Why Is My Bluetooth Speaker Connected But Not Playing?

One of the most important inventions for linking gadgets is Bluetooth wireless technology. It is the quickest method of connecting several devices. Without using cords, you may listen to music on your phone through powerful Bluetooth speakers.

However, even if your Bluetooth speakers show that they are linked, they may not play the music on your phone. This can be extremely aggravating, especially if you need to play the device’s sound. Don’t worry if you’ve run into this issue; we’ve got you covered.

This article will look at why your Bluetooth speakers aren’t working and how to fix them.

My Bluetooth Speaker Is Connected, But It Isn’t Playing.

So, why isn’t my Bluetooth speaker playing music even though it’s connected? This could be due to one of the following factors:

  • The sound on your Bluetooth Speaker or phone is muted
  • The device is paired to a different speaker
  • The speaker or Bluetooth device’s volume is low
  • The Bluetooth setting does not have access to media audio
  • Due to a device pairing error
  • Using an incompatible device
  • Faulty Bluetooth speaker
  • Audio IN jack is plugged in
  •  Due to an issue with the Audio Playback App

Troubleshooting And Repairing Your Bluetooth Speaker

Some of why your Bluetooth speaker says it’s connected, but the music isn’t playing are listed above. Continue reading for advice on how to resolve the concerns mentioned above.

1. Your Bluetooth speaker or phone’s sound is muted.

When faced with this issue, you should first check to see if your Bluetooth speaker is muted. Some provide an LED indicator when Bluetooth speakers are muted, while others do not.

Check to see if your phone, computer, or the device you’re trying to connect to the Bluetooth speaker is set to mute. Your smartphone’s mute button may be mistakenly pressed. Go to your phone’s sound settings and make sure the unmute toggle is turned on.

If the problem persists, make sure your speaker is turned on. Depending on the brand of your Bluetooth speaker, the ON/STANDBY LED indicator will be lit up in white, orange, or green when it is turned on.

2. A Different Speaker Is Connected To The Device

If you have more than one Bluetooth speaker, your device may be connected to one of them. To fix this, double-check that the Bluetooth devices’ names match the speaker you’re listening to.

Turn off all of the speakers in the room to address the problem. To find available Bluetooth networks, use the Bluetooth search feature on your phone. It isn’t meant to be able to detect any. You can now just use the speaker that you want to associate with your device. Connect the gadget to the speaker you want to hear and put it in pairing mode.

To eliminate signal interference and the possibility of connecting to the wrong speaker, make sure all other speakers are turned off. You can also disconnect the other speakers from your Bluetooth device and connect only the speaker you want to hear. As a result, there will be less confusion.

3. The Speaker or Bluetooth device has a low volume.

Make sure the speaker’s and Bluetooth devices’ volumes are turned up. Reduce the book to a reasonable level. A volume up (+) and volume down (-) button will be present depending on the brand of your speaker.

Increase the volume to a level that you are comfortable with by pressing the volume up button. This will, in most situations, solve the problem. If the problem remains, continue reading for a variety of solutions.

4. The Bluetooth setting does not have access to the audio files.

Check the Bluetooth settings to ensure that the connection has necessary Bluetooth access permissions to the media audio after you’ve validated that your device is receiving the Bluetooth signal properly.

Most devices contain a toggle button for turning on or off audio output access. Make that the audio device’s Bluetooth network transport control is set to playback audio.

For security concerns, smart devices will not immediately provide Bluetooth access to audio output. In this instance, you’ll have to manually provide audio output access. To do so, go to your device’s Bluetooth settings, choose Bluetooth, and make sure the button next to Audio Output is green. If it isn’t already on, click to activate it.

When connecting to a PC, the Bluetooth services that are required may be disabled. Your speaker will stop working as a result of this. Bluetooth support services should be turned on whether you’re using a Windows or a Mac computer.

5. Due to a Device Pairing Error

Another reason this could happen is if you made a mistake while pairing your device. It’s possible that your device looks to be properly paired but is actually malfunctioning. This is frequently caused by a broken or poor Bluetooth network.

To fix this, you’ll need to first unpair the device. Restart the speaker and pair it with the Bluetooth device once more. If the problem persists, you’ll have to entirely remove the pairing information from your devices.

On your smartphone or PC, select “Forget devices.” You can re-establish the connection by pairing the device again after it has been unpaired. This procedure has a good chance of resolving the problem.

6. Using a Device That Isn’t Compatible

Connecting to an incompatible device is another common cause. Some Bluetooth speakers do not work with computers or smartphones. Your device will appear to be linked to the Bluetooth speaker in this situation, but it will not play music.

Before purchasing a Bluetooth speaker, make sure to read the manufacturer’s minimum compatibility requirements. Some manufacturers build their products such that they can only connect to other devices from the same brand.

7. A Bluetooth Speaker That Isn’t Working

Your Bluetooth speaker may frequently fail to play due to a malfunction. Even though your speaker is linked to your device, it is likely to fail to play music if it has an electrical fault. You should try connecting your device to another Bluetooth speaker to check if it works.

If the music being played on the other Bluetooth speaker is faulty, you should replace or repair it. If your speaker is still under warranty, take it to the service center for repair or replacement.

8. IN AUDIO Jack Is Connected

Your device may be unable to play music through Bluetooth if it is already connected to another device via the audio jack. For speakers with a cable connection option, this is usual.

You could also be using the Audio-IN jack to connect to a smartphone or computer that is already linked to another audio output. You’ll need to disconnect the Audio IN Jack since Bluetooth devices can only play sound from one device at a time.

Switch off both the Bluetooth speaker and your device for a few minutes after removing the jack. Reconnect your Bluetooth speaker to your device by turning it back on.

9. Due to an issue with the Audio Playback App

If none of the preceding methods work, it’s time to look at the Audio player you’re using. If it’s not muted, there’s a chance it’s a bug.

The first thing you should do is update your audio playback software. Re-establish the connection after it has been refreshed. Also, make sure the chosen App is configured as the default music player.

If this doesn’t work, try using a different media player app to play the same music. This will certify that there was a problem with your original app. You can also uninstall the program and then reinstall it.

To do so, go to the app store on your phone, tablet, or computer. Look for an option to update or delete your app. Make sure your media player application is up to date.


The most convenient and cost-effective option to listen to music from your phone or tablet while on the go is using portable Bluetooth speakers. Your phone’s and other devices’ sound will be amplified swiftly and simply using Bluetooth speakers.

However, they can be inconvenient if they fail to play music when you need it. We’ve gone over the nine reasons why this happens and how to fix it in this article.

The options listed above should assist you in resolving the issue. If it still doesn’t work, it’s time to perform some more difficult resets on your device. Your device’s reset button can be used to accomplish this. Please keep in mind that this will delete all of the data on your device.

When looking for a Bluetooth speaker, make sure you get the highest-quality speakers possible so you don’t have any problems with connecting. A speaker with a display or an LED indicator will assist you in quickly identifying the problem.

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