Where Do Zoom Screenshots Go On Mac?

Zoom is now one of the most popular programs for meeting online for school, business, telehealth, and more.

Apart from being friendly, I also enjoy being able to take screenshots of meetings.

On a Mac, it is simple to take a screenshot, but where does the image go? I will show you where it is stored.

Zoom Screenshots on Mac: Where Are They Stored?

The location of Zoom screenshots on your Mac differs depending on how they are captured. It will be saved in the “Pictures” folder when you use Mac’s native snipping tool. In order to save a screenshot, you must use Zoom’s screenshot tool. The screenshot will be stored by default in the “Zoom” folder.

It is simple and straightforward to capture a screenshot with the Mac, and you can also do so directly from Zoom.

In order to find the method that is most suitable for you, I will instruct you on how to use these different techniques.

Screenshot tool for Mac

Most people are unaware that the Mac OS comes with a native screenshot tool.

As a result, taking screenshots of any area on your computer screen is very simple.

Even though this will be discussed during a Zoom meeting, you can use it at any time.

I have done this on many occasions in order to capture and save interesting images that would otherwise be difficult to download or capture.

Furthermore, you have a choice of two different methods to choose from. They are both easy to use.

Capture the complete screen

It is also possible to capture the entire screen with a single command if your Zoom window occupies the entire screen, or if you do not wish to capture only part of the screen.

The screenshot tool on the Mac is not a traditional program.

It is not covered by any program. A keyboard command is used instead.

Press and hold the “Command” button for approximately 5 seconds and then press and hold the “Shift” key for approximately 5 seconds

It will take a screenshot when you press the “3” key.

Upon successful completion, your screen should briefly flash, and an audible shutter sound should be heard.

The screenshot was taken by you.

A continuous screenshot can be taken easily.

Hold Command and Shift while you are performing this action.

If you press the “3” key repeatedly, a new screenshot will be taken.

Capture a particular section of the report

You can also use a different keyboard shortcut if you wish to capture only a portion of the screen.

There is only one key difference between this shortcut and the other.

Hold down the Command and Shift keys.

After pressing the “4” button, you will be directed to the next screen. Your mouse cursor will change to a plus sign on this screen.

It is now possible to capture a screenshot in two different ways.

Press the “Space” key on your keyboard if you would like to capture an entire window.

You may now click the window you wish to capture.

When the screenshot has been successfully captured, you will hear the sound of the camera shutter.

Other options include clicking and dragging. You can create a box with this option.

The Zoom window should be displayed in the box.

You will be able to capture the contents of the box when you release your mouse button.

Where are Mac screen shots stored?

Where is the screenshot that you took with the Mac keyboard shortcut for Zoom saved? It is easily accessible.

You can do this by navigating to your Pictures directory.

You can access this folder in many ways, but the easiest is to select the “Home” section from the top menu. The Pictures folder will be displayed there.

Zooming in to take screenshots

Zoom has its own built-in tool for taking screenshots, but many people are unaware of it.

Every time you attend a Zoom meeting, you will see the bright red “Record” button, but that only records video.

Despite the fact that this option is usually hidden, you can easily take screenshots by pressing a different keyboard shortcut.

There are only a few buttons you need to push.

Permissions may be altered

Before you can take a screenshot, you must first change the software permissions.

Although some people claim that this works without changing the permissions, I wish to assure you that this is possible without any difficulties.

If you click the apple icon and select “System Preferences,” you will need to select “Security and Privacy” and then “Privacy.” This will display a list of all the programs that are currently running on your system.

Zoom can be found by searching for it.

This will allow you to change the permissions.

Verify that the video and image recording settings are enabled.

In the absence of this setting, you will not be able to capture screenshots.

Commands for zooming using the keyboard

Taking a screenshot is now possible. Please join the meeting in Zoom.

It is possible to create a meeting and be the only person in attendance, or you may join an active meeting with others.

Regardless of how the command is executed, it will work.

You can do this by holding down the Command button on your keyboard.

After pressing the “T” button, you will need to exit.

Once this button is pressed, a screenshot will be captured.

Holding Command and pressing T will allow you to take continuous screenshots.

The T key will take a screenshot each time you press it.

Identifying the Zoom Screenshots

If you know where to look, you can easily locate these screenshots.

It is recommended that the screenshots be stored in the Zoom folder.

The Applications folder can be accessed by visiting the Home window and selecting the Applications tab.

Folders are usually arranged alphabetically, so this one will probably be found at the bottom.

The location in which screenshots are saved can also be changed.

Changing the default folder where screenshots are stored can be accomplished by entering the Zoom settings.

Alternatively, you may opt to place them on your desktop, in the Pictures folder, or in Downloads.

Shortcuts that can be changed

If you use a browser, you may also be using this shortcut to open new tabs.

As long as Zoom is enabled in the shortcut, screenshots will be taken whenever Zoom is open.

The Zoom setting can be adjusted from the Zoom menu.

Zoom should be closed whenever you browse if you do not wish to use it.

Otherwise, you may need to take a screenshot when you intend to open a new tab.

Changing the keyboard shortcut can be done to suit your preferences, however I prefer to do so in order to simultaneously open new tabs on my browser.

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