Why Do PS5 Controllers Get Dirty?

In the unlikely event that you are anything like me, your Dual Sense controller is always in your hands. In the evenings, on weekends, or whenever you have a spare moment, you can grab that controller and game away from the stresses of the day. In addition, as you are probably aware, these controllers tend to become dirty very quickly.

The PS5 was introduced to the market in November of 2020, offering several significant improvements over the PS4.

The PS5 was equipped with an AMD Zen 2-based CPU and custom RDNA 2 GPU (which offers over 10.28 TFLOPs of processing power) which is a dramatic improvement over the PS4.

As a result, the PS4’s memory was doubled.

A major upgrade to the PS5 is the upgrade to a solid-state drive (SSD) rather than the PS4’s slow and outdated hard drive.

Furthermore, the PS5 is capable of playing 4K Blu-ray discs.

The controllers have also been updated by Sony. Gone are the Dual Shock 4 controllers that were included with the PS4.

Despite its heavier weight (9.9 ounces versus 7.4 ounces), the Dual Sense controller offers a greater array of features.

With its haptic feedback, built-in microphone, adaptive triggers, touchpad, and motion controls, the Dual Sense is a vast improvement over other gaming systems for more competitive gamers.

However, as others have noted in discussion forums, the PS5 controllers are much easier to become dirty than their predecessors.

What are the reasons for this? Can’t they be easily maintained? Are they so prone to accumulating dust? Why, oh why, do they accumulate dust like nobody’s business?

How Does the PS5 Controller Become Dirty?

Dual Sense, the controller of the PS5, features a textured surface that traps dirt and dust. On the white areas of the body, you will notice a significant amount of dirt. Even when you wash your hands before handling the controller, your hands will transfer a lot of dirt and grime to the white areas.

What is the reason that dust is a problem with the PS5 and its controllers? Are there any explanations for why controllers accumulate so many black marks that are difficult to remove? What are the best methods for removing them?

Could you please tell me whether there is an all-black controller available for the PS5? Please continue reading below to learn how to care for your dirty, dusty, and disgusting (but oh-so-fun) PS5 Dual Sense controller.

Dust is a concern for the PlayStation 5?

Did you ever ask yourself, “Why does my controller continually get dirty?dirty?dirty? Yes, I did as well.

And not only my controller, but also the body of my PlayStation 5 console! There is no unusual situation where dust accumulates within a short period. Nonetheless, the amount of dust is excessive.

You should not experience too many problems with dust on the body of your PlayStation 5 if you stay vigilant in cleaning it.

There is just no benefit to it getting inside and accumulating on the internal components of the console.

Why does my Dual Sense controller appear to have black marks?

It has been reported that many users have observed black marks on their Dual Sense controllers.

Scuff marks may be caused by the controller being dropped or bumped up against another hard surface.

Although you might not notice the black marks at the time, they will appear later on the body of the white human.

Scuff marks will appear more noticeable on a white body as opposed to a dark-colored controller body.

What can be done to remove the black on the PS5 controller?

I recommend Goo Gone as a method for removing these black marks from your controller.

As players like myself have discovered, this adhesive remover can also be used to remove the black marks from these controllers. If you have messy toddlers, I strongly recommend Goo Gone. Just saying.

What is the best way to remove dirt from a PlayStation 5 controller?

Getting dirt and dust off of a PS5 controller requires some elbow grease, as my grandmother used to say – meaning, you will be using some force.

Water is not as effective as a solution based on isopropyl alcohol, so grab some alcohol wipes or an alcohol-based solution.

Additionally, they are not as likely to cause damage to electrical equipment.

Cotton swabs are useful for cleaning difficult-to-reach areas.

A credit card or something similarly slender and hard can also be used to remove stuck-on dirt.

Additionally, you may want to purchase rubber grips for your controller and keep it in a clean environment.

What is the purpose of ordering a controller cover?

To prevent dirt and dust from collecting on their controllers, many users are buying covers for them.

These skins are available in a range of colors and patterns, so you can choose a darker tone that will not show those hideous scuff marks.

Even though they are somewhat difficult to put on, they are helpful when it comes to both aesthetics and cleanliness.

Furthermore, they are reasonably priced at approximately $10 each.

Why does Sony not make its PS5 controller all black?

Sony released the Midnight Black edition of the Dual Sense controller after enough people complained about the black marks.

With a dark blue backlight, these marks will not be visible on this all-black controller.

I would choose the Midnight Black edition over the standard controller if I had to choose.

It will cost the same as the basic white version and will provide the same functionality and features.

Final Thoughts

Considering they have a white frame, PS5 controllers are prone to becoming dirty quite quickly.

It is also true that your black controller gets dirty and scuffed up as well, but because of its color, you are not able to see it.

In addition, with the additional texture Sony added to Dual Sense, debris becomes more trapped.

Consider keeping your controller clean, purchasing a cover, or just saying “screw it” it” it”  and purchasing the Midnight Black version.

It does not matter what happens, you still have an excellent controller.

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