How to Identify a Samsung Phone Model | The Easiest Way

While it’s doubtful that you’ve ever given Samsung phone model numbers much consideration, knowing the one that belongs to your device is always beneficial. Knowing how to identify a Samsung phone model or the particular model number of your Samsung phone may be quite useful when seeking for Samsung phone assistance. It’s also useful for keeping track of firmware updates for your phone..

For those who are unfamiliar with the brand, the information offered here is very useful. They should be able to recognise any Samsung Galaxy phone they have in their hands. There are a number of methods that may be utilized to achieve this. Fortunately, the procedure is rather simple.

How to Determine Your Samsung Phone’s Model

It’s simple to figure out what model of Samsung smartphone you have. When you contact Samsung for help, they will confirm that this is the case if you are required to supply this information. Let’s get down to business with the techniques.

Method 1: Look at the back of a Samsung phone to discover what model it is.

When you turn any Samsung phone over, you’ll notice at least two little lines of text at the bottom. For newer devices, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10, the information should be something like this: SM-N975F/DS IMEI:356980/102304051/8.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Samsung brand, keep in mind that the model number usually starts with “SM.” As a result, the model number in the example above should be “SM-N975F.”” The abbreviation DS stands for “global version.” This implies that it is not offered by a single carrier.

Other Galaxy Note 10 devices with carrier-specific software will be marketed by network operators. They’ll have a distinct model number and an additional identification. The model number for an AT&T Galaxy Note 10 is SM-N970UZWAATT, for example. A Verizon smartphone, on the other hand, should have the model number SM-N976VZWAVZW, and so on.

Method 2: Bluetooth Configuration

If your phone has Bluetooth connectivity, go to the device’s Bluetooth settings and search for the model number to find out what phone model you have. Every Bluetooth device requires a name in order to be associated with other Bluetooth devices. When this happens, the model number of your phone is frequently used as the default name. To figure out which Samsung phone you have, type the name listed into a search engine along with the word “Samsung.”

Method 3: Using the Settings Menu to Locate Your Model Number

  • Select the Settings option from the drop-down menu. The icon for the Settings app is a white gear on a blue or gray background.
  • From the drop-down box, select “About Phone.” This page will provide several bits of information about your phone. Its serial number, software and battery information (if relevant), and, most importantly, its model number are all included. You may use this to figure out what model it is.
  • Look for the portion that says “Model Number.” The first letter of the model number of your phone, which can be located to the right of this section, is SM.
  • Search the internet for Samsung (model number). When you do so, the Samsung user manual for your phone will appear, with the title indicating your phone model.

Method 4: Use the code “*#1234#” to check your phone dialer.

  • Type “*#1234#” into the dialer on your Samsung phone.
  • The dialer menu has vanished, and a dark screen displaying firmware information has taken its place.
  • When you look at the CSC section, you’ll notice that the first five characters are the model numbers for your phone. The three characters that come after the model numbers reflect the area codes.

Method 5: Examine the phone as well as the packing.

Even though it appears to be the natural place to start, the phone or its model number should be listed someplace in the box or on the phone itself. The box itself is also important, since most versions have the model name and number printed on a little white label on the outside.

If nothing strikes out as a possible name, try Googling any numbers or phrases you can discover. This same label may also be seen inside the battery casing of some older phones, usually where the battery is placed (and even behind a removable battery).

Wrapping Up 

It’s critical to know the manufacturer and model of your phone. You’ll need to know the model number of your smartphone in order to buy a new battery, diagnose certain problems, or just figure out how old your phone is. Fortunately, thanks to the information presented in this article, the procedures for establishing the model of your Samsung phone have been simplified. You are free to choose any strategy that is appropriate and convenient for your needs.

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