Why is My JBL Flip 3 Not Connecting?

The JBL Flip 3 will not disappoint if you’ve ever required a portable speaker that adds that much-needed pop to audio played from a linked Bluetooth device. It comes in a variety of colors and allows you to make and receive phone calls from your smartphone. However, it has a few typical issues, one of which being the inability to connect.

You’re in luck if you’re having problems with lack of response and pairing. All of this is covered in this post, as well as how to troubleshoot and restore the connection.

Why won’t my JBL Flip 3 connect?

The failure of your JBL Flip 3 speaker to connect to the Bluetooth network might be caused by a number of factors. If it doesn’t connect, it’s usually because the transmitting device (your smartphone or music player) is out of range, another linked device is obstructing the connection, it’s out of battery, your device’s Bluetooth is turned off, or the devices aren’t paired.

A JBL Flip 3 speaker can connect to a variety of devices, including Android phones, iPhones, and iPads. However, even after many years of development, difficulties such as Bluetooth connections are not unusual.

Before we go into the specifics of how to tackle this problem, let’s make sure it’s not a pairing issue. How do you go about doing that? Take the following steps:

How to Pair Your JBL Flip 3

Bluetooth pairing is required and follows the same approach as with other JBL wireless speakers, JBL wireless headphones, and JBL soundbars.

In a nutshell, the following are the actions to take:

  • Make sure both devices’ Bluetooth is switched on.
  • To make the JBL Flip 3 discoverable, turn on pairing mode.
  • Find and link your JBL Flip 3 speaker with your smartphone or connected device.
  • Verify that the pairing was successful.

1. Verify that both devices have Bluetooth turned on.

Double-check whether Bluetooth is switched on in the settings of the device you wish to connect to your JBL Flip 3. This will prohibit any connections if it is not switched on.

2. Select JBL Flip 3 Pairing Mode from the menu.

When you turn on your JBL Flip 3 speaker for the first time and it hasn’t been linked with any Bluetooth device yet, it will immediately enter pairing mode. A flickering LED light indicates this. If you’ve previously made a connection, you may manually activate pairing mode by pushing and holding the Bluetooth button for a few seconds until the LED blinks.

NOTE: Most JBL speakers include a dedicated Bluetooth key.

3. Pair the JBL Flip 3 with your device.

If you have an Android smartphone, go to Settings and switch on Bluetooth. If the JBL speaker isn’t already in the list, look for it and click it to pair it. Your phone and Flip 3 speaker will be linked once you follow any screen instructions.

Go to Settings, then Bluetooth if you’re using an iPhone. Activate it and look for the JBL gadget. If it isn’t on the list, look it up and match it with it. The list of possible Bluetooth connections is usually found under “Other Devices.” To pair, tap on it.

Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Bluetooth on a Mac. Connect your JBL Flip 3 speaker by selecting it and clicking Connect. If you’re prompted, click Accept.

If you’re connected from a Windows laptop, type “Bluetooth & other devices settings” into the search bar, or go to System Settings and click on the Bluetooth icon in the toolbar and select “Show Bluetooth devices.”

If the offer to add a new device appears, select Bluetooth and search for your JBL Flip 3. Follow the pairing request prompts by tapping on it.

4. Verify that the pairing was successful.

Check whether the LED light on your JBL Flip 3 is still blinking to see whether the pairing was successful. It signifies the two devices are linked if it isn’t blinking. Your device will also get an audible confirmation that it has been successfully linked.

Troubleshooting the Bluetooth Connection on Your JBL Flip 3

Don’t give up just yet if your JBL Flip 3 speaker still won’t connect after you’ve followed the preceding procedures to the latter. There are a few simple actions you may do to get it operating again.

Connects and Disconnects with JBL Flip 3

The issue might be outdated software, interference from other devices, power difficulties, too much range between the two devices, or too many connected devices if your JBL flip 3 keeps connecting and disconnecting.

Maintain a safe distance between devices

It doesn’t matter if your smartphone has a huge connectivity radius; it’s critical to make sure it’s within range of your JBL Flip 3, especially during pairing. You can move some distance once you’ve hooked up, but not very much. Audio distortion will occur in your speaker.

Check to see whether any other connections are already in place.

If your JBL speaker is already connected and locked to another smart device, you’ll need to disconnect it first before connecting it to your transmitting device. Devices that have been set up to automatically connect to the speaker, on the other hand, will always interfere with the connection. As a result, make sure there aren’t any other devices nearby that are attempting to connect to the speaker.

Is Your JBL Speaker Charged Correctly?

When the battery of a Bluetooth speaker becomes low or runs out of charge, it will usually turn itself off. Make sure your JBL speaker is fully charged to ensure a long-lasting connection.

Keep a Safe Distance from Interfering Devices

The signals sent by a wi-Fi network, microwaves, and fluorescent lights are typically the same as those sent by your Bluetooth connection. They are typically on the same frequency, which may create some disruptions. Although newer JBL speakers have been engineered to adjust for such frequencies, you may still have connection problems.

JBL Flip 3 Doesn’t Work

There are a couple additional options if your JBL Flip 3 speaker won’t connect at all. In addition to the actions listed above, attempt to:

  • Turn it off and on again
  • Check for updates
  • Perform a JBL Flip 3 hard reset

The problem is usually straightforward to resolve. If it still won’t connect after all of this, the issue might be with your JBL speaker’s hardware, namely the Bluetooth chip, which would necessitate a replacement.

1. Turn your JBL Flip 3 on and off several times.

This approach is built on electronics that operate on internal programmes and software, and it usually solves the problem. If your JBL speaker is left on all the time, it may get overburdened with data and caching.

Temporary memory is used by both your speaker and the device you’re transferring data from, whether it’s a smartphone or a PC. This data accumulates to the point where your device begins to lag. When your phone hangs and has to be rebooted, this is an excellent illustration. Fortunately, it is all that is required to resolve the problem. The cache is cleared by turning it off and on again.

2. Keep an eye out for updates

Updating your phone’s and JBL Flip 3 speaker’s outdated software and applications may possibly be the answer to regaining your Bluetooth connection. If your devices aren’t up to date, they can be missing the infrastructure needed to make a successful Bluetooth connection.

If your smartphone or laptop, for example, is running the most recent version of Bluetooth software, your speaker will also require an upgrade for compatibility reasons. If your laptop speaker won’t connect, the problem might be with the drivers installed on your computer. Connect again after upgrading your Bluetooth drivers to the most recent versions available.

3. Restart your JBL Flip 3 speaker.

Resetting your JBL speaker is not the same as turning it off and on again. While the latter clears the cache, this operation eliminates all of your Flip 3 speaker’s settings, leaving it as it was when you first got it. This technique allows you to begin over without any problems or interruptions.

A reset will also wipe the cache, which means that any previously stored devices will be erased. To reset the JBL, follow these steps: 3. To turn it on, press and hold the Power button.

4. Press and hold the Volume Up and Play buttons together until it goes off after it is turned on.

5. Press the Power button to turn the speaker back on. If the blue LED light on your JBL Flip 3 is blinking, it’s time to pair it, and your Hard Reset is complete.

Final Thoughts

If your JBL Flip 3 won’t connect or keeps disconnecting, like many Bluetooth speakers do, it’s likely that a simple remedy is in need. It’s possible that the speaker is out of range, that your connecting device’s Bluetooth isn’t turned on, that another device is interfering with the connection or attempting to join to the network, or that your speaker is just low on power.

Hopefully, the troubleshooting procedures listed above may assist you in finding a solution. If the problem persists, you can always contact JBL for assistance.

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