Why Does My Megaboom Keep Cutting Out?

If you have ever had your speakers cut out in the middle of a song or a movie, this is one of the most annoying experiences that one can encounter. What causes this to happen? It appears that your speakers are properly configured and there are no problems with the connection between the phone and the receiver, yet they continue to stutter.

I would suggest you do not simply smash your Megaboom speakers against the wall yet if you are experiencing random audio cuts out of your speakers. Try troubleshooting the issue using the tips in this article.

How come my Megaboom keeps cutting out?

What is causing your Megaboom speakers to cut out? Because it utilizes Bluetooth technology, your Megaboom speaker will likely cut out if it’s not fully charged; your device is not compatible or has been retired; other devices are interfering with it, or the Bluetooth application has a bug or hasn’t been updated for a while.

This issue is common among Bluetooth speakers, but Wi-Fi speakers may also be affected. Read on to learn more about why it occurs and how to solve it.

Understanding Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers

Depending on the particular wireless connection used by your Megaboom speakers, it is important to know what should happen to determine what the problem may be.

Using Bluetooth technology, two devices can communicate by using radio waves to establish a connection. Bluetooth has been designed specifically to ensure communication over short distances, unlike other devices that use similar technologies for connection, such as cell phones.

It is a technology that makes it possible for two devices to communicate without an internet connection, and as long as they remain within range, they can perform functions as they are commanded.

What is the process of using Bluetooth speakers? Most Bluetooth speakers work by sending out radio waves via a specific frequency, which are picked up by a receiver, in this instance a speaker or another compatible device. Following the establishment of a connection between the sending and receiving devices, the two can begin sharing information such as soundwaves. The receiving device, therefore, can begin playing music.

After being paired, the two devices will consistently change the frequency they are connected to so as not to cause interference. This will ensure security as well.

Conversely, wireless speakers utilize a slightly different approach. Most of you already know that Wi-Fi is a method of connecting your other devices to the internet. This system must be connected to the internet using a router. Your smartphone or computer will be able to access this internet signal as well as all your other devices. Wi-Fi speakers, however, do not require a home network connection. They only require a strong Wi-Fi signal, and can also be controlled using a smart device.

A system of multiple speakers that are connected to a central system allows music to be played throughout the house. Wi-Fi speakers may be more convenient and efficient than Bluetooth speakers because their connection is less prone to interference from other smart devices, however, most people still prefer Bluetooth speakers.

The problem with Bluetooth speakers is that they are not always reliable. Several factors can affect the speaker’s connection, and becoming familiar with how they can affect the speaker will allow you to find a quick solution.

Why does the Megaboom speaker experience audio distortion, cut-outs, or drop-outs?

If you find that the audio or music you are streaming frequently drops out or stutters, there are a few common causes you can check. These include:

1. Low Battery

Troubleshooting should start with this step since it’s the most basic. When your Megaboom’s battery runs low, you might get distortions. Make sure to charge it as often as possible when using the speaker. You’ll make sure it’s connected to your TV and playback is uninterrupted.

If your speaker’s battery is too low and the battery indicator light is blinking, you’ll have this issue. It’s worth noting whether the sound disappears when the light is on or off.

2. Other Device Interference

There is a likelihood that smart devices in your home are emitting radio waves that are interfering with your Megaboom’s Bluetooth function. Since your Megaboom speaker uses the same frequency as your Wi-Fi router and microwave oven, they may cause interference. Consequently, the two signals can block each other, resulting in an interruption in audio. This can also be observed with fluorescent lighting.

The same issue applies if you are using your smartphone, and you are running too many apps simultaneously. This could result in audio distortion. You can quickly resolve this issue by closing all the running applications on your computer or simply restarting your phone.

Many of the problems stem from other Bluetooth devices that are connected or paired. Even though once a connection is established, it is almost impossible to break, other nearby devices could be affected by the automatic pairing function.

Consequently, it is critical to unpair devices which are not frequently used from the list of connected devices. You should also consult your manufacturer’s pairing instructions and precautionary measures to determine which devices may interfere with your Megaboom Bluetooth connection.

3. Bluetooth Incompatibility

The Megaboom speaker uses backward compatibility, just like many other wireless speakers. As long as the Bluetooth infrastructure of the devices you own is the same, they can be easily connected. Bluetooth Smart, however, is a more recent technology. These devices cannot be paired with older versions of Bluetooth technology.

Consequently, if you are experiencing a cutout, you may wish to check whether your device is listed in the Bluetooth support list. If it is not compatible, a problem may arise.

4. You’re Out of Range

The connection will break if you extend it too far, resulting in loss of audio. The speaker is most useful if you connect your devices close together. Ensure that you always check the Bluetooth range specifications of your Megaboom speaker to avoid such a frustrating experience.

5. Megaboom’s Audio App

There may be an issue with the speaker’s software. You are within range, you have an excellent connection, and the two devices are paired correctly, but if you still experience the cut-out, you should update the audio application of the speaker.

How to Troubleshoot Your Megaboom Bluetooth Speaker

You can fix your Megaboom Bluetooth audio cut-out problem with simple solutions. Below are a few suggestions:

  • It is important to keep the controlling device within range so that a strong and secure connection can be established with your Megaboom speakers. This will prevent interference from causing the signal to cut out.
  • Ensure that both of your devices are fully charged and are not running on low battery power.
  • You should turn off or disconnect any equipment that could interfere with the Bluetooth signal. It is also possible to unpair devices that are set to automatically connect but are rarely used.
  • Press and hold the power button for approximately 10 seconds to reset your Megaboom Bluetooth speaker. It then allows a weak pairing to be terminated and a new connection to be established. Reset the Bluetooth on your device while you are at it.
  • Maintain the software and Megaboom Bluetooth adapters in a fully functional state.

If none of these steps work, contact Megaboom’s technical support staff for assistance.

How about a Wi-Fi Megaboom Speaker that cuts out?

It is common for Bluetooth devices to stutter, as already mentioned, but it may also occur with Megaboom speakers that are wireless. The following steps should be followed if your Wi-Fi Megaboom speaker cuts out:

  • You may not be able to stream music and videos correctly if your internet connection speed is excessively slow. It is important to ensure that no one else in your home is streaming content or has connected their apps to the speakers at the same time. It is also possible that their connection may slow down the Wi-Fi signal, thereby interfering with the Megaboom’s audio.
  • Make sure that your Wi-Fi router is functioning correctly. Run a speed test (using an app from Speedtest.net) while standing close to the Megaboom speaker that is not functioning correctly. Consider moving it closer to the router if the speed is significantly low, and whether the audio quality has improved. If this does not resolve the issue, it could be that other smart devices are interfering with the speakers’ network.
  • Check your Wi-Fi band and type – A conflict between networks may also be resulting in your Megaboom speakers cutting out. If this is the case, a Wi-Fi scanner can help you determine the conflicting networks as well as choose a channel that is less used to reduce interference.

Final Thoughts

It is common and frustrating to experience audio cutting out or stuttering when using Bluetooth speakers. This problem is common to all wireless speakers. You may be able to solve this issue by making a few simple adjustments to your Megaboom speaker.

It would require a few workarounds, but once you become familiar with the two types of wireless connections used by Megaboom speakers, you should be able to find a solution relatively quickly. It is hoped that the above troubleshooting steps will help you find a solution.

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