Why Is My JBL Speaker Not Charging?

There are many reasons why JBL is so popular, including its distinctive Bluetooth speakers and modern design. There is a wide selection of speakers designed to be highly portable, tough, and splash-proof. 

JBL always has a speaker that fits your budget, whether you are looking for a small portable device or a large speaker.

JBL speakers, however, are also susceptible to faults, just like any electronic device. It is not uncommon for plugged-in JBL speakers to not charge. As a result, your excellent speaker will be rendered inoperative.

It is not a cause for concern if you experience this problem. We will discuss the reasons why your speaker does not charge in this article and recommend solutions to resolve the problem.

What is the cause of my JBL speaker not charging?

Why does my JBL speaker not charge? There are various reasons for this, but most commonly a damaged battery is to blame. 

It is more likely a software issue than a hardware issue that causes a device to fail to charge. Other factors that may contribute to a device failing to charge include:

  • 1. Battery damage
  • 2. Faulty micro-USB cable
  • 3. Incorrect settings
  • 4. The charging port is faulty
  • 5. Circuits are faulty

Continue reading to discover how to resolve these problems and how to prevent them in the future. The sudden failure of your expensive JBL speaker to charge is pretty annoying, especially if it shows obvious physical damage.

You will notice that your speaker will turn off after a short period. The LED indicator will not illuminate when it is plugged in.

Here’s why your speaker won’t charge and how to fix it

1. Battery damage

Batteries from JBL are rarely defective. Unfortunately, because this is an electronic device, there may be occasions when this occurs. In contrast to lithium-ion batteries, despite being designed to undergo hundreds of charges, the amount of charge that can be held down decreases over time. 

To remedy this, the faulty battery must be replaced. You must try charging your system using a different charger before concluding that your battery is damaged. It may also be the case that the charger is defective.

If you determine that your battery is damaged, you may order a replacement at a JBL authorized dealer. The new battery must match the current rating of your device.

There are user-replaceable batteries included with JBL speakers.

It is not as simple to replace it as removing the cover and pulling it out manually. Battery removal varies from one model to another. 

Popular models such as JBL GO2, JBL Flip5, and JBL Boombox 2 come with battery replacement kits that contain all the necessary components as well as instructional videos that show how to replace a battery.

If your speaker does not hold a charge for long, it is highly unlikely that the battery has exceeded the recommended number of charging cycles for the lithium-ion battery. The battery ages naturally as a result. 

Due to this, you might not immediately notice, but if your speaker is older than six years, there is a high probability that it has exceeded the recommended charging cycles.

2. Faulty micro-USB cable

Most problems associated with JBL speakers are caused by software malfunctions. You may, however, encounter hardware failures such as a faulty Micro-USB cable from time to time. The JBL speaker will subsequently not charge.

If you suspect your micro-USB cable is defective, the first thing you should try is substituting another cable. This could be the problem if you find the cable wobbles around inside your speaker’s USB port. Micro USB cables tend to have this problem.

There is the possibility that such new advanced USB C cables may fail, but this is less likely since they have a more robust design. It is always a good idea to try another cable before beginning troubleshooting, regardless of whether this type of cable fits your speaker.

It is often the case that connector plating, whatever the type, has undergone normal wear and tear or may not be designed well. Be sure to inspect your cables for any signs of damage or chipping off of the cover.

3. Incorrect settings

The majority of JBL speakers will be supplied pre-configured. The configuration settings, therefore, are less likely to affect the charging process. It is important to ensure that your software is up-to-date and that your settings are correct. 

The software is susceptible to bugs, so make sure you are running the most recent version.

When all other measures have failed to resolve a charging issue, you may wish to try resetting the speaker. 

If this is accomplished, the system will be restored to its default settings and the software issue will be resolved.

If your model is multi-function, you will need to hold the button down to reset it. It will glow once the button is released. You may also want to reset the pairing settings on your Bluetooth device to be sure. 

You can reconnect it to power once the system is restored. Please read the user manual that comes with the model you have. There will be differences between models in terms of the configuration settings. 

If the machine is reset, connect the power cord to the outlet and press the standby button for five seconds to turn it on.

4. The charging port is faulty

A charging port can be compromised relatively easily under the right circumstances. The cable can’t fit into the USB port if there’s clutter on the charging port. The connector pins may bend if you apply too much force. 

If the pins seem to be in good shape, wipe out the charging port with a thin object like a safety pin if there is dust or debris.

Hairdryers can be used to get rid of excessive moisture after water damage. Make sure your charger isn’t clogged with moisture. In addition, if the charging port is not positioned properly, it may cause tension on the speaker if you use it while it is charging.

5. Circuits are faulty

Damaged circuits can also contribute to the inability of your JBL speaker to charge. The circuit transmits power to the battery. This device, if not functioning correctly, will prevent the battery from charging and subsequently from operating. 

Just as you should ensure the continuity of the circuit in the case of a damaged port. Consider taking your speaker in for service if you suspect your circuit is malfunctioning. It is important that only a professional check the circuit of the speaker. 

You may suffer more damage to the device and yourself if a damaged motherboard causes a short circuit.

6. Faulty power outlet

It should be noted that since the JBL speakers are electronic devices, it is likely that they may develop hardware or software issues that prevent them from charging. 

It is important to check the wall outlets before you proceed to troubleshoot the hardware and software components of your speaker.

Your wall outlets can provide low voltage or dangerous voltage. The internal mechanisms of your speaker will stop electricity from flowing through when this occurs. The circuit board is protected in this way to prevent damage.

You should use a different source of power when this occurs. It may be beneficial to check the voltage and current coming from the source of your power. Too much voltage could hurt your speakers.

7. JBL software that is outdated

You can try using other cables, but if they do not work and your wall power outlet is working properly, check your speaker software. Ensure that your speaker is running the latest version of the software. 

You may experience problems charging your JBL speaker due to bugs in the code. Your speaker may only require a software update to work properly. You must hold down the Bluetooth and volume buttons for approximately five seconds to reset the speaker. 

The procedure applies to JBL Go and JBL Flip 5. If you want to reset your JBL, simply press and hold the play, pause, and volume up buttons together until the power button lights up.


I have a great deal of respect for JBL speakers and experiencing battery problems with anything designed to be portable is extremely inconvenient. Especially when attending an event or spending time with family and friends. 

You stop playing the music abruptly much earlier than the day breaks! It is usually the fault of the charging port or the cable when your JBL speaker does not charge all the way. Dust or debris can damage the charging port. 

During this situation, you can use the above steps to resolve a non-charging Bluetooth Speaker. 

The JBL Boombox is the latest model of the speaker from JBL. However, if you have used your JBL speaker for over five years, it is time to replace it with the latest model like the JBL GO2, JBL Flip 5, JBL Charge 4, or JBL Boombox.

If none of the troubleshooting methods in this article work for you and you are using the latest model, you may contact JBL for further assistance. Battery problems are uncommon with JBL speakers, particularly the newer models.

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