Why We Should Grow Beard! – 4 Unavoidable Reasons

A good and beautiful beard is special to a man just the way long hairs are to a woman. There is something extremely attractive to a man with a beard. If maintained properly, a beard can be the best part of a man’s personality. For a man who has never had a beard, growing a beard is a way of trying something new and going out of his comfort zone. One can find numerous write-ups on how to grow a beard and the reasons for growing bread. Let us look at some interesting reasons that drive men towards growing a beard!

Why should I grow Beard?

The answer to this question is subjective. Every man who loves to grow a beard can give you a personalized answer to why he does so. The range of reasons could be huge. Here are some of the most interesting reasons I have found.

1. Women Love Men with Beard

Women love men with beard. This is one of the most commonly known reasons for growing a beard. Men with beard certainly seem irresistible. The number of women who do not like bearded men has gone down significantly. To a woman, a bearded man looks more adventurous and confident. A beard makes a man look more serious about his life which is a really attractive fact for a woman. It surely makes a woman skip a heartbeat when she sees a bearded man!

2. Enhanced Masculinity and Maturity

It might seem like a stereotypical statement but studies say that men with beard are perceived to be more masculine than clean-shaven men. A bearded man tends to look more mature and sophisticated without looking weary. There is an undeniable toughness associated with a man who has a fully grown beard. It seems like this person acknowledges his manliness in an amazing way. A man finds himself standing stronger and walking taller than a man with no beard.

3. To Cover-Up

Apart from the other benefits of growing a beard, this is an amazing way to redefine your features and hide or reveal what you want. For men who have skin problems like acne, beards can cover up most of their problems. Beard also makes a man less wrinkly. For sure, a beard enhances your smile.

4. Stay Warm

This might seem like a funny one but one of the interesting reasons for growing a beard is to stay warm. Long ago, growing a beard was a necessity as beard protected men against the harsh cold weather. Even today, men feel more comfortable with a beard during cold weather than being clean shaved. Beard can surely act as a defense against nature’s rigid side.

Men + Beards = Absolute Sexiness! That rough and tough just out-of-bed look will surely make any woman drool. A man with a beard is simply irresistible. It does take a lot of patience to grow a beard but once it is done, it makes a chocolaty clean-shaven boy look like a man. Go ahead and grow a beard!

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