Why is My Bluetooth Speaker Beeping?

A technology that has been around since 1989, Bluetooth has quickly evolved into one of the most versatile and low-cost wireless communication technologies available today. 

Many devices and applications have benefited from Bluetooth technology due to its robustness and low power consumption.

Bluetooth technology has become increasingly popular among speakers in recent years. Many top-tier speaker makers, including Bose, JBL, Sony, Ooontz, Braven, Anker, COMISO, Sonos, and FUGOO among others, are manufacturing Bluetooth speakers. 

Due to their portability, convenience, and superior sound quality, Bluetooth speakers are preferred by many music enthusiasts.

The Bluetooth speaker may come with a status alert system, depending on the manufacturer. Some speakers have LED indicators as well as a beeping sound in addition to the LED indicators. 

Would you like to know why the beep on your Bluetooth speaker is occurring? Do not worry. It will be discussed in greater detail in this article.

Why does my Bluetooth speaker beep?

Either the device has been connected to, or it is charging when the low battery alert appears. Depending on the state of your Bluetooth speaker, you may hear different beeping sounds at varying frequencies, tones, and intensities. 

The following are some other reasons why your speaker may beep besides these common ones:

  • 1. Low battery power
  • 2. Connecting to your device
  • 3. Diagnostic tests
  • 4. A loosely fitted power cord caused diagnostic tests
  • 5. Dust or debris on your charging cable or power port caused diagnostic tests
  • 6. Use a faulty micro-USB cable
  • 7. When the speaker receives low or high voltage

During pairing, Bluetooth speakers emit encoded beeps to signal the battery status to the user. LED indicators will usually be found on some speakers, while others will feature both. Find out more below.

1. Low battery power

The most common beep on a Bluetooth speaker is the low battery beep. Each manufacturer will have a different tone and intensity of the beep. When the battery gets really low, some speakers start beeping more frequently. 

You’ll have to replace the batteries at this point.

An LED indicator will sometimes appear with these beeps if the battery is critically low. Make sure you listen to the beeping sounds coming from your speaker while you watch the LED indicator.

2. Connecting to your device

A Bluetooth speaker beeps when a device is connected. Your speaker will beep a bit different if you unplug something or disconnect a cable. It will beep when it pairs with your phone, tablet, or computer. But this will vary by brand. 

There aren’t all speakers designed to beep when they’re paired. You can sometimes order a speaker with a voice command.

3. Diagnostic tests

There’s a self-diagnosis feature on Bluetooth speakers. Your speaker beeps to let you know how it’s doing. A speaker will beep up when a device or micro-USB cable is connected and down when you unplug it. 

It’s just a quick way to let the user know the speaker is OK and that the cable or device is in place. Wake up beeps or sound commands can be used by some manufacturers to tell if the speaker is ready to pair.

You should read the manual that comes with your speaker to understand the beeps. The beeps may vary depending on the speaker brand.

How do I stop my Bose speaker from beeping?

4. A loosely fitted power cord caused diagnostic tests

Sometimes, when plugged in, your speaker will continue to beep. You either have a faulty cable, or it is not properly fitting into the port. Please try using another micro-USB cable in order to resolve this issue. 

The cable may also be adjusted to ensure that it fits tightly in the micro-USB port or charging unit in which it is plugged. Always use manufacturer-recommended cables when replacing your cables. 

Make sure that the cable and charging port rating is in accordance with the speaker’s design rating. Once you eliminate all other possibilities, you will be able to identify the source of the problem quickly.

5. Dust or debris on your charging cable or power port caused diagnostic tests

No matter what electronic device you have, don’t ignore the beeping. They’re trying to tell you something. Speakers beep when they need help. When you plug your speaker in, it won’t make an up-beep if the cable isn’t inserted right. 

You may hear a beep if your cable isn’t inserted correctly in some speakers. You may have debris in your charging port depending on your speaker’s brand and design. 

It’s normal for the USB ports and charging ports to collect dust since they’re usually open. You’ll want to wipe slowly with a soft piece of cotton or cloth in this case.

6.  Use a faulty micro-USB cable

For most Bluetooth speaker manufacturers, the ability to communicate errors is a key design consideration. Whenever you connect an improperly rated micro-USB cable to your speaker, it will begin beeping in order to warn you of a potential error.

If this happens, you should attempt using a new micro-USB port. To ensure compatibility with your speaker, it is important to use a branded micro-USB from the same manufacturer. You may encounter this problem when traveling frequently with the speaker. 

A cable may snap or become twisted due to normal wear and tear. Be sure that your micro-USB cable is in good physical condition before inserting it. When you confirm that your cable is defective, purchase a replacement from the manufacturer’s authorized dealer.

7. When the speaker receives low or high voltage

You might hear a beep if your Bluetooth speaker is connected to a power source with a lower voltage than recommended. Your speaker will also beep when it’s plugged into an outlet that has more voltage.

If the power source you connect to your speaker doesn’t match the recommended rating, it will damage the speaker. Whenever you hear this incessant beep, you should unplug your speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When I charge my BOSE SoundLink, it makes an annoying beeping sound.

When plugged in, SoundLink speakers make an up-beep. When unplugged, they make a down-beep. That’s how they check themselves. Beeps mean your speaker is plugged in or out correctly.

When you hear beeping when charging, it could mean you don’t have the power cable inserted properly, or there is dust/debris on the cable or port. If your speaker has a potential problem, I’d check the cable and the port.

2. Why does my Bluetooth speaker beep continuously when it is charging?

There are a lot of reasons for this. You might have a low voltage power source or a high voltage source. It could also mean your device is fully charged. Each manufacturer will have their own beeping tone and frequency.

The beeping lets you know how the speaker is doing and sometimes gives you a warning. Nevertheless, the beeping sound can be annoying if you don’t know why it happens. It’s important to figure out why your speaker keeps beeping so you can fix it.

3. What does my speaker always mean when it keeps beeping?

Neither. Generally, a warning beep indicates an error in the system. For diagnostic purposes, some beeps are programmed into your speaker by the manufacturer. 

If you plug your speaker into a power outlet, your speaker may produce an up-beep. There’s nothing wrong with it. This simply indicates the speaker is properly plugged in.

Final Thoughts

Bluetooth is a wireless technology with a lot of uses. The portability, rugged structure, and quality sound of Bluetooth speakers have made them a household device. There are all kinds of Bluetooth speakers, from clip-ons to huge boom boxes.

It’s worth it to buy Bluetooth speakers because they improve your smartphone, tablet, or laptop’s sound. Understanding why your Bluetooth speaker beeps is important. It may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but these are the most common causes.

If your speaker is beeping, don’t ignore it. Pay attention to the LED indicator as well. Brands will always vary in the tone and frequency of their beeps. In order to decode the different types of beeps emanating from your Bluetooth speaker, it is imperative that you read the user manual that comes with it.


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