Why Is One Side Of My Wireless Earbuds Not Working?

You charge your earbuds overnight, anticipating a great morning listening to your favorite tracks on the bus ride to school or the drive to work.

The morning routine consists of getting up, dressing, popping in your earbuds, and heading out the door.

Unfortunately, to your surprise and utter dismay, one of the earbuds is not working.

You become extremely concerned.

What has happened? Did you fail to charge them correctly? Has something gone wrong with the software? Why are your earbuds not working? Your first question is, “Why will neither of my JLab earbuds connect? Then, you Google the issue.

I did exactly that when my JLab Go Air earbuds started malfunctioning.

It was always the right earbud that did not produce any sound.

The left earbud worked perfectly.

Like you, I became panicked, but my panic turned into a determination to resolve the issue.

It was gratifying to discover that I was not the only person experiencing this problem.

I learned that this is a very common problem with Bluetooth wireless earbuds.

This is not unique to a particular model or brand. This is a universal phenomenon.

The problem is usually easily remedied. Typically.

You will find that JLab is particularly suitable earbuds for those of us who are on a modest budget.

Their sound quality is outstanding without all the unnecessary frills.

I will use to Air to demonstrate the process of troubleshooting JLab earbuds.

It might be helpful to consult your owner’s manual for specific troubleshooting instructions.

To conclude, here are some explanations for why only one side of your wireless earbuds appears to appear working – and what you can do about it.

Why does one side of my wireless earbuds not work?

You may have set up your wireless earbuds incorrectly the first time, resulting in one side of the device not functioning. Some of these reasons include a bug (which requires a manual reset), a need to reconnect to your other device via Bluetooth, and actual hardware damage.

Are these the reasons for your problems? What can you do to determine whether there is physical damage?

Is there a recommended procedure for troubleshooting this issue?

Continue reading to learn how to resolve the issue with one side of your wireless earbuds not working.

Why won’t both my Bluetooth earbuds connect?

It is common for both earbuds to not connect for four main reasons.

If one of them fails to play any audio, this may be the result of a mistake during the initial setup, a problem with the software, a lack of Bluetooth connection, or damage to the interior electrical components.

Here is a closer look at each of these possible causes and what you can do to resolve them.

An incorrect first-time setup

Do you have any previous experience with JLab Bluetooth earbuds? If this is the case, you may be wondering “How do I turn both JLab earbuds on?”.

This is a common question. (If you do not have a GO Air owner’s manual, you may download one here.)

You must:

  1. Remove the tab.
  2. Take out the earbuds by pulling up or from the side.
  3. One of the earbuds will blink blue and white when it is ready to be paired with your host device.
  4. Select your earbuds in your device’s Bluetooth settings. Your connection should be indicated by a voice prompt and solid white lights.

Can’t see any solid white lights? The setup process may be incomplete.

To retry this process, you must turn your earbuds off and then on again.

How to get your earbuds to automatically connect

Ensure that your earbuds are ready to connect automatically with your host device.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Make sure your earbuds are turned off. To turn them on, hold down the buttons for a few seconds. Do this for 3-5 seconds.
  2. A light should now appear on the earbuds. The left earbud will show a solid white light, while the right one will flash white.

Now you are in pairing mode.

Bluetooth Earbuds: How to pair them

You can now pair your Bluetooth earbuds with your host device. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open your device’s settings.
  2. Click on Bluetooth.
  3. Scroll through the list of devices until you find your earbuds. (For example, “JLab GO Air” will appear if you are using the JLab GO Air earbuds.)
  4. Pairing is successful when you hear “Bluetooth connected”.

Resetting Your Earbuds Manually

If one earbud still does not work, you might be experiencing a bug in your software.

You might try resetting your earbuds if this is the case. Please follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your device, then select Bluetooth.
  2. You can find your earbuds’ name by tapping on it and clicking “Forget”.
  3. Make sure that the lid of the charging case is left open when placing your earbuds.
  4. Make sure that each earbud is tapped four times. When the blue light blinks four times, it becomes solid blue.
  5. Repeat this procedure with the other earbud.
  6. Please remove your earbuds from the case, keeping them about two inches apart. You should be able to see white flashes on the left earbud and blue and white flashes on the right earbud.

Please keep in mind that colors may vary depending on your particular make and model.

Reconnecting With Bluetooth

Now that your earbuds are ready to be re-paired with your device, all you have to do is select the Bluetooth setting on the device and allow it to discover your earbuds.

It is recommended that you place the earbuds and device a few inches apart, next to each other.

Your device must have Bluetooth enabled in order for this to work.

Click on the name when it appears to pair.

What To Look For When There Is Internal Damage

You may be facing internal damage if nothing has worked.

Depending upon the circumstances, this can occur due to drops, being crushed, being exposed to extreme temperatures, water damage, or being cleaned and then returned to the case while still damp.

In this case, you should contact JLab’s customer service department to determine what your next steps should be.

JLab’s earbuds come with a two-year warranty covering manufacturing defects, and your earbuds could be covered by this warranty.

If you are still within the warranty period, you will need to return the product to JLab. This entire process could take three weeks.

What is the battery life of JLab Go Air earbuds?

You should be able to use these earbuds for several years, if not longer. Be sure to maintain them properly.

They should be cleaned regularly. Prevent accidents as much as possible.

As long as you can accomplish that, then you should be able to get good use out of your earbuds for quite a few years.

Closing Thoughts

If one of your earbuds is not working properly, there are a few possible reasons.

Most of the time, it is an easy problem to resolve, but in rare cases, irreversible damage may result in the inability to play sound.

See if one of the troubleshooting methods I mentioned above can restore sound to your earbud.

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