Why Can’t I Leave or Delete a Person from a Group Message?

iOS 8 has been released with many exciting features, but one that is receiving mixed reviews among users is group messages. Some say it’s easy to leave or delete an individual from a conversation when there are four+ people involved; however, others report very difficulty in doing so- even if they’re trying really hard! We’ll explore how this works below…

You can also leave a group message by tapping the “details” button in your thread and selecting either ‘do not disturb’ or to leave altogether.

The “Leave this conversation” panel must appear in red for it to work. If there are not enough people talking, then the option will be grey, and can’t leave until four other participants agree that they want out as well!

I Leave or Delete a Person from a Group Message

Why can’t I delete a person from a group message?

You can only remove a person from the group if you added them. To delete an individual user go to their profile and swipe left on any name like for deleting emails – this will bring up a red “Delete” button that needs tapping twice before it actually disappears!

Why am I still receiving messages from a group conversation when I hit the “Do Not Disturb” button?

iOS 8 users are reporting that they’re constantly receiving messages even after enabling Do Not Disturb in their settings, which seems to be causing problems for some people who don’t use iMessage. If one person on your block is sending emails or texts through Android instead of iPhones and iPads then you will keep getting his/her communications without realizing it because by tradition Apple only blocks these types of notifications from reaching those with an iPhone registered under “DoNotDisturbe.” You might want to consider using the option Leave This Conversation if this happens so as not to become frustrated!

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