Why Is the iPad Keyboard Split?

iPads are amazing when they work properly.

However, I understand how unpleasant and scary it might be if your keyboard suddenly splits into two or moves.

So, you’re probably wondering why my iPad keyboard has suddenly split in half.

What Is the Purpose of the iPad Keyboard Split?

Because you mistakenly moved the keyboard to the right and left edges of your screen with your two thumbs, your iPad keyboard split in half. As a result, the keyboard had to be dismantled. This has the advantage of making typing easier when the user desires it.

Of course, given you’re here, you obviously didn’t want this to happen.

So I’ll show you how to restore normalcy to your keyboard.

If you’re looking for a new iPad, you’ll appreciate the insider information I’ll provide in the conclusion so you never have to struggle with a split keyboard again.

Why Does the Keyboard on the iPad Split

Here’s some good news: if your iPad’s keyboard splits in half or changes shape, it’s probably not broken.

It’s not because of how you accidentally touched it; it’s because of how you accidentally touched it.

When you touch the keyboard with both thumbs and slide it to the right and left sides of your iPad, the keyboard splits.

The Benefits of Split Keyboards

If you didn’t mean for your keyboard to split, it’s understandable that you’re not happy about it.

Apple, on the other hand, did not include this feature for the sake of amusement.

They did that instead to make typing easier.

It’s difficult to type well on the touch keyboard unless you get a wireless keyboard for your iPad.

As a result, they split the keyboard so you may type like you would on your phone.

Doesn’t seem like the keyboard split is such a big deal now, does it?

It’s recommended to utilize this function with the iPad facing you vertically if you want to keep the keyboard split on your phone—or revert it back to this option in the future.

If you hold your iPad horizontally, you’ll have to reach far with your fingers to type.

How Do I Get Rid of My iPad’s Split Keyboard?

Although a split keyboard can make your iPad appear faulty, it’s almost always an Apple setting.

If you’re asking, “How do I restore normalcy to my iPad keyboard? ” I’ll discuss two options with you.

How to Repair a Split Keyboard

A split keyboard displays half of the keyboard on the left and the other half on the right side of your iPad.

As a result, there’s a blank space in the center of the screen.

If your keyboard isn’t visible on your iPad right now, go to any location where you can type to bring it up.

If you’re unclear where else to look, tapping Google’s search box is a sure-fire way to bring up your keyboard.

Then go to the right-hand side of your keyboard.

A keyboard image with a downward pointing arrow will appear when you press the very last button on the bottom right-hand side.

After you’ve pressed that button, you’ll see three options:

  • Merge
  • Merge and Dock
  • Floating

“Merge” or “Dock and Merge” are the options.

When you let rid of your finger, your keyboard will return to a single, full bar.

How to Repair a Floating Keyboard

A floating keyboard on your iPad is a single, smaller keyboard that travels around the screen.

Even though it’s a full keyboard, watching it bounce around can be aggravating, not to mention more difficult to touch your fingers on the correct buttons.

Fortunately, a floating keyboard is even easier to repair than a split keyboard.

Set your index and middle fingers softly on the keyboard to do so.

Then start separating your fingers.

The keyboard will adjust to your preference, growing to the desired size.

Extend your fingers until the keyboard covers the full bottom half of your iPad.

It’s fine if you remove your fingers and reposition them while working on expanding the keyboard.

How to Prevent an iPad Split Keyboard

To avoid a split keyboard on your iPad, keep an eye on your thumbs.

A split or floating keyboard is almost unavoidable if you—or, maybe more correctly, a child—begin clumsily poking around the keyboard.

The secret is to keep it out of children’s reach.

When typing, you should also use gentle movements with the keyboard.

Purchasing a Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad is another option to avoid a split keyboard.

You’ll have a full keyboard to type on, and you won’t have to worry about accidentally changing a setting on your iPad screen.

Do All iPads Have Split Keyboards?

Split keyboards do not occur on all iPads.

Instead, they only appear on iPads with a physical home button on the screen’s side.

If you’re tired of touching the split or floating keyboard functionalities by accident while listening to music or doing something else, try getting an iPad without a home button.

How to Make the Switch to a Full Keyboard

I understand if you prefer the large iPad keyboard despite accidentally trying out the split keyboard.

However, you may find that having the complete keyboard on your screen sit anywhere else than the bottom of your iPad is beneficial.

So, go to the far right of the space bar and hit the handy keyboard icon once.

The options “Undock” and “Split” will appear.

Move the keyboard to a different spot on your screen by clicking “Undock.”

Your keyboard will stay where you put it when you let go.

If you want, you can split the keyboard from its new position as well.

Final Thoughts

If you find a split keyboard on your iPad, there’s no need to rush out to an Apple shop and buy a new one (unless you want one without the home button, of course).

It’s a simple problem to resolve if you follow the instructions above.

Split keyboards aren’t just common on iPads; they can also be useful if you’re ready to experiment with them.

In any event, you now know how to rapidly switch between a split and full keyboard screen on your iPad so you can get back to enjoying it.

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