Will my iPhone 12 case fit the iPhone 13?

Can I use my old case on iPhone 13? Is the iPhone 13 the same size as iPhone 12?

No, the iPhone 13 does not fit in older cases designed for the iPhone 12.

The iPhone 13 is 0.25 mm thicker than its predecessor, but the camera bump on this device has grown by almost a millimeter in size! Those who are using cases with tight fits for their phones’ cameras will not be able to use them anymore due to too much extra space required around it when taking pictures or video clips – so loose-fitting sleeve types of protection might work better here instead (unless you want your phone visible at all times).

iPhone 13 features a thinner notch at the top and a slight increase in thickness. Like the previous models, Apple has released four different versions of the iPhone 13 with varying increases according to model size or rear camera placement on their respective phones: 0.25 mm for both screens; one millimeter only seen from behind where it’s been moved up by 1mm compared against predecessors–a design change that was made without sacrificing anything else about performance!

iPhone 14 may be the last phone to use a Lighting connector, and it’s possible that Apple will release an entirely notch-less design.

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