Why Is My Roku Blinking? (Answered!)

Roku, which was first unveiled in 2008 in cooperation with streaming behemoth Netflix, has become a household fixture in many homes.

It’s in mine, I’m sure.

It seems like Roku is constantly on, whether I’m watching the most recent true crime documentary series on Discovery+ or the kids are re-viewing Blippi for the eighth time.

Almost always, to be precise.

There have been a few occasions where the Roku has failed to perform properly.

And there was a blinking red light in one of those situations, which I now refer to as the Blinking Red Light of Death.

If this is what you’re seeing on your Roku, don’t panic. I’ll explain what that red light signifies in a minute.

Several lights will appear on the Roku, each with its meaning.

A solid white light has a very different meaning from the Death Blinking Red Light.

When something goes wrong with the Roku, knowing which light signifies what may be useful.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the reasons why your Roku is blinking, as well as how to fix each problem.

Of course, if the worst happens, you may need to call Roku’s customer service for assistance.

What’s the Deal With My Roku Blinking? (Answered!)

There will be a blinking light if your Roku device is having a connectivity difficulty or a power outage.

Connectivity difficulties can be caused by a variety of factors, including WIFI, HDMI, and remote pairing. On the other side, there will be power concerns if the Roku is overheating or if the TV is not receiving enough power.

What does it signify when your Roku flashes at you, and why is that?

On the Roku, what’s the difference between a red and white light?

And how are you expected to resolve these strange Roku issues?

Continue reading for some further advice from someone who has gone through the process with their Roku.

Why is my Roku constantly flashing?

There are a few reasons why your Roku is flashing red or green light at you, and it will be either red or green.

If you have a Roku player, you’ll see that it has two lights.

There will only be one on a Roku control.

If there is a problem with the Roku, the TV may also flash, albeit this appears to be an unusual occurrence.

What does my Roku’s flashing white light mean?

If you notice a flashing white light on your Roku, it implies your WiFi connection is down.

If this is the case, both your router and your Roku device will need to be reset.

You may want to double-check if they’re near enough together.

If it doesn’t work, try changing the connection channel on your WIFI router.

Instructions on how to accomplish this may be found in your router’s operating handbook.

You may also want to check if a problem exists with your local Internet connection.

You may also have a faulty HDMI cable if you see a blinking white light, in which case you should remove it and try another HDMI cable.

Is there a reason why my Roku remote is flashing?

If the front of your Roku remote displays a flashing light, it means that the batteries have run out.

It appears that there is a problem with the connection if the light in the battery compartment area flashes.

To connect your Roku to your Roku Player, this light will flash.

When I use the Roku Player, the screen flashes. Why is this happening?

This issue is not very common. However, your television screen may flash when you are experiencing difficulties.

A possible cause of this might be that the Auto-adjust Display Refresh Rate does not work properly.

The feature can be disabled by going to Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced Display Settings > Auto-adjust Display Refresh Rate.

If this method fails, try another HDMI cable.

There may be a need for a 4K cable.

If the Roku flashes twice, what does that mean?

If your Roku flashes twice, your WIFI connection or Roku’s servers may be having issues.

You may also be using a faulty HDMI cable, in which case you should replace it.

What is the significance of a blinking red light?

If the power is out, the red indicator will appear.

If the Roku is blinking red, this indicates that it is not receiving adequate power.

Most of the time, this issue will not occur except when the wall socket into which your device is plugged is experiencing difficulties.

Check to ensure that the breaker has not been tripped on your Roku if it is plugged into a wall socket.

Depending on whether your Roku is plugged into your TV’s USB outlet, you may see a message indicating that there is not enough power or that the USB port is not compatible with the Roku.

If this does not solve the problem, try plugging your device into another of the TV’s USB ports.

A replacement USB cable may be necessary, or the Roku might need to be plugged directly into a wall outlet.

If the red light is solid, what should be done?

Your Roku is overheating if the red light is solid.

There should be a message accompanying this indicating that the device is overheating.

Give your Roku time to cool down after unplugging it.

It is recommended that you plug it back in after 10-15 minutes, ensuring that the Roku is kept in a dry, cool environment.

The Roku can become overheated if it is enclosed in a TV cabinet, placed under direct sunlight for an extended period, or placed on top of another electronic device.

Roku should not be used for any of the following activities.

Why does the pairing light on the Roku flash?

If the pairing light continues to flash, your device is stuck in the pairing process.

Your devices must be able to locate one another again.

You will need to take the following steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Remove the Roku player from the wall.
  2. The batteries in the remote control should either be reinserted or replaced.
  3. Please reconnect your Roku device.
  4. Count out three seconds while holding the ‘reset’ button on the remote control – which can be found in the battery compartment.
  5. After you have restarted your Roku player, you will see a pairing notification appear on the screen.

If the Roku pairing light does not flash, what should you do?

Try again after pressing the pairing button for a longer period if the pairing light does not flash.

Try holding the button for five to ten seconds this time.

The remote will need to be recharged if this fails.


There are several lights on your Roku device that may appear confusing at first, but each is there for a reason.

Generally, troubleshooting is a simple process.

To understand what these lights indicate, you simply need to know what they mean.

Even if you run through the full gamut of troubleshooting techniques, if your device still isn’t working you may want to contact Roku or purchase a new device.

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