Zero-turn Mower Vs. Lawn Tractor

Let’s put an end to an old debate between the lawn owners over the use of zero-turn lawn mowers and lawn tractors.

What They Are?

Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

A zero turn riding lawn mower is a lawn tractor with a zero turning radius. It means when you turn at the end of a grass patch to mow another swath in the opposite direction, you do not miss out a single grass blade. This zero-turning radius ensures efficiency and excellence, which you cannot achieve with a lawn tractor.

Lawn Tractor

A lawn tractor is also a riding mower, but with a large turning radius like a car. With this type of mower, you leave a large patch of grass over each turn, which requires you to drive back in circles to ensure you have covered all the possible areas. Therefore, a lawn tractor does not offer the level of efficiency you get from a zero-turn lawn mower in a short time.

Lawn Tractor Vs. Zero-Turn Lawn Mower Comparison

Now that we have the basic idea of what the two types of machines are, let’s compare them.

Preferred terrains

The two machines work differently over different terrains. For hilly terrain, you should go with a lawn tractor. It comes with bigger tires that offer better traction on the slopes. Thus, helping you maintain your balance while performing the task. You can lose a lawn tractor over a flat surface, but a zero-turn lawn mower proves more efficient for it.


Based on the efficiency and time-saving ability, these garden equipment vary in prices. Since a zero-turn lawn mower is more efficient and usually used by lawn professionals, it is more expensive than a lawn tractor. So if you are short on a budget, a lawn tractor might seem to be a better choice. However, the maintenance cost of the two machines is almost equal.


A lawn tractor features a steering wheel that people find easy and familiar to use. You can easily get used to its controls. However, a zero-turn mower comes with handles instead of steering wheels. All the controls are present on the handles, but it will take you some time to get used to them.


Zero-turn lawn mowers can smoothly tackle obstacles and make tight turns around trees and driveways. However, lawn tractors fail to deal with such obstacles. They are a little difficult to handle because their rear wheels move with the front wheels. Since the engine of the zero-turn mower is right under the seat, it offers an easy and clear view of the path in front.


Zero-turn lawn mowers win this ground without a doubt. They have better speed, control, and efficiency than lawn tractors. Its speed remains unaffected by obstacles due to its ability to tackle them.


The large turning-angle of a lawn tractor makes it less precise. It leaves behind large patches of grasses that have to be separately taken care of. However, with a zero-turn mower, you enjoy the perfect efficiency and turning radius.


If you have a limited budget or if you are on a hilly area then a lawn tractor is a rational choice, but for a professional or a lawn enthusiast, a zero-turn mower is a great option.

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