Why Does My Push Mower Lose Power?

Your push mower is your power tool helping you around the home in maintaining its looks and keeping your yard beautiful. However, these push mowers can lose power from time to time and can be a nuisance when this practice becomes a routine. The loss of power of a push mower can sometimes be temporary but at other times it can be long term. There are various reasons that your push mower loses its power. Scroll down to find a list of some of those reasons:

Reasons Why Push Mower Lose Power

  • Problems with the Carburetor

If your push mower loses its power even when it is being used for some really easy mowing, there can be a problem with its carburetor. If the carburetor is not adjusted properly or is dirty, it can keep the engine of the push mower from receiving full fuel supply and hence, can lose power and stop working. To prevent this issue from occurring, you should read the manual that came with it and adjust the carburetor properly or remove and clean it for better functioning.

  • Spark Plugs Malfunction

A dirty or dented spark plug can also be one of the reasons that your push mower loses its power. With the constant use of push mower, the spark plug can collect residual oil, carbon, dirt, and fuel and in return, shut out a consistent spark. A lack of consistent spark leads to the push mower missing or skipping and hence, losing its power. In case, you are wondering where the issue of power loss is coming from, you should check the spark plug. Spark plugs are quite easy to clean so this shouldn’t be a big problem for you. However, spark plugs need regular maintenance to keep working smoothly so, don’t forget to remove, clean, and replace it if the need arises.

  • Over the Top Load on Engine

Often, there are cases in which the owner of the push mower is taking a little too much from its push mower and burdening it with over the top load that eventually leads to the loss of power in the push mower. When an excessive load is put on the engine, it can lose its power and stop working altogether. In situations like these, you should be careful of the strenuous parts of the mowing process to reduce the load and prevent your push mower from losing its power and shutting down.

  • Power Loss Due to Dirt Build-Up

Last but not least, dirt is one of the major contributors when it comes to the power loss in a push mower. The main target of the dirt is usually the fuel system or the air cleaner elements. If your push mower has air filters, they can be clogged due to the accumulation of dirt and grass or these can block the cooling fins of the mower and negatively impact its performance by causing it to overheat and eventually lose power. So, it is important that you keep a check on this aspect and prevent power loss.

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