Will Verizon Replace My Battery?

It can be difficult to understand insurance plans and warranties.

Especially when it comes to digital devices and phones, this is the case.

In some cases, it is difficult to determine what is covered and why something is not covered.

Several people are wondering whether a battery can be replaced, either under warranty or insurance, or whether the customer is responsible for the cost of the replacement.

The batteries of some mobile phones can be replaced, while those of others cannot.

Is Verizon capable of replacing my battery?

If your battery needs to be replaced through no fault of your own and you have insurance on your phone, Verizon may replace the battery free of charge. Battery replacements are not always possible on some devices. Should this occur, Verizon’s insurance provider will replace the entire device.

Continue reading to learn all the details and how Verizon can provide you with a new battery for your phone.

Verizon Wireless and Asurion Insurance

Verizon does not provide its insurance plans to customers, contrary to popular belief.

Asurion is the third party they work with.

Several cellular phone providers work with Asurion to offer their customers a reasonable insurance experience.

What is the coverage for a new battery under Verizon insurance

Batteries do not last indefinitely.

In most cases, you can replace them using your insurance policy.

Occasionally, a defective battery will cause the phone to swell, pushing out the screen.

Often, batteries that bloat in this manner can be repaired with the assistance of your insurance company.

For assistance with filing a claim and having your battery replaced, you can visit the Asurion website.

If the phone does not have a replaceable battery, Asurion will typically exchange the device for a deductible of 25% of the total cost of the device.

There may be other issues with batteries that are not covered. In most cases, insurance companies will not cover batteries that malfunction due to water damage.

Batteries whose charge capacity has decreased as a result of aging are not covered by the warranty.

A warranty by Asurion applies only to batteries that have malfunctioned as a result of manufacturing defects.

Nevertheless, it does no harm to try.

If your device is low on the charge due to aging, Asurion may still replace it for a deductible.

Please contact Asurion or visit your local Verizon store for more information.

How much does a replacement battery cost?

Verizon may sometimes package Asurion’s insurance with their Total Equipment Coverage.

Under Verizon’s TEC, a defective battery is covered, meaning you might get a free battery replacement.

Visit a Verizon shop near you to file a claim for your device.

The shop representative will be able to assist you in determining the coverage you have and answer any questions you may have about filing an insurance claim.

If you do not have Verizon’s TEC package, you may be required to pay a deductible to Asurion.

What Regarding My FIOS Battery?

Your FIOS router draws electricity from the wall socket to provide internet service to your house; however, many FIOS devices feature a backup battery that keeps phone and internet services operating even if the power goes out.

These batteries are rechargeable and do not need frequent replacement.

They may last up to eight hours, allowing consumers to access the internet even if the power goes out.

How can I replace the battery in my Verizon FIOS modem?

Self-replacement of your FIOS backup battery is simple.

The battery is situated inside the white household appliance.

Typically, the gadget is mounted on a wall. Typically, the battery is positioned on the top of the device and is accessible by a screw.

You won’t need any more equipment.

How to remove and replace the battery is as follows:

  • Unplug the electrical cord
  • Remove the battery cover screws
  • Unplug the black and red wires
  • Disengage battery retention clamps
  • Connect the red and black wires to the new battery. Red is positive while black is negative.
  • Slide the new battery under the retaining clamps.
  • A chirp will indicate that the battery has been properly replaced
  • Replace battery cover screws and the battery cover
  • reconnect the power cord

In just a few seconds, you will be prepared for a power loss, allowing you to maintain internet and phone connectivity during a blackout.

The battery can power your devices for up to eight hours.

How can I get a new Battery?

You may get a replacement backup battery for your FIOS router straight from Verizon.

You may make an order either online or in-store.

They cost $39.99 a unit.

They may be obtained in the FIOS accessories section of the Verizon online shop.

They are 12 volts and have a 6–8-year lifetime rating.

How can I silence the beeping of FIOS?

Your FIOS gadget will sound a warning when the battery is dead.

The battery is charged through the wall outlet, thus it will not beep when it needs recharging.

It will only sound when replacement is required.

However, the beeping may be stopped without changing the battery.

Maybe you don’t need internet or phone service when the power goes out, and you simply want the beeping to stop.

There is a simple resolution.

The gadget has a mute button for the alarm.

Simply press and hold the button for ten seconds, or until you hear a loud beep or see flashing lights.

Customers can silence the obnoxious beeping without having to replace the battery.

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