple takes when switching from one model to the next appear to have no rhyme or reason. The iPad has seen a few hardware modifications over the years, one of which impacts how you connect in headphones.

Here’s all you need to know about how to connect headphones to your iPad for each model.

Models of iPad in 2021

iPad Pro 12.9″ 5th Generation, iPad Pro 11″ 3rd Generation, normal iPad 9th Generation, and iPad Mini 6th Generation are among the 2021 iPad models.

You’re in luck if you have a normal iPad 9th generation. It’s the only iPad model from 2021 that still has a headphone jack. You’ll need a headphone jack dongle for the rest of them.

A USB-C charging connector is standard on all iPad models in 2021. A short search on Amazon will find hundreds of dongles with different connection adapter possibilities. For connecting your headphones to your iPad, any of these with a headphone port would suffice.

Models of iPad in 2020

iPad Pro 12.9″ 4th Generation, iPad Pro 11″ 2nd Generation, standard iPad 8th Generation, and iPad Air 4th Generation are among the 2020 iPad models.

The only 2020 model having a headphone jack, like the 2021 versions, is the standard iPad 2020. The standard iPad in 2020 is the eighth version.

The identical USB-C ports that operate with the 2021 model iPads also function with the others in 2020.

Models of iPad in 2019

Regular iPad 7th Generation, iPad Air 3rd Generation, and iPad Mini 5th Generation are among the 2019 iPad models.

All iPads released in 2019 feature a headphone jack connector (notice that the iPad Pro did not receive a new model in 2019), so you may use your 3.5 mm headphone jack to connect directly to the device.

Although you don’t need a dongle to connect your headphones to the 2019 iPads, it’s worth noting that they all include a USB-C charging connector. If you want to share music with someone else, you may buy a USB-C headphone jack dongle to plug into the second set of headphones.

Models of iPad in 2018

The iPad Pro 12.9″ 3rd Generation, iPad Pro 11″ 1st Generation, and standard iPad 6th Generation are among the 2018 iPad models.

For the iPad Pros, here is when things began to shift. Since 2018, all iPad Pros have been sold without a headphone jack connection. The normal iPad 6th generation, on the other hand, has a headphone jack port.

A USB-C charging connector is included in all of these 2018 models. You may also use any USB-C dongle to connect your headphones to them. This is the first year that Apple has switched from a lightning charging connector to a USB-C charging port.

Models of iPad in 2017

A headphone jack connection is standard on all iPads released in 2017 or earlier. If you have one of these older devices, you should be able to use the 3.5 mm headphone port to connect directly to it.

These earlier iPads use a lightning charging port as a charging connection. If you wish to attach a second set of headphones to it, dongles are available.

On the iPad, a Quick-Reference Guide for Headphone Connections

Headphone Jack Charging Port Type iPad Model
No USB-C All newer than 2018 2020 iPad Pro iPad Air, Generation 42021 iPad Mini, Generation 6
Yes USB-C All normal iPads from 2018 and newer will be available in 2019. iPad Air, 3rd Generation 2019 iPad Mini, 5th Generation
Yes Lightning iPads from 2017 and before, in any form

Final Thoughts on Connecting Your Headphones to Your iPad

Keeping up with all the changes Apple makes with new device evolutions may be challenging. People had to get used to the fact that Apple’s iPads and iPhones didn’t have headphone jack connectivity. It’s even more perplexing because earlier generations of these gadgets are still in use, so you’ll need to be attentive in learning about the functions of your individual device.

The good news is that technology companies are quick to adapt to Apple’s adjustments. Adapters or workarounds for almost every update the device is capable of being easy to come by. When it comes to connecting headphones to iPads, you’ll be pleasantly pleased by the variety of solutions available.

Dongles come in a variety of sizes and forms. They’re available for both USB-C and lightning connections. Some come with dual adaptors, for headphones and a charging port, or different combinations of adaptors, in addition to headphone jack adaptors.

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