Why Should Men Groom Body Hair and How to Choose the Best Shaver?

Grooming of body hair by men has been a lifelong practice and it has gained a lot of significance in our era. Men have always trimmed their body hairs for different reasons, such as for religious reasons, more comfort, aesthetic and sexual appeal among others.

With the recent influence of male celebrities and models, a body with clean skin has become one of the strongest definitions of a real gentleman. As a matter of fact, Remington conducted research that revealed that a greater percentage of women prefer less hairy and well-groomed men. It is also undeniable that for an attractive and confident appeal, you must have a clean-cut body.

Body hair also traps a thin layer of air on the skin that acts as an insulator, hence causing frequent sweating around hair regions of the body. When you shave areas like armpits, pubic regions, and chest, you reduce the chances of sweating much and thus feel cleaner especially during the hot summer seasons.

Shaving body hairs by men is also done for aesthetic appeal. For instance, when planning to go to the beach, shaving the body hairs will help you to be more attractive and confident when walking shirtless on the beach.

For sports professionals, such as swimmers, shaving body hair increases the covered distance per stroke up to about 5%. For bodybuilders, shaving lets the muscle contours to be defined properly, boosting their physique’s look and performance. This is also true for other sports professionals in competitions. Generally, a well-groomed man will always be attractive wherever he goes. So how to choose the best shaver? Here are some tips to help you pick the best electric shaver for yourself:

1. Base your search on quality rather than price

Even though many expensive shavers are not the best, choose the best quality shaver you can afford rather than the cheapest ones available in the market. Remember that burns and nicks are not fun, as they cause stinging and ugly scars as well as make shaving more difficult.

2. Choose reputable brands

Brands that have been in the market for a long time are reputable to deliver the best quality shavers. Some of these brands include Remington, Braun, Philips Norelco, and Panasonic.

3. Pick waterproof shavers for bathroom trimming

If you intend to trim your body hair in the bathroom or shower, choose the waterproof shavers. This way, you will not be electrified and the lifespan of the shaver will not be diminished.

4. Prioritize dry/wet shaver when possible

With a dry/wet shaver, you will get convenient wet trims while using creams, gels or foams. Shaving will also be comfortable while having a dry shave and not using those shaving additions.

5. Consider the length of your body hair

If your body is full of long hairs, a rotary shaver will be the best. However, if you prefer wet shaves, then foil shaver will best serve you.

For you to choose the most appropriate shaver, you’ll have to assess your shaving needs. You should know whether you require a full-body shaver, back shaver or a pubic shaver. You may read blogs and websites online, magazines and forums for the best brands and recommendations for different body and skin types.

Ensure that the recommendations also offer good value for money. Always go for a shaver that offers the right feature combinations to meet your needs at the best affordable price. It should be comfortable and easier to use so as to easily shave different body parts. Finding the best shaver online isn’t going to be a tough task with this simple shaver guide.

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