Xresolver: Xbox And PlayStation Resolver (Complete Guide)

Are you interested in changing the Xbox Gamer tags and usernames for Microsoft and Sony into short IP addresses? It is therefore necessary to find a platform that can convert user names as well as gamer tags into short IP addresses.

The internet and computers have enabled almost everyone to express their opinions. However, Market billion always chooses the best of the best. So, we discover the “xresolver” platform, which allows you to create a short form of tags and usernames used by Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation. Now let’s discuss an “xresolver”.

What is the purpose of xResolver?

A web-based platform known as xresolver converts Microsoft’s Xbox gamer tags and Sony’s PlayStation usernames into IP addresses. A special feature of xresolver is that it ensures the safety of Usernames and gamer tags from hackers. It is the primary function of xresolver to convert gamer tags and usernames into IP addresses.

What are the possible uses of xResolver?

The interface of xresolver is very user-friendly and convenient for beginners. In order to simplify the dashboard, the developer designed xresolver. The use of xresolver does not require any complicated steps. The following instructions must be followed if you are experiencing any difficulties using xresolver.

  • Visit the official website of XResolver (https://xresolver.com/)
  • It is now your choice whether to use Xbox Resolver or PlayStation
  • You will need to enter the “IP address” for the change into the Xbox gamer tag.
  • To convert an Xbox gamer tag into an IP address, please enter “Xbox gamer tag”
  • You have now reached the end of the process by clicking the “Resolve” button

Once Resolve has been completed, please allow me to confirm that the two processes are the same. By entering the Username and clicking on resolve, the Username is automatically converted into an IP address. Similarly, when entering an Xbox gamer tag, the format will automatically change to IP.

I would like to be blacklisted and removed from it. How do I do that?

When you do not wish to stay on the XResolver server for an extended period of time. It can therefore be easily removed or hidden from the XResolver server. There is no rocket science involved in hiding or removing oneself from xresolver. There are no longer any of your data on the XResolver when you appear on a blacklist yourself.  It is possible to protect yourself against hackers and attacks by using this method.

Follow the instructions below to protect your personal information from third-party attacks and a few bad guys hackers.

  • First of all, you have attempted to mask your “IP address” (this can be accomplished by using an authentic VPN service)
  • The IP address of your computer must be changed by your Internet service provider
  • Do not trust any random parties and do not trust people you are not familiar with.
  • Using this method, your IP address will be protected on Microsoft and Sony’s services.

To gain full access to XResolver, please complete the registration process

The following steps will help you gain full access to XResolver if you are searching for how to register and unlock full access, but can’t find anything else. Don’t worry, just carefully read the below steps to find out how you can do this.

  • You can access the official website of XResolver by visiting https://xresolver.com
  • On the homepage, you can find the option of “Registration” (which is already present at the top right corner).
  • You will be required to enter your personal information, such as your username and email address
  • The password must be entered twice, once for the confirmation of the password and once for the initial entry.
  • Once you have clicked on the “Register” button, you will be able to access your account

You can log in from the “sign-in” button if you are already a registered user on xresolver.

What xresolver is all about

XResolver is an almost five-year-old website that was developed in 2017. As well as working on Xbox and PlayStation, Xresolver has the ability to check IP addresses, PSN usernames, store IP addresses, and track IP addresses, etc.

The following is the most recent data collection that xresolver has:

  • A total of 257,128 users are registered
  • The number of live users is 250
  • There are 24,742,080 records in the database

Frequently Asked Questions about xResolver

What is the purpose of xResolver?

Xresolver is an Internet-based platform designed to protect your Gamertags and usernames from third-party activities and bad hackers. The purpose of xresolver is to convert Xbox Gamertags and usernames from Microsoft and Sony into IP addresses.

What is the legal status of xresolver?

You will be protected against third-party activities and hackers by xreolver, as anyone can use technical tools to track your IP address. In spite of this, IP can be protected by Xreolver. As a result of the game, it is the only method of protecting your experience.

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