Why is Spotify so Quiet on Bluetooth?

Spotify is available on a variety of platforms. When playing through Bluetooth, however, you may encounter difficulties with Spotify. The service, according to the majority of users who have complained online, plays at a low volume over Bluetooth speakers even when it is played at a loud volume on other devices.

Is there a solution to the problem, and if so, what is it?

Why is Spotify on Bluetooth so quiet?

Spotify may seem silent because your phone’s sound settings are set to Bluetooth. The volume of Spotify via Bluetooth may be affected if audio effects are enabled in the audio equaliser. Even if you have your phone’s volume turned all the way up, the sound quality may still be poor.

Check your phone’s sound settings to see whether this is the case. Open Sound Settings >> Audio Effects in Settings >> Sound Settings >> Audio Effects. Then, for the speaker, turn off the equalization.

Make sure all audio effects are turned off, as they may affect how loud the music plays over Bluetooth. Re-enable “Voice Privacy” and try listening to Spotify again.

Occasionally, the remedy is as simple as lowering the level to zero and then increasing it to full volume. If the problem was minimal, the volume will be increased again. If it doesn’t work, uninstall Spotify and then reinstall it.

If you messed up your Spotify app’s sound settings, the new installation will reset them to default.

If you’ve ever fiddled with your phone’s sound settings, try resetting them to factory defaults and see what happens.

I also suggest that you try Spotify on a different phone. If the audio is fine on another phone, it’s possible that your phone is the issue. If Spotify is still quiet on another phone, try adjusting your Spotify audio settings and seeing if the audio now works.

To Avoid Obstacles, Learn How to Play Spotify Over Bluetooth.

Spotify has billions of users, the majority of whom have had a positive experience with the internet streaming service. Spotify can now be played on a variety of devices, including your vehicle audio, Bluetooth speaker, and a variety of other devices.

Spotify’s high-resolution audio is simple to enjoy if you have a Bluetooth speaker. You don’t need WiFi if you can use your smartphone’s internet connection to stream music from Spotify.

To begin playing, make sure your Bluetooth speaker is turned on, as well as the Bluetooth on your phone or laptop. Connect the speaker to your phone or computer’s Bluetooth settings and start listening to music.

The audio will be sent to the Bluetooth speaker as long as the speaker is connected to your streaming device. Check the volume on both your phone and your Bluetooth speaker if the volume is low. You should examine other settings if the audio is quiet.

Spotify Problems When Playing on Bluetooth

A number of people have complained that even while music is playing, the Bluetooth speaker remains silent and occasionally beeps. Even if the devices are connected wirelessly, the audio may not be playing.

When you need to play music wirelessly, Bluetooth is a great option. Some Bluetooth-enabled gadgets do not support Spotify playback. This is a problem that some Android devices and PCs have.

If you just hear a beep and sometimes no sound at all, try restarting Spotify to see if the problem goes away. If that doesn’t work, try restarting your devices and reconnecting them through Bluetooth to see what happens.

Close any apps that are running in the background on your device to ensure that they do not interfere with how your device distributes music to the Bluetooth speaker.

If Bluetooth fails, how else can you listen to Spotify wirelessly?

Spotify Connect is a service that allows you to stream music wirelessly using Spotify. However, your speaker must be WiFi capable, which is a feature that not all speakers have.

If your speaker can connect to WiFi, you’ll be able to listen to Spotify in high quality.

To do so, make sure you have the most recent Spotify software, as earlier versions may not have the finest audio quality. Connect your speaker to the same WiFi network as your PC or phone, and then log into the same Spotify account.

Then, launch your Spotify app and choose from the listed devices. Start playing your music by streaming it. Spotify can be played on any WiFi-enabled device using the service.

The constraints of using Spotify Connect include the need for the most recent Spotify software and up-to-date devices.

You must also connect all of the devices to the same WiFi network. Even if one of the devices isn’t Spotify-compatible, you can still have a problem with noise.

Only premium Spotify subscribers have access to Spotify Connect. If you use Spotify for free, you won’t be able to take advantage of its features.

Are there any apps that allow you to listen to Spotify music when you’re not connected to the internet?

Spotify is a music streaming service that does not enable users to download tracks. There are, however, a number of apps that allow you to convert the music on the service to smaller formats so you may listen to it offline.

You can transfer music between devices like the iPhone, iPod, Zune, and MP3 players with these programs.

After you’ve downloaded the music to your smartphone, you can listen to them over Bluetooth. TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is one such program. You must first download and install this app on your device before you can use it.

To play a Spotify track, paste the link into the app and select the format you require. Choose where you want to save the track from there. Select convert and the track will be saved in the new format on your device.

When you convert, the track is no longer DRM-protected, and you may play it on your Bluetooth speaker. This is not how you should use Spotify. TuneFab, like any other app, requires a subscription to use.

Which Bluetooth-enabled devices are most affected by stuttering music?

When it comes to playing music over Bluetooth, LG, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy users face a lot of challenges. It’s unclear what’s causing the problem, although some technological issues could make these phones incompatible with Spotify.

Some models of the above devices have difficulties, although not all of them. If you have any of the above devices and are experiencing music stuttering, consider switching to a new device.

If the music does not go silent on another device, the issue is with the device.

The default sound settings on these devices may be the source of the problem in some circumstances. As a result, check your settings first before looking for alternative options.

If you have a home WiFi router or are trying to connect the speaker in an area with a lot of WiFi networks, wireless technology could be the source of the problem. The problem can be resolved by turning off the router.

Other Options to Try to Resolve the Music Stuttering Issue

If you’ve done everything else and your Bluetooth speaker is still silent, try changing the permission settings on your phone. Go to Settings >> Apps >> Spotify >> Permissions on your phone.

Make the required adjustments to ensure that Spotify is able to stream audio to your Bluetooth speaker. If so many settings have been changed, it may be more convenient to remove the software and reinstall it.

When using mobile data, Spotify performs better than when using WiFi. If you have 4G or 5G internet, you can try streaming through mobile data. If there are a lot of users using the same WiFi connection, the network may get overloaded, resulting in interference.

If the problem persists, you can uninstall and re-add the Bluetooth device to your phone. When you delete and forget a Bluetooth device, you must re-add it, which may result in a stronger connection.

Any of the methods listed above should improve your Spotify over Bluetooth experience. If none of these solutions work, look for other ways to connect the devices.

Final Thoughts

You’re not alone if you’re having trouble playing Spotify over Bluetooth.

I looked on the internet to see what other Spotify customers had to say, and it appears that many people are having the same issue. Both free and premium Spotify users are affected.

However, the remedies I suggest above appear to work for the majority of users, and they may be of use to you as well. If you’ve tried everything above and still can’t find a solution, you may need a new gadget, computer, or phone.

Spotify music should play without stuttering or distortion under normal circumstances. If the music mutes or distortions occur, you have a problem to tackle.

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