Why Does My Nest Camera Keep Buffering?

You are going to need a fast Internet connection when streaming video from your Google Nest camera.

The reason you installed the camera is likely to be for security reasons, whether it be to keep an eye on who might be approaching your front door or to check on what your children are doing from the next room.

Is my Nest camera continually buffering?

Due to a problem with bandwidth, your Nest Camera may be buffering. You should consider the possibility that the speed of your Internet connection may be inadequate. In addition, your wireless router may not be compatible with your device.

When you experience unrelenting lag, you are more likely to have a slow Internet connection to enable the camera feed to work properly.

There is a continual buffering that takes place for some people.

Reddit users have reported seeing a spinning blue circle whenever they check their video at the end of the day.

In essence, this means that the video is attempting – and failing – to buffer.

This is not only a frustrating issue – it defeats the purpose of purchasing and using the Google Nest camera in the first place.

Yes, those things are expensive.

You do not want to feel that you have wasted hundreds of dollars on something that does not fulfill your expectations.

This buffering dilemma can be addressed, however, by using some troubleshooting techniques.

It would appear that some of the cameras just did not have the bandwidth to adequately support their user base, but this may not be the case for the Nest cameras released in 2021 (which operate with dual bandwidth, meaning they can be used with either a 5-GHz or 2.5 GHz wireless connection).

Here are some possible reasons why your Nest camera continuously buffers and what you can do about it.

Is there a problem with the bandwidth on my Nest camera?

There is a possibility that the camera is consuming more bandwidth than your Internet service is capable of providing.

A slow Internet connection can result from this.

Despite the fact that the connection might work fine for other purposes, it may not be sufficient to operate the Nest cam. 

Consider which Nest Aware subscription package you have, since there is the option of uploading everything you record directly to the cloud.

Do I not have a fast enough Internet connection to support the Nest camera?

It is possible that your Internet connection is not fast enough to allow for proper buffering and streaming of the video feed.

The Google Nest camera does require high-speed Internet and the ability to stream 1080p files for you to view whenever you’d like.

You will need to ensure that your Internet connection meets all the requirements for the Nest camera, which are listed by Google.

Be sure to note the upload speed the camera requires as well as the connection speed.

My WiFi router does not appear to be compatible with Google Nest.

Furthermore, it is also possible that your WiFi router is not compatible with the Google Nest camera.

The list should include all of the routers that have been certified by Google Nest, including most of the newer WiFi routers.

Google Nest may not support your router if it does not appear on the list.

You may have to purchase a new Wi-Fi router if that is the case.

Make sure that your router is not in need of a firmware update if it appears on the list.

What can I do if I am experiencing bandwidth problems?

If you are experiencing problems with bandwidth, you may want to consider switching your Nest subscription to the cloud-based option.

It is also possible to choose to only record short bursts of video when the camera feed is being displayed on one of your devices.

Additionally, it will send a snapshot to people with lower bandwidth connections whenever the camera detects movement in that area.

By doing this, you can save a great deal of data and reduce lag.

Would it be wise to upgrade my Internet package to a faster one?

Consider contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP) in order to upgrade to a package that provides faster speeds.

Check your Internet speed to see if it is operating below the standard speed.

The problem is likely to be on your ISP’s end, and he or she will need to remedy it.

If your Internet is set to the speed specified by your plan, then you will need to upgrade to something faster.

Should I purchase a new wireless router?

In order to avoid lag, you may need to replace your current router with a newer, compatible model.

If you are planning to purchase a wireless router, make sure to check to see if it is compatible with your network.

Also, you might wish to update the firmware of your current router before going on a spending spree, as old firmware causes sluggish performance.

It must either be manually installed or the router must be reset.


You should be able to use the Google Nest camera with either the wired or wireless version.

The problem arises when your Internet connectivity or wireless connection is not up to speed. However, this does not always occur.

As soon as you have determined that your Internet and router are not responsible for the issue, adjust your Google Nest subscription accordingly, minimizing your usage as much as possible.

Even though it is possible to get rid of that irritating blue circle, it might not be the easiest or cheapest fix.


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