Why Clear Out Carpet Beetles At The Earliest?

Carpet beetles are very common pests found in our house. They hide inside our carpets, bedsheets, or wall cracks. If they outgrow in number, removing them can be very difficult. As carpet beetles lay eggs and breed very fast, you must take essential steps to remove them as early as possible.

What are the damages caused by carpet beetles?

What are the damages caused by carpet beetles

Carpet beetles are very small insects. Adult beetles can fly as well. You must be wondering how far these tiny creatures can damage your house! Underestimating their abilities will be your biggest mistake. These little beasts can wreak havoc on your life. Though they do not bite us, they are big eaters. 

A carpet beetle eats whatever comes in its way. They are not at all picky when it comes to chewing household things. Here is a list of things carpet beetles damage :

  • Clothes

The best food for carpet beetles is fine clothing. They will chew every piece of fabric inside your house and make visible holes. As a result, your wardrobe will look like a nightmare. Apart from clothing, they will also damage your curtains, furniture covers, woolen outfits, silk material, sofas, and chairs cushions. 

The worst thing about carpet beetles is, they lay eggs inside the fabric, and the larva also damages your clothes. As these are very small in size and reside inside the fabric, detecting them becomes very tough. Only after doing visible damage, we find the infestation, but it is too late. 

  • Bedding

If you are not careful, your bed will be full of carpet beetles. Beds are their favorite hiding place. They go inside the bed mattress and start breeding. Thus, your mattress will be hollow and torn from inside without your notice. Removing carpet beetles from bedding is also tough and tricky. Most of us damage the bedding materials in this process.

  • Food items

Food crumbles attract carpet beetles. Adult beetles can even fly to any open food source and contaminate the food item. For a constant food supply, beetles prefer to lay their eggs near an available food source. That is why we can often see beetles near our kitchen counter, sink, and dustbin. They feed on our leftovers and thrive in the dirt. 

If you have an uncontrollable carpet beetle infestation in your house, taking professional help is your only option. The sooner you take steps to control them, the better it is. You can contact Yale Pest for their pest removal services. If you hire them, the professionals will visit your house and make it pest-proof.

  • Carpets

As the name suggests, carpet beetles mainly reside under our carpets. Without deep cleaning, you cannot remove them along with their eggs. They munch on the carpet material and stay hidden inside the fabric. As a result, your carpet looks old and damaged.

  • Furniture

Apart from fabrics, the second favorite thing of carpet beetles is household furniture. They love to gnaw at wooden furniture and make holes in it. They use these holes as their living, breeding, and hiding place. 

If carpet beetles infest your house, you will see wood dust under your furniture or chew marks on every corner of your upholstery. They damage every furniture piece from the inside out, and eventually, you have to throw that furniture away.

  • Beetle eggs

Beetle eggs and beetle larva are very harmful to our household. They hide inside our clothing, beddings, carpets, and furniture. Detecting those eggs is almost impossible. So, you must remove the adult carpet beetles before they start breeding. 

  • Skin problems

Beetles do not bite us, but they cause different skin problems. The skin allergies look like the swelling we get after bed bug bites, but they are different. It will cause skin irritation, swelling, redness, and itchiness. Sometimes, they cause some serious other skin problems.

  • Human hair

The most surprising thing about carpet beetles is, they chew human hair. So, if they are inside your bed, they may cut strands of your hair while you are sleeping at night. And this is what you will never want, isn’t it?


These are some of the harmful effects of carpet beetles. They infest our house very quickly and make it their permanent residence. Dark corners and damp rooms are their favorite. They are very tiny, so they can enter our home through small cracks and holes. Keeping all our rooms clean is the best way to get rid of carpet battles. While cleaning, you need to follow the safety guidelines to stop any future infestation. 

Moreover, you need to check your house thoroughly at least once a week to detect the signs of early beetle infestation. If the infestation at your place is out of your control, then call the professionals immediately. They will remove the whole colony of carpet beetles and make your house 100% hygienic.

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