Where is the alarm clock icon on the iPhone X, iPhone XS or iPhone XR?

The little clock icon that shows me my alarm is set is gone! Where’d it go?

iPhones used to have this nifty little clock icon that would appear in the upper right-hand corner whenever you set an alarm. It was like your phone knew how important it is to everything on time!

The notch is a problem for those who love the iPhone’s home screen. With it, space in the upper reaches of your phone was reduced and now you have to choose which icons are most important on there – like an alarm clock!

But, don’t worry! You can still see that little alarm clock indicator to assure you’ve set the alarm. All just one extra step away from being absolutely certain of waking up in time for your morning commitments

Swipe down from the top right of the screen to bring up the Control Center to check your alarm clock. If you have set alarms and seen a little icon just left of battery indicator for it.”

Whenever you’re wondering how much battery power remains on your iPhone, just glance at the bottom left corner. You’ll see a small percentage indicator that tells what it is currently doing and whether or not there are any problems with recharging – all in one place!

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